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Is there anything that doesn't show its flaws when taken to the extreme? . Most probably not. . So how can you experiment with this in your own life? . What are you exploiting too much in your life? . Is it reliance on the single tool that you're obsessed with? . Is it eating something you love so much that you break all the limits? . Is it playing video games to the extreme or being obsessed with social media? . I don't know what's your OBSESSION that is way out of proportion? . And it may be a useful thing if taken in the long run. . Like extreme focus on creating what you love maybe a good thing. (Well not maybe, it is.) . I'm talking things you've relied upon excessively. . And you may be oblivious to its flaws given its benefits in the short run. . Take that thing you're overtly obsessed with, analyze its flaws. . Find out its breaking point. . And next time just be aware of its limits. . Swallowing food without chewing, or eating excessive sugar, or stressing your eyes without rest with laptop or mobile screen.. . Keep those in limits, give rest to your mind and body for some time. . To recharge itself. . To assimilate the sticking points. . See you slaying your darlings inside . -Achint Bhagat (@achintbhagat ) . Follow @insta_determination for more badass content that wakes up the carcasses from their sleep
📣🎄⛄🔔 Christmas is almost here 🌟🕎🎄📣 . . This is the progress of my Christmas tree 🌲...These decorations are pretty much all I can find 😂 . . Definitely my fave time of the year 😊 I use to always get really excited and impatient coming up to christmas time. Presents🎁 Food 🍭🍬🍫🍰 and ofcoarse family ❤ which I have come to realise is the most important part of Christmas🌟 . . Having your family around is more important than any Christmas present and I thank God for them 😊❤ stick together, keep your relationship strong. Family comes in all shapes and forms 😊 . . To everyone who has lost a loved one or who are fighting their own fight during this time my heart goes out to all of you. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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It so so easy to look at others and feel inadequate. Compete with yourself and focus on being a better you each day and you’ll always be making progress even if it’s tiny bits at a time. Be the nicest, most respectful, kindest, forgiving, helpful, considerate, understanding version of you and you will not be regretful. you are you for a reason 😊🙌🏻 . . . . . . . #you #positives #beautifully #sunflowerfield #quotes ❤️ #compete #valueyourself #embraceyourself #isntshelovely #alwaysbekind #respectyourself #respectwomen #motivateme #godlovesyou #youareyou #youareenough #youyouyou
When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you 🏃🏻‍♂️ Even if you move to paradise your internal problems still come with you. The first month I was here I was immediately surrounded by driven and successful people. If I’m being honest it intimidated the crap out of me. 😟 I had the privilege of learning from @roytaylor while he visited Maui. Even while he was chilling on vacation he was out working me. He’s living proof that your income is 100% correlated with the value and effort you put in. 💯 It woke me up to the reality of my situation. I moved to get closer to the future but my mindset was still in the past. Realistically if you’re not a step ahead, you’re a step behind. Take ownership of our situation. I’m not the same person I was when I landed here in Hawaii. I lost a sense of self only to find the person I thought I am wasn’t me. Since I’ve shedded that extra weight the right people and right events have been crossing paths with me. I’ve always read about “paradigm shifts” and law of attraction. But I only had one foot in the water so of course I didn’t see much results. It’s no coincidence that I’ve been growing 10x since I dove in and let go of doubt, negativity and distractions. If you’re not willing to change, don’t expect your life to either 🤷🏻‍♂️ PC: @bykristinawithlove
Australia's premier 'Online Business Community' live event is happening next April! 🙌🏼 Claim your spot now and get your ticket at the Early Bird Rate here - lnx2.co/3p0 ⠀ #SuperFastBusiness #SuperFastBusinessLive #SFBLive2019
A year and a half ago I purchased a set of home workouts and immediately had buyers remorse. I just new these would turn out like the rest and end up forgotten about in a week or two and me still be in the same state as I started in. To my surprise that most definitely was not the case, thank god! What was different this time! 1. I needed structure, someone to tell me everyday what workout to do, how to do it, what to eat, when to eat. EVERYTHING! 2. I could come up with an excuse so easy to skip the gym, but skipping a 30 minutes home workout, a little harder. 3. I wasn't in it alone. Everyday I had a group of girls in it with me, similar struggles, similar stories, we show up everyday for ourselves and for each other! They are my motivation when I have none. 4. I NOTICED A CHANGE IN MY APPEARANCE AND MY ATTITUDE FOR THE FIRST TIME! I'm so glad that I've found something that works for me and I'm able to be consistent with, if I didn't share it with all you it would be selfish! 😉 The new year is coming along with the same resolutions we make every year! This year can be different! SO one of my favorite and most motivating trainer has a new program coming out in January and anyone can try out the sample workout! Give it a shot! You have nothing to lose! https://www.beachbodyondemand.com/programs/transform-20/workout I'm always looking for accountability buddies so if you want to do this program with me just let me know!!
