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Tell me how to reach your heart. Show me where you keep it, Let me stay - Courtney Peppernell . . 🐾🐾 . . #poetry #poetsofinstagram #relax #thoughts #tattoo #tatted #inked #girlswithtattoos #inkedgirls
Eartha taught me 😏
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The art of choosing yourself... #blackpoetryday 🐛🦋✨
thanks to teen angst 💀
it’s raining outside 🍃
I love the way you visit your dreams like a tourist. Escaping reality every once in a while, you visit your dreams with your curious eyes, always exploring, always wondering what you might find. The happiest I have ever seen you, is in these moments when you let your imagination overpower you. I wonder how many more such vacations you will need to take, to realise that the wanderer within you is here to stay. #pocketsouvenirs #scribbles #poetry #poem #poemoftheday #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #poet #poetscommunity #poetssociety #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #writerscommunity #writerssociety #wordswithqueens #wordswithkings #pulseofthewildheart #scribblingsouvenirs #scribbledstories #scribble #poems #wordporn #wordpress #poemsporn #wordpressblog #poetryblog #poetryporn #writing #igpoem
#happyhumpday Life is a major challenge for everyone, don’t think for a second you’re going through this alone. The people that seemed to have it all, and believe they’ve figured everything out, go through just as much as everyone else. You’re a walking legend, if only you took the time to realize what you have on the inside of you, and that’s strength. You’re a fighter, I mean you make it through Mondays! Thanks for all of the support, I love you guys! ~Parker . . . . #lovequotes #happiness #family #poetsofinstagram #poetry #authorlife #authorsofinstagram #author #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #writerscommunity #artistsoninstagram #artist #artistsoninstagram #positivethinking #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #inspiration #inspirationalquotes #inspire #inspirational #live #suicideawareness #mentalhealthawareness #iloveyou #poetrycommunity #poems #wednesdaywisdom #boss #wednesdaymotivation #wednesday
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When it seems like the seeds of doom have taken rootand the locusts are ready to swarm and raze don't despair. Take a breath, look at the trace we've left. Zoom out to understand the focal point is the broad view. Take your warrior gown out of the closet, undust it from beliefs that never fit youand weaknesses that never were yours to wear. The earth is like a minefield and she needs you to wear your armour while the hidden pressure-mines flare up in your path. Don't be scared. You are a seed of hope flowering between the cracks of ruined walls. Strong and resilient, fierce and graceful. You are fighting on the side of life,for life-giving force is within you. Trust the timing. #words #poetry #poetsofinstagram #wisdom #womenrising #creativelanguagelearning #polyglot #languagelover #instagood #naturewisdom
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The road was desolate and barren, like my thoughts without limbs to climb away from myself. I stood there on the road, with my thumb hitched for my next ride not knowing where I’d go next. Not knowing who I was anymore, and how I got here. I just waited for my next ride, alone with my thoughts, I couldn’t escape. I couldn’t escape me.
~memories running through my mind lyk a song repeat Fillings hole you left in my soul With fack love people I barely know Wishing I had the answers Wishing I had you ...♡♡♡ #poem #poetry #love #poet #writer #poetsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #art #words #quates #wordporn #vsco #love #vehicle #lovequotes #never #end #memories #endless #lovestory
I was brought back to my senses with a loud aching cry of her mourning disconsolate parents. Their world had fallen apart. I looked around and saw the people who despised her, saying it was her and her family who had to be blamed for the crime because of their negligence & lack of character and not the rapist for his devilish misdeeds, shedding tears for her now. The profound feelings of anguish had numbed my senses. I felt nothing. No abhorrence for them. Not a single tear escaped my eye. I still hoped that she would wake up. A few 月前發佈, she was in the kitchen, drinking water. Her father was cleaning something and dropped a vase unknowingly. The noise made her jump and turn instantly with fear in her eyes. Her father apologized profusely for scaring her. That incident really took a toll on her. She realized it wasn't only her who had undergone the misery but also her parents, her friends and everybody who loved and cared for her. She was perfectly normal after that incident. She would smile, laugh, dance and do everything she loved. Our graceful girl had survived the upheaval or that was what we thought. She never really recovered. She just mastered the skills to conceal her plight from others, from us. She committed suicide, leaving behind a diary of her broken dreams and shattered life. She had been planning it since one week and finally executed it on her 20th b'day eve. We are standing at her grave. And we all know that she didn't breathe her last a 天前發佈, but was murdered barbarously on that woeful night two years back. The girl that we had been seeing was just a body without a soul. The rapist never got apprehended. That loathsome sinner is still out preying on other innocent girls, ravaging their lives. We failed. Everybody failed. The legal system failed. The girl who smiled failed. Humanity and nation both failed. "What did I do, Dee? Why did it happen?" These words still haunt me to this day. . ~ Aashi Thakur @fill.the.soul_
