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Going to a sex trafficking conference tomorrow and friday. It will be an intense two days. I upgraded my amenities to compensate. Staying at hotel indigo indulging in good food and cocktails and spending time with my nurse friend.
I've been working on perfecting my eye makeup. Been watching some tutorials on hooded eyes. It happens to all of us, some sooner than later. My family has very hooded eyes. I've had surgery on them once already. I will never have a brow lift but I might consider the eye surgery again and I'm definitely toying with the thought of botox for those deep ridges between my eyes. I don't mind the laugh lines and I'm ok with aging in general. What beauty enhancement are you considering? Today on my eyes Sandstone pearl on the entire lid Moca java crease and outer corner Garnett outside corner Pink frost inside corner and under outer brow Mulberry lower lid Shell shimmer middle of lower lid Volume intense mascara Brows rustic brown shadowsense Under lower lash Garnett
Don't hate, yes I'm posting pictures of food. Dan and I made dinner together tonight. This was a meal he chose. We're on a strict budget and with that we've been planning our meals ahead. We aren't broke or even hurting for money but we've been living with no financial direction, just sliding the card. We have saved so much money just changing our way of thinking. Cooking together is just a great side benefit...Mediterranean grilled cheese... it was the bomb
Happy Founders’s Day! Today, we’re celebrating 111 years of sisterhood and service to all mankind! We are #TheFirstBlackSorority • 📷: @b_roseknows 💚💕 • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority #fashion
Good morning!!! Here are some buzz words and practices that will improve your health and well-being Tumeric- This spice is in many east Indian and Asian food. Tumeric is a natural anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is the main cause of disease process. You can add it to your foods or make a tea. We bought an apple cider vinegar drink at the farmer's market that contained tumeric. One shot a day will help keep inflammation away Hyalonuric acid- This gem is in our bodies naturally but you will also see it in many cosmetics. HA is great for moisture retention and is a great anti-inflammatory. with prolonged use topically, it will train your cells to produce and maintain water more efficiently. It is also what keeps our joints fluid. Senegence has a great product called Climate Control that is full of HA. This spray will decrease fine lines, wrinkles and decrease redness. It is wonderful for eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Yoga- Yoga has been around for a very long time. Those that use it already know it is a life saver, literally. Research continues to support yoga. Some studies show that yoga and counseling were just as effective with depression as counseling and medication. If you are on an anti-depressant please don't stop taking it. Add yoga to your routine and enjoy the benefits. Maybe over time you will be able to decrease your dosage or stop it completely. Many schools are using yoga as a way to help children get through the day. We know many children do not have optimal home environments and yoga is a great way to bring the body back into a relaxed state. Lastly I would like to pose a challenge to all of you. Let's try and cut our processed food intake in half. Processed food is full of chemicals, high in sodium and often high in saturated fat. If it is in a box it is probably not good for you. Canned goods are marginal, they often have high sodium and their vitamin content is reduced. If you need help knowing what to buy, simply shop on the outside aisles of the store!! Thanks for reading
Setting the standard since January 15, 1908. #alphakappaalpha #foundersday #unapologeticallypretty 💕💚💕💚💕💚
This is the line to pick up my groceries at Walmart. Less and less people are getting out to shop. Especially in big cities. There are only a few things I actually have to go out to shop for. Shoes is one I have very small, narrow feet. Home goods just because I enjoy shopping for that. Everything else....put it in my virtual cart. I even buy all my skin care and cosmetics on line.. of course i'm buying them from myself and saving a shit ton. Here's my link Www.senegence.com/unapologeticallypretty
Step 1, don’t dim my shine #unapologeticallypretty #smiling
Crazy morning.... not sure why, I had plenty of time. I did need extra coffee. I watched "An innocent man" on Netflix last night and couldn't sleep afterwards. We have got to fix our system. It's broken.