Playing it safe is never safe.
#motivateme Beware: Energy Vampires 🧛🏼‍♂️ #LetThemPeopleGo lol 😂
🦋  You can do anything you set your mind to... 🧘🏽‍♀️☯️🌎☮️🙏🏽❤️😉🌸🦋 [For More Mindful Meditation Follow @mindfulmeditationdaily ]
Keep pushin
Backwards transformation?? Ugh... but it’s all good, I took a baby step backward, then set some new goals. I got a lil outfit to get into for some motivation and it’s all positive from here. . . . . . . #backagain #letsgo #lovelife #life #mood #me #happy #motivation #tuesday #loveyourself #positivevibes #fitnessgoals #fitnessmotivation #savage #motivateme #goodvibes #goals #babysteps #hotmess #simple #♥️#💋
ON GOD @meekmill - This shit touched my heart! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 r/p @slimthug
Just another #Monday in the books and a #ton of #crafting to do... So #lazy lol #motivateme #christmasgifts #craftersofinstagram
"Believe In Yourself And You Will Become Unstoppable" • 💎Comment 'YES' If You Agree! • 💎Go To @success.motivate To See The Full Image! • 💎Remember To Tag And Friend And Follow @success.motivate • 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈
"Believe In Yourself And You Will Become Unstoppable" • 💎Comment 'YES' If You Agree! • 💎Go To @success.motivate To See The Full Image! • 💎Remember To Tag And Friend And Follow @success.motivate • 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈
"Believe In Yourself And You Will Become Unstoppable" • 💎Comment 'YES' If You Agree! • 💎Go To @success.motivate To See The Full Image! • 💎Remember To Tag And Friend And Follow @success.motivate • 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈
Four months after TechCrunch reported Instagram was testing its own walkie-talkie feature, voice messaging rolled out globally 圖片,視頻下載 Direct yesterday. Users can hold down the microphone button to record a short voice message that appears in the chat as an audio wave form that recipients can then listen to at their leisure. Voice messages are up to one-minute long, stay permanently listenable rather than disappearing and work in one-on-one and group chats on iOS and Android. The launch deepens Facebook’s entry into the voice market. From its first voice messaging and VOIP features back in 2013 to its new voice control system Aloha that works on its recently launched Portal video chat screen, Facebook has long taken an interest in the accessibility of voice, but only got serious about building it across its products in 2018.
Sharing some Christmas vibes with you today 🎄⭐️ I took this picture in Nice (France) several 年前發佈, where they put these beautiful giant Christmas tree balls in the streets 😍
"Believe In Yourself And You Will Become Unstoppable" • 💎Comment 'YES' If You Agree! • 💎Go To @success.motivate To See The Full Image! • 💎Remember To Tag And Friend And Follow @success.motivate • 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈
"Believe In Yourself And You Will Become Unstoppable" • 💎Comment 'YES' If You Agree! • 💎Go To @success.motivate To See The Full Image! • 💎Remember To Tag And Friend And Follow @success.motivate • 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈
"Believe In Yourself And You Will Become Unstoppable" • 💎Comment 'YES' If You Agree! • 💎Go To @success.motivate To See The Full Image! • 💎Remember To Tag And Friend And Follow @success.motivate • 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈
"Believe In Yourself And You Will Become Unstoppable" • 💎Comment 'YES' If You Agree! • 💎Go To @success.motivate To See The Full Image! • 💎Remember To Tag And Friend And Follow @success.motivate • 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈
"Believe In Yourself And You Will Become Unstoppable" • 💎Comment 'YES' If You Agree! • 💎Go To @success.motivate To See The Full Image! • 💎Remember To Tag And Friend And Follow @success.motivate • 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈 👉 @success.motivate 👈
Before number 2 ➡️ after number 2! Swipe right to see my bangin mum bod now 🙈#iwantmyoldbodback #slowlyslowly #gettingthere #needamiracle #toomanysnacks #mess #mumbod #motivateme
You are a shining star. Truth is, you were born to illuminate the world with your light. The time has come to get out of your own way and allow yourself to be all of who you are meant to be. Remember, it's only the thoughts in your mind that hold you back and it takes a lot more energy to hold yourself closed, than it does to let yourself open. Let yourself to take up space, open yourself up then you can Illuminate this world! .