We were incapable of consoling her and felt terribly helpless. Days passed by. Months passed by but with no sign of recovery. Her therapies bore no result. She refused to step out of her room in the fear that he would come back and rape her once again. Her nightmares were on a rise. Nothing seemed to work. She was hospitalized several times because of her deteriorating health. She had become exceedingly vulnerable and feeble. Whenever she would get called for identification of the rapist, she would start shivering and when the suspects were called in before her, she would screech with pain and beg them to spare her. She was going through hell every second of her life. The word 'peace' didn't exist in her dictionary. Desolation and despondency became her friends. A year went by and gradually, her condition improved. One day, she said to me, "Dee, it was never about the physical injuries, you know. It's all about the psychological trauma one goes through." She never talked about that night. So when I heard those words coming from her, I was remorseful and just hugged her. She didn't scream in horror this time like she used to. But this time, she hugged me back. I was so contented that she was recovering. We both started to sob. She asked me, "What did I do that something so vicious happened to me?" And I cried even more listening to that. She kept on repeating those words. She said she would do anything, anything to delete that atrocious night from her life. I reassured her and said, "I know. I know. I understand. It will pass. It will." And now when I think about it, I wonder if I really understood what she went through. If anybody would ever understand what she had suffered from. No! We can never comprehend it. We can never understand something that we have never been through. These words are like mocking one's hardship. "Aah! see, she's my best friend. I love her so much Dee but yea, not more than you", she said giggling to me, pointing towards a 5-year-old. We were on one of our visits to the orphanage some three 年前發佈. "I would also establish my own orphanage. I have so many dreams for these beautiful children." . ~ Aashi Thakur @fill.the.soul_
We were appalled. I wished it was just a frightening dream and I would wake up, rush back to her home and she would be sleeping peacefully. How I wished to travel back in time and somehow save her. I cried vehemently. How could this happen to such a magnanimous girl. I couldn't call on the courage to face her. I tried to hold back my tears but they wouldn't cease to flow. Her parents had arrived by then. They asked me about her whereabouts. I wasn't even able to look them in the eye. What would occur to them after discerning the state of their only child. A friend apprised them of what had happened to their daughter. They refused to believe and broke down. All of us tried to succour them. They were devastated. Her mother collapsed and regained consciousness after almost half an hour. Her father let out a wail and shuffled away, mumbling to himself. Their plight was gut-wrenching. An air of melancholy and despair surrounded us all. "We need to be strong, please. Who would take care of her if we become so grief-stricken?" These were the only words I could vocalize. The doctor allowed only two persons at a time to meet her and so her parents moved forward. When they got in, she turned away her face. They talked to her but she didn't reply anything. I used to visit her daily in the hospital with her favourite flowers that she used to ask me to buy for her but nothing made any difference. 15 days passed, she didn't utter a single word and a week later, got discharged from the hospital after the completion of all legal formalities. She wouldn't talk, walk, eat or even cry. She was incapacitated by that inhuman deed and used to just lie at one place with her eyes open, staring into nothingness. She finally spoke after almost 20 days. I still remember those words. "I tried really hard to fight him back but he was so powerful. I begged him but he didn't stop." She used to say this and only this for days and cry endlessly. She would scream in her sleep and if we tried to come near in order to comfort her, she would shriek even more in terror and hide underneath the bed. We didn't know what to do. . ~Aashi Thakur @fill.the.soul_
She was such a lovely girl, full of life and energy. A bright student, a benevolent friend and an amiable person. I remember the day she came to me and said, "Dee, I want to do so much for this country. But I am unclear as to what I aspire to become. At times, it's a doctor and the other times, a researcher." And now, I am standing here at her funeral. She committed suicide but we all know it was a cold-blooded murder. My mind recollected the memories of that fateful night. It was her 18th b'day eve and her parents had gone out of the city due to office work. She had decided to stay back because of her approaching board exams. Her friends decided to organise a surprise party for her so that she won't feel isolated on her big day. I agreed and we planned to show up at her place when the clock would strike 12. We gathered before her abode five minutes earlier. Our cheeks were flushed with excitement. We knocked on her door and waited eagerly for her to come out. But she didn't. For the next 10 minutes, we kept on knocking. She didn't answer the phone or door bell either. Something was not right. So, we pushed the door in order to unlock it. Turned out that the door wasn't bolted at the first place. We entered the hallway and everything was messed up. We hastened to the living room and the sight was horrendous. She was lying there with blood all over. We covered her with a blanket, brought her water which she refused and tried talking to her but she just cried and whimpered. Meanwhile, the police and the ambulance were called. Her parents were informed too. In the hospital, after interminable hours, the doctor told us that the tests confirmed that she had been brutally assaulted physically and sexually. The police told us that she was attacked by someone when she was unlocking the main gate of her residence after returning from a friend's place. It was around 8 pm and the attacker blew her head hard with a blunt object which left her half conscious and wounded, then dragged her inside. She tried to fight back which led to a brawl between her and the assailant, thus causing several physical injuries on her body. . ~Aashi Thakur @fill.the.soul_
I was sinking. Falling. No sound. No light. Opened my eyes. I was in a deep void with nothing. Just darkness. Emptiness. It was the bottom of an abyss. A chasm. Yelled. Yelped. Shrieked. For help. None came. I was in the void but it was the world that went stone deaf. Tried to climb it up. I stumbled and crashed. Struggled again. Clambered. This time, a bit far. Plunged again. Bled. Scrambled. Crashed. Tried and tried and tried. Lost count of how many times I did that. Lost count of all the wounds and bruises. Lost count of days and months I was in that ruin. Clouds of despair. Air of melancholy. Then one day, a beam of light. I looked up. There was a ladder. I climbed. Then a hand. I took it. No more blackness. No more stillness. Fresh air. Soft daylight. I could breathe. A face. I saw you. You were that ray of sunshine. You were my miracle. By: Aashi Thakur Artwork: Pinterest
These things are true in words only?? M i right or wrong😝
Control your own thoughts ✌ For a better future
Comfort is something, which we can find everywhere, any place any time . . . . . .
Black and White is what?? Ups and down are what??
We both are from two different??
Are you facing such problem Because i am facing such pblm😝
One phone call ❤ . That one phone call complete my day❤.
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