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Wooo FREE SHOW @thechippohotel this Friday 18!! Bands start at 8pm!
Was lucky enough to see these guys @alfalfa.music support in Melbourne the past 2 nights. Their 70s inspiration doesn’t stop at their stage outfits. It bleeds into their witty fun mid-set workout and their songs. The dancing and funky vibe you get from these guys is phenomenal. Being able to see a bunch of good pals have fun on stage is the best thing about music. And I wouldn’t doubt for a second that these guys epitomise that statement. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a band rap/dedicated a portion of their song to a) the band they are supporting or b) the current city they are playing in, quite like Alfalfa did. Singer/rapper Bella spit some words about the band @parcelsmusic and was quite smart about including a number of song lyrics. Stellar act. Stellar band! Can’t wait to catch them again! (Video of alfalfa dancing on stage w/ @parcelsmusic )
Loved giving @triple_j_unearthed a chapter of its own in the story of Aussie music; so many iconic artists and tunes to thank for. Check out the @australianmusicvault at @artscentremelbourne.
Listen to my new track FLOW on #triplejunearthed . Or just sit on the fence n wait till you hear it on the radio😝 #flow2020ed
Fuck it my emotions have been so fucked up lately imma give you guys a banger this song is for someone special and its from my heart 19.1.19 . . . . . . . . Tags #love #instagood #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #happy #cute #like4like #tbt #followme #picoftheday #follow #me #art #selfie #summer #instadaily #repost #fakefriends #rap #soundcloud #soundcloudrapper #producer #babygang #triplejunearthed #nss #northernsoundsystem
desiFEST Music is a showcase of South Asian independent musicians from across the world . Now booking artists for desiFEST 2019 (June) DM or email to be considered. Tag us to be profiled #Repost @hashky ・・・ It was the swtst jam ever . "SWTST GRL" now streaming . Link in bio . #hash #swtstgrl #seeyouinthewinter #practicemakesperfect #live #looping #acousticguitar #rolandrc300 #yamahahs7 #australianrap #australianmusic #perthisok #melbournemusic #livingroomdecor #tommyhilfiger #addidas #preworkout #gymlife #warmup #pakistani #diverseartist #triplejunearthed #spotifyplaylist #applemusic #nowstreaming #martinguitar #vibes
#Repost @rickkingmusic ・・・ #LASTMISTAKE comes out TOMORROW! We’ve waited longer for this than we’ve waited for a table at Texas Roadhouse on a Saturday night. So happy for @kidsincontrol to finally start getting this wonderful album we created together out. #KIDSINCONTROL #ISTHISTHINGON
New single ‘Big Thing’ out Jan 18th.
If you haven’t checked it out yet give my new track a listen 👀👂🏻 PRISMIND - Spacetime 🔥 Link to the full track in the bio 👆🏻Peace 🌴
Only one more sleep until our new track #LASTMISTAKE is released and our new record Is This Thing On...? is available for pre-order! Who’s keen to have a listen? 👊🏽🎶
Tea or coffee? 🧐👀
Whizz Bang snapped somewhere between the hills of Uki and a crystal cave 🔮🍄🌱 #phantom 📸 by @nikeishac
🍗🥁🎤💥🍗🥁🎤💥 First single of 2019, DrUmShTiCk is now available in all the places you find music; Soundcloud. Apple Music. Spotify etc... Give it a spin kidlets! 🎹 by Faceless 👩🏼‍🎨 by @hbar 🎛🎚 by @benfeggans at @studios301 Here's a lil sample 😻 Music link in bio 👽
Big ole gremlin ogre headass but my mum says I’m handsome 💕 #fuck #you #aushiphop #triplej #triplejunearthed
If you missed the first spin of our new single “Same But Different” over the weekend never fear! Tune into @triple_j tomorrow morning from 5:30am with @ciaranlyons for another round. Much love #thesilencio #triplej #triplejunearthed #samebutdifferent #newsingle #coleclarkguitars #fenderguitars #musicmanbass #mapexdrums #coopersspono
Afternoon light 🥀
After a fair bit of summer frolicking now would be a good time to tell you folks about my February residency at @robinhoodhotel. Every Thursday m8s. Get around it. Get inside it. Wax it. Rename it. 🎵 Mr Informative still in my bio. 🎥 @japetrain
