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I GOT A PIC WITH SEAN MIYASHIRO @88rising @sushitrash #88rising #seanmiyashiro #joji
we stan a fruit drink expert. i bet someone's gonna create an account called @jojisjuicyjuice edit: HA i fucking knew it.
i can keep a secret, if you can.
time to go home and cry
88 always working hard to stay on top and drop 🔥🔥🔥! I already know August is working on new stuff and Brian is dropping his album soon! • • • • • #88rising #88risingfanpage #august08 #richbrian #richchigga #brianimmanuel #amen #asian #indonesia #rap #hiphop #god #joji #jojimilleredit #jojimusic #jojimemes #jojiedit #jojimiller #jojimillergeorge #jojiconcert #jojivlogs #jojiaesthetic #jojiedits #ballads1 #ballads1tour #concert #soldout #tour #music #seanmiyashiro
joji or brian?
he really glowing right now
frank or joji?
what's your least favorite track from ballads1?
what's your favorite thing about this picture?
who would win this one? if you wanna see the one i made of brian, then check out my rich brian account @rich.boi.brian .
george and dumbfoundead. favorite track from chloe burbank?
good morning/afternoon/night, depending on where you are. what's your favorite non-joji track from head in the clouds?
getchu a man like this.😍😍😍
my boi cute.
oldie but goodie! good evening, everyone.
a low-quality beauty.
how's your day going, so far?
i love seeing him happy.
his smile is so cute that i couldn't resist.
joji and yachty.
good morning. just had a sleep paralysis episode. yikes.
good afternoon!
head in the clouds.
gettin' that potassium.
was looking for a funny video of this girl's coochie itching in class and happened to stumble upon this lmao.
this looks soothing.
i mean... it's true.
okay... one of my new favorite pictures.
that drop hit me like:
this is so cute.
here's your daily dosage of joji.
i love this. HI-FI.
got that bread.
fancy boi.
blessed to be a part of the eyebag gang.
phew, that was close. please allow me to catch my breath.
grainy boi.
i wonder if he's aware of how beautiful he is.
when my teacher uses my paper as an example.
i low-key wanted to dress like this for halloween lmao.
be careful about who you bully in high school.
how is your day going?
pretty boi.
it's a rainy day and i'm pleased.
and because i can't dance, here's mr. will smith visually explaining how i feel when i listen to this song.
ohhh shit. it's the christmas crew!
that sideview.🤤
a couple of clips from this interview that i spliced together.
festive boii. username/pfp change until after christmas.
look at that genuine smile.🙂
carnival boi.
thicc boi.
what a beauty. btw, how is everyone today?
how is everyone doing today?
"mamma mia!"
this is amazing.
look at me that way.
emo boi.😂
me when i wake up from a nap not knowing who i am for a short amount of time.
like father; like son.
swipe to the second subpost, if you don't get the reference.
tech boi.
joji ft. posty and that big guy who idk.
okay, this is epic.
"let's shoot some cool visuals." *records trash can* btw, i love the smallest things about this man. for example, what he does with the pen when he says "let's shoot some cool visuals." idk. i'm weird lmao.
sleepy boi.
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