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Oh yeah! Got myself some Sandocal today thanks to my favourite pharmacy assistant! No sucking chalk for me this evening. It's the simple things in life, eh? #cancermama #cancerconvalescent #cancercrew #hypopara #hypoparathyroid #lowcalcium #sandocal #calcium #calciumsupplement
I am still in hospital and getting quite bored! My calcium has managed to stay up even tho I haven't had any pumped into my veins since Friday night. However, I was taking Sandocal but they have now run out of it (there's a nationwide supply issue) so I've had to move to calcichew today and they want me to stay in for a few more days to have stable calcium levels on that. It's all pretty annoying as if there wasn't a supply issue with Sandocal I might have got home today. They have also decided that my gut is inflamed and that I need to have an MRI of my small intestine so I've got that to look forward to. Obviously having had thyroid cancer and breast cancer, I feel quite a lot of anxiety about having scans and what else they might see. If it happens while I'm an impatient, I might hopefully get told what is going on quite quickly. #cancersurvivor #scanxiety #wanttogohome #hadenoughofhospitals #lowcalcium #sandocal #calcichew #medication #hospital
My last tube of Sandocal! Apparently there are supplier issues in the UK and my pharmacy can't get it. I've just rung my doctor to ask for a Adcal prescription instead. Anyone else having similar problems? #sandocal #hypoparathyroidism #lowcalcium #thyroidcancer
Tirolesa #Sandocal