@cooperlowermusic is a local Australian singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist, who pushes the boundaries of the traditional acoustic guitar. 🎵 Cooper recently returned from touring across North America and Europe in 2018. A truly captivating live show pioneered by soaring vocal highs, sombre lows and guitar playing that you did not see coming! Get your early-bird tickets now to see Cooper at Music in the Vines 2019: link in bio! . . . #musicvictoria #musicfestival #macarthur #southwestvictoria #warrnambool3280 #destinationportfairy #destinationwarrnambool #iamwarrnambool #iamportfairy #greaterhamilton #hamiltonvictoria #warrnambool #portfairy #portland #iamportland #discoverportland #heywood #triplejunearthed #visitvictoria #melbourne #livemusicmelbourne
#lately #avondalestreet This song is a bit different o some of our others. It is a message to a loved one that I will laugh, dance and go anywhere with you. A simple thank you for being my person and being super cool about it despite my personal insecurities, questionable habits and a general lack of worldly give a fuck...... Our version of a #lovesong #love #me #beingemotional #kindof #originalmusic #music #listen #loud #goodforthesoul #dance #rockmusic #rules #🤘Listen on #Facebook #spotify #triplejunearthed #itunes #album #outnow
Valentine’s Day w/ The WestCoast Romeo @seupy 🌺🥝
16/1 ONE DAY TO GO until our new record Is This Thing On...? pre order goes live along with our latest track #LASTMISTAKE is released 🙌🏽 We know you guys will love this one as much as we do 👊🏽📀 #KIDSINCONTROL
Cause holyday is real. - - - - #triplejunearthed #holymatrimony
#MELBOURNE #i ❤️you Thank you for showing us a #MAKnificent time & why you are hands down the best city in the world🤜🏾🔥🤛🏻 #simbamak 🦁👑
Don’t forget to pick up your tickets for our huge show at the @theoxfordartfactory opening for @themodernglitch_ on Thursday 24th Jan. We’ve added an additional member to our band for the occasion so grab your tickets, come down and make it an awesome night! Link in bio!
I guess it was time to get this started !! #jailee2019 . . . . . . . . . #music #musician #unsigned #acoustic #jailee #triplejunearthed
Gonna be sinking a few drinks before our gig on Saturday... 🍻
When I was just a baby my mother told me “son always be a good boy don’t ever play with guns” But I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. #johnnycash
The hat doesn’t last very long 📷 @kaate.jeaan
Had the pleasure of recording and mixing this massive tune with the boys from @diskust They are absolutely killing it in the unearthed charts at the moment, topping the metal charts and number 6 in the overall charts! They absolutely killed it with this tune! Well in boys and thanks for having me behind the desk!
@meekmill 💯 Follow (@_freshtings_ ) more!!!
I'm excited to announce that my single "Carry on" will be out this Thursday in Canada and the US and this Friday in Australia! It's been a long journey to get to this point, longer than I anticipated, but if this goes well then I have a lot more music to share! Thank you all for the support! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #independent #newmusicalert #independentartist #newmusic #vancouvermusic #selfmade #musicproducer #indiemusician #triplej #unsigned #excitedface #unsignedartist #solomusician #triplejunearthed #indiemusicians #vancouvermusicscene #vancouvermusicians #melbournemusicians #melbournemusic #melbournemusician #newmusiccomingsoon #melbournemusicscene #yvrmusic #producer #vancouvermusician #yvr #indiemusicscene #excited #indiemusic #thankyouforthesupport
Our latest release “Fox and the Hound” is up on Triple J Unearthed. Get crackalackin over there to give it a listen and a rating ❤️🦊- Link in bio - - - - - - - - - - - - #triplej #triplejunearthed #triplejhottest100 #newsong #newsongs #adelaide #australianmusic #australianmusicscene #music
Drop in with your mates @angusandjuliastone @clientliaison @hockeydadband @thejunglegiants (except Newcastle) @alex.the.astronaut and @ballparkmusic (Newcastle only) at @thedropfestival #livewireau 🏄🏼‍♂️🏄‍♀️
2019 the year for ADL artists to bring some heat 🔥 y’all ready?? #Repost @sacredalbino ・・・ Feb 1st 🖤
Well I can only say thank you! #triplejunearthed #rootschart
Where should the next pop up gig be?! 🧐🧐
@thedeltariggs are hitting the east coast for a bunch of epic shows with absolute legends @elizaandthedelusionals + more 🙏🙏
FOMO was a vibe! Thanks again @triple_j @triple_j_unearthed @fomoaus I’ll be uploading my set from the day next week as part of my new monthly mix series. Stay tuned.
raw red ready.
