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At nearly 200 pounds now, I have caught up to actor Vin Diesel on the left who inspired me when I was a teenager watching his movies. Here are ways you guys can stay motivated to exercise year long: 1. Find a workout partner and push each other as a team 2. Find a physique you like most from an actor, fitness model, bodybuilder etc.... and follow them for advice and motivation 3. Plan to attend events such as concerts, festivals etc where you have an incentive to look your best on that day. A good example of this is a woman losing weight for her wedding 4. Think about your health more and be self concious. Watch videos online or read articles/books 5. Set goals, have a workout schedule for each day of the week. Purchase an exercise fit bit or some other product where you can track your progress and achieve your goals Thank you guys again for the support! I will be posting more exercise videos this week #vindieselfans #vindieselfan #goldsgymvenice
Insecurity is like a mountain that doesn't let you get to your dreams! You gotta blow that mountain! . @vindiesel
I started journaling when I was 11 - I would always start each new day with : Dear @vindiesel and wonder when he’d come pick me up in his #fastandfurious muscle car! I still have a huge crush on @vindiesel though 🙈😍 Make more movies please! 🎥 Anywho... so I started writing early on and I think there’s something so cool about passing on my journals to my future kids (I might rip a few pages)!😐 . . . In the last year I’ve been doing a lot of Tarot reading and analyzing. I would write down my questions and write a few key words about the card I picked. Looking back, it really makes sense as time goes by because once you are in the moment, you can’t always make sense of what you’re actually going through and the different influences in your life! I found a connection with my deck this way and feel more comfortable in the information they give by writing everything down to validate later. 📚 #BornToWrite #JournalingCommunity
Heart touching quote of_# FF7 😎 #fastandfurious #vindieselfan #paulwalkerfan
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