Snap benefits, WIC, and free and reduced school lunch are all federally funded food programs that families count on. Regardless of your opinion on these and those that utilize them, children are going to be hungry. In this country.... that's despicable. I will be donating all of my profit from my Senegence business sales to my grandsons school to pay for lunches. This will continue until the shutdown is over. You may purchase from me directly or go to Www.senegence.com/unapologeticallypretty
Morning Pretty Girls💚❤💚💞💚💕 THE PHIRST AND PHINEST J15 #seriousmatter #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #divine9 #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #pinkiesup #J15
Classic beauty paired with a classic tee 💗 • 📷 DMG Brand Ambassador: @_lenn1_ • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter
Punkin got groomed today. He was feeling pretty sassy when she brought him in (we get curb side grooming and I would highly recommend it). I always feel better and more productive when my hair and makeup are done too. 💄❤🐶🛁
When you have a good morning you immortalize it with a photo!. No crying, no yelling, good breakfast and some grandpa snuggles. I could hear them all laughing when I was getting ready. I give lots of positive feedback. "Thank you for putting your shoes on" "great job brushing your teeth". A good morning=a good day❤
Whatever your daily essentials are, they fit perfectly in our swaggy bag! • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority
In terms of 1908 when isn’t it serious 😎 Who’s ready for Founders Day? • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority
This is what my work space has looked like for weeks, snot, snot and more snot. So gross. I'm tired of it. I never had issues like this when I lived up north. 👃
Omg I love these shoes!! 👟
Phwew what a day. Glad that Monday is over. Many nights I look like Punkin, crashed out on the couch, sleeping soundly before I go to bed. I always get up and do my skin care routine. I've never washed my face before bed or had ANY kind of skin care routine. It took too long and truthfully I never noticed any difference. At 51 tho I started seeing some wrinkles, not fine lines but wrinkles and some dark spots. I was not gonna put up with that. Now I never miss a night. 10 minutes tops and I look better than I did three 年前發佈 !
Another Monday....I bought this cute sweater dress this weekend. I love that I get to wear my blue suede booties with it. I went subtle on the lip color today. Im speaking to 75 teachers and administrators so went with a neutral lip shade. In my mind I'm wearing RED!!
I've always wanted a pair of Converse but I wanted something unique....bammm! These things are bad ass and this grandma is gonna WEAR them. Something like this definitely requires the whole outfit and bold lips are part of that. I chose Fly Girl, but Hurricane Red or a loud pink would be awesome too. Everyone has a style.. wear it proudly 💄
lets talk about mental health in children. Obviously this is a HUGE topic so I can't cover it in one post. So I will touch on a few things. Babies-Yes babies can be depressed. The most common reason is that the mother is depressed and the infant does not get enough of those essential things for security. You can not hold your infant too much. Physical touch is essential for brain development. Just make sure you are in a safe place and I would discourage co-sleeping. Hold your baby in an enface position and make lots of eye contact. Enface is the natural position often used when breastfeeding. ALWAYS hold your baby when feeding them. The average new born is fed over 300 times in the first month of life. Holding your baby for every feeding is a great start to healthy development. Toddlers- Toddlers are a challenge. They can be clingy, defiant, winey. Depression at this age is often seen as poor emotional regulation. This is tough because toddlers don't do that well when they aren't depressed. Again the most common cause would be maternal depression,neglect, a chaotic home environment or family violence. Seek help if you are experiencing any of these. If not for yourself for your child. School age and teens-I hear parents say "what could you be depressed about? You go to school and play!!" I think what is important is that it doesn't matter why but that we take is seriously and address it. I talk to very young children, 6 and 7 yr olds, who say they are having thoughts of hurting themselves. That breaks my heart. There are some children who may be pre-disposed to this BUT my personal opinion is that it is usually situational or environmental. What does that mean? It means something is happening in their home or at school that is affecting them. Many children have thoughts of hurting themselves that are not suicidal, such as cutting or hitting themselves. This is not a suicidal gesture and the severity of the injury is not equal to the amount of emotional pain the child is experiencing. PLEASE do not minimize this. EVEN if it is an attention seeking behavior (I dont' think this is the case) that is pretty extreme way to get attention.
Fat babies are the best and we used to think that chubby toddlers and young school age kids were just that and they would grow out of it. We now know that chubby children will likely become chubby adults. We start monitoring children's BMI at age two and making recommendations if it is over the 85%. Here are some things I tell parents; Get rid of the sippy cup!!! I see children who have to have their cup with them. If it has something other than water in it lose it!! No juice. They are empty calories Keep milk intake to 16 ounces or less. If your child is older than two they can switch to 1% Your plate should have three colors on it and white is not a color (white bread, potatoes, rice and pasta that isn't whole wheat). No diets. Try a way of life. I recommend 5210 5 fruits and vegetables a day 2 hours or less of screen time 1 hour of exercise 0 sugary drinks last but not least model what you want your child to do. Eating is social and should be enjoyable. If you are allowed to eat chips and cookies and your child isn't this is unfair and unhealthy for you and the child. Food should not be a reward or punishment.