This video touched my heart ❣ A homeless man playing piano beautifully! Never look down on someone because one day you may be the one looking up ❣️🖤❣️
thank you #gretschguitars for the fresh trucker hat ⚡️👊🏽⚡️ #gretsch
2019 here I come! Smashed a bunch of goals last year! I’m setting HUGE goals this year, let’s go! 🎸🧨🎤 #theredfeathers
My brand NEW debut album ‘Raw Keane’ is out now! & it is FREE on Soundcloud for everyone! Also available on CD 💿 📀 It has been such a productive and exploring year in the studio! Big thank you to : Taliah & Ella Diviny for the vocals on Vegan Lions. Shaun Kirk for producing Anchor. @analogonthird for mastering 79 Percent. @sofia.sabbagh for the beautiful artwork on the 79 Percent single release. Jin Lu for the tasty licks on Simplicity. Written & produced by Stephen Keane Please share & drop a comment below and tell me what you think (or tag friends) (This album will also be released to all streaming platforms on January 17th,2019) Hope you enjoy, 🖤 Steve Xx https://linktr.ee/the.red.feathers
I am so happy & humbled to share these Spotify stats with you from 2018, it is so encouraging to see the power of music streaming evolve and grow 🌱 Mind blown 🤯 Thank you 🖤SK Xx
My brand NEW single ‘Anchor’ is out now! Streaming on all platforms & FREE on Soundcloud! This would have to be one of the most reflective/raw songs I have ever written ⚓️ Produced by Shaun Kirk (& Keys) Please share & drop a comment below and tell me what you think (or tag friends) Hope you enjoy, ✌🏼 Steve Xx >>link in bio<<
💔My new track is out today - it's called heartbreak! Featuring the soulful vocals of @rubi_slowships and production of Peter Holz Music. It's a sad banger about having your heart broken... 💔 Photo by @almacness Check it out on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/4SjJQ0Ofka3wSvsSuBpahl?si=IW21JmFtRq2oQ-X_IObaDw. #triplejunearthed #lezpop #lgbtmusic www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/sarsaparilla
jandals & chills 🖤 📸 @m__t__k
It was a great night at the @avmusiclessons end of year concert last night! Thanks for having me up on stage to perform some of my original songs! There were so many talented music student performances and everyone had a great time!! This song is ‘Yarra’ 🖤 {FULL VIDEO ON MY IGTV CHANNEL} I hope everyone is doing great and I hope to see you all very soon! Cheers Steve! . (Full video on my Utube channel & FB, links in bio) https://linktr.ee/the.red.feathers
It was a great night at the @avmusiclessons end of year concert last night! Thanks for having me up on stage to perform some of my original songs! There were so many talented music student performances and everyone had a great time!! This song is ‘Simplicity’ 🖤 I hope everyone is doing great and I hope to see you all very soon! Cheers Steve! . (Full video on my Utube channel & FB, links in bio)
There is a live version of Launching Pace & Yarra (from last years EP) on my new debut Album ‘Raw Keane’! Also featuring Anchor, Simplicity & 79 Percent (9 tracks in total) Grab yourself a copy! 💽💿 >>> link in bio <<< (or read below) 🖤 Steve . 👇🏼 ‘Raw Keane’ Album CD,s dropping December 7th! -------------------------------------- Order your very own CD copy by simply Depositing $25 (Free postage) into our PayPal account: stevekeaneguitar@outlook.com & attach your name and address and we will send you a fresh copy! https://linktr.ee/the.red.feathers
‘Simplicity’ is one of the featured songs on the new album! 13 more sleeps before it’s released! I’m so happy to be in a position to share music with you all! Thank you for all the support! you rock! 🖤 💽📀💿 link in bio
Me and Connor from the Carpark celebrating an excellent jjj review from Gemma Pike. #triplejunearthed
dec 7th 🖤
Dec 7th - 🖤 .
🐽 (dec 7th)
I am putting a digitally remastered version of Spades & Soapboxes on my NEW Album ‘Raw Keane’! yewww ✨✨ DROPS Dec 7th 🖤 (full video: link in bio)
thank you for the triple j Unearthed review @nkechinfinity 🖤✨✨✨ >>link in bio
playing some floyd......
one of my favourite guitars 👌🏼
Cherub Rock cover ❣️ >>link in bio<<
#newmusic coming in December 🎶✨✨✨ . .. . ♦️I’m having a stack of new CDs made for my New Album ‘Raw Keane’ Taking Pre-orders now, there $25 (Free postage) Orders can be placed on my PayPal account: stevekeaneguitar@outlook.com Leave your Name & postal address and we will mail you a copy in December :)) (You can also inbox us for other payment arrangements) ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Thank you 🙏🏻 >Steve Keane 🖤x https://linktr.ee/the.red.feathers
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