Don't make Chubs angry! . "This is the serious face Chubs gives when he has to pick up your trash off his trails! 👊🏼 We got out to one of our local trails & helped clean it up! This guy is a HUGE reason behind why I want to do my part to clean up the environment. His safety is my number one priority & the last thing I want is him getting sick or injured because someone can’t pick up after themselves. Please keep all critters, wild & domestic, in mind when you’re debating on littering. I promise you, if you can #packitin , you can definitely #packitout ! There is not plan(et) B. . 📷 @_justinepage . #keepnaturewild #wildkeepers . . . . #keepitwild #wherethewildkeepersare #optoutside #wildernessculture #theoutbound #getoutside #lifeofadventure #liveauthentic #liveoutdoors #ourplanetdaily #simplyadventure #dogsofinstagram #thegreatoutdoors #changemakers #wildkeeperpups #bethechange #dogood #giveback #socialchange #inspiration #motivation #motivateme #takeaction #reduceplastic #leaveitbetter #leavenotrace
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Pictures or it didn’t happen... I just ran right under 4 miles at a 10 minute per mile pace. Another first in the books. Nobody is supposed to look cute after a long run... I’ve mastered that post-run hot mess look today 💁🏻‍♀️ Anyways... moral of the story is you can do anything you put your mind to. I’m currently thinking about signing up for a half marathon. The idea of 13.1 miles scares the $hit out of me. Please Insta-family... help convince me to do it. #runnersofinstagram #runners #longdistancerunning #halfmarathon #hotmess #motivateme #ptulafamily #postrunlook
Gratitude is one of the best feeling when you continue to inspire others through your own passion.
Baby it’s cold outside... but I still made myself get out and take a walk! I might actually be starting to find my long missing motivation! . #babyitscoldoutside #getoutside #freshair #justmove #progressnotperfection #ivegotthis #selfcare #motivateme #believeinyourself #findyourhappiness
I found this inspiring and I know how much of a great example it could be for the rest of the world. Thank you @francog131 for allowing me to repost.
Oh deer 🦌 Rudolph appears to have lost Santa 🎅 and the presents 🎁 does that mean Christmas is cancelled!?? I seem to have lost my mojo too! Working hard but seem to have suddenly realised Christmas is almost upon us and I have done nothing 😬 - May have one very disappointed little girl if I don’t get my skates on! Hay ho - it will all fall into place some way some how. Should really stop reading about everyone else’s Christmas triumphs and concentrate on trying to get myself together!! Any hoo anyone else as disorganised as me? #disorganised #christmastriumph #christmasfailure #organised #mustwritealist #countryliving #rudolph #lostsanta #nomojo #lostmyumph #christmasisnear #helpme #organiseme #lifestyle #toorelaxed #chillout #eatsleepworkrepeat #livelife #lovelife #holidaysarecoming #concentrate #sleeponit #imnotacelebritygetmeoutofhere #motivateme #bepositive #findsomepositivity #getyourshittogether #getyourskateson #workingmum #workingmumlife
If you know me too well il talk to you about letting your feelings get in your way . Don’t involve and associate feelings with this . Don’t be compromised
Someday's we need to remember how far we've come over the years. Sometimes you need to look back at old pictures for a comparison because someday's it's hard to see. Some lose weight, some get fitter and stronger, some change jobs and alter their complete lifestyles. Personally I'm stronger, I'm fitter and I enjoy the outdoors life instead of the couch now. I'm not standing on the sidelines watching my kids or others do things I want to do. I'm doing it myself. My lifestyle has completely changed and I'm proud to be the one that has put in the work and I continue to improve the life I'm living every day :) How about sharing a side by side view of yourself, either in photos or words. Let's celebrate our success and how much we kick butt in this world. If you need to kickstart your journey come join us <3 kx="" <="" div="">
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