My view this morning. I love the white fluffy snow and wish we got more of it. Most people in this neck of the woods disagree. It'll all be gone by tomorrow and 60 degree temps are in the forecast.
Definemegreek is the perfect casual wear for any outing. Our Soror looks so cute in her day out with the kids. @tee1lee 💗 • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority
Eating nuts is associated with lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and longer life span... people who eat nuts regularly typically weigh less than people who don't🥜
My recent blog post is up at unapologeticallypretty.blog Let me know what you think
First day back to work after 12 days off. It was sleeting when I left. The fur babies were glad to see me and wine, cheese and nuts are what's for dinner! Glad to be home❤
My gift certificate from my son. I used to do home visits with new moms and their babies. I had a large bag I carried that had things to evaluate development, my calendar and other things in it. My client's often confided deep dark things to me. One client in particular was very open about her personal trauma. At the end of the visit I packed up my bag and as I was headed out she said. "You're just like Mary Fucking Poppins " I took it as a compliment. (BTW I know Mary is spelled wrong, no need to point it out)
My sisters are the best and may I add PRETTY!! Definitely enjoyed celebrating our Soror Claire's 50th birthday💕💚. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #PPO #1908 #PrettyKomplAKAted #Tail #womenofAKA #livelife #prettygirls #prettykonnected #unapologeticallypretty
Boomer what?😴
The December DMG Drop is here and it’s just in time for Founders’ Day! 💕💚 ••• Many attempt to copy, but their efforts never match the original. An AKA woman is often imitated but never duplicated. Drop us a 💅🏽 if you agree. ••• Ready to ship! ••• Available in fitted tees, unisex t-shirts and sweatshirts. Shauna is wearing a size Small sweatshirt.
When the student is ready the teacher will appear!! This is a painting by Salvador Dali. I purchased a signed and numbered lithograph of this painting at an auction. I heard the auctioneer say his name with an Oklahoma twang.. there was zero interest. Most people were there to purchase the shotguns that were listed in the paper. I told Logan to hush as I listen to the auctioneer one more time. Yes he really is saying he has a Salvador Dali lithograph. I rushed over to where the bidding was occurring and waited. Nobody was interested. The bidding started at $100. I got the painting for $170. Had I not paid attention in school I would have had no idea who this man was. It is one of my most prized possessions. We must always be willing to learn new things, be uncomfortable and vulnerable. This is where our greatest learning occurs. I hope some of you will Embrace this for 2019. Happy New Year
Only a few days left to sleep with my reindeer friend. 🐕❤
Hot chocolate and blondies with the boys☕❤
Our #prettygirlboss bag is the perfect clutch for your New Years festivities! Click the link and get yours today 🍾 • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority
Boys in the house
The pomeranian makes a good pillow!
On my Facebook page!! Unapologetically pretty
Congrats Fall ‘18! We’re excited to give away an exclusive DMG “Welcome to the Sisterhood” package to one lucky soror!💚💕 . Rules: 1) Follow our page @definemegreek 2) TAG 3 sorors initiated in Fall ‘18 . Contest ends Dec. 30th at 11:59pm PST. Winner will be announce Dec. 31st. Good luck!💚💕 . . . . . #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority #fashion
My cat has an orange candy cane stuck to her leg😺✂️
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to this beautiful Soror and customer @hiya_im_brya 😍 Click the photo to grab your own windbreaker today! • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority
Merry Christmas !!🎄💋
We love to show inclusivity in our designs. Every Soror is special with DMG 💕 • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority
Some of my favorite ornaments.. we've been collecting for a long time and each one is special!! Santa mouse is 53 years old!
We've been working our asses off. The floor is in and I love it!! The animals approve as well!!
Looking for a gift for the newest initiates? Our lapel pins go fabulously with every outfit, bag, and occasion. • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority
All you have to do is believe in yourself and put some work behind the wish 🙏🏾 • • • • • #definemegreek #aka #aka1908 #alphakappaalpha #skeewee #unapologeticallypretty #seriousmatter #pinkiesup #myfavoritevendor #greekpara #greekparaphernalia #divine9 #sorority
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