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ok this is really cute but still
ok masiwei its too fucking early for this
i was REALLY disgusted bcuz the bae from hawaiii hit me up and we started talking about hawaiin stereotypes and then i was like💨💨🌊💧🌼😌😆🌸🌸🌋 and he didnt understand, anyway, after that he told me about how he missed his android and then he sent me this HILARIOUS picture of him, IT WAS SO FUNNY. and then he sent me this picture of him in the shower and i was in the shower too so we sent pictures back n forth for like 30 mins. not nudes or anything like that. he was teaching me some hawaiian gang signs or sum. but i was disgusted because we did all that n he still has his own bae n i feel really weird. like i feel like im disrespecting the girl. 😤😤😤 life is so con fucking fusing
is that s o nono?😲😖😩
anyway, im really fucking pregnant
if i knew masiwei in real life, i would prolly despise him
this is really cute😤💞💖💕💖💕💞💖💕💞💖💕💞💖💕💞💕💖💞💕💖💕💖💞
bankroll after bankroll i spend
i keep accidentally pressing the z when im typing sum with an s
it got pretty annoying talking to the bae so i just told him i was crying about sum lmao it was a terrible excuse but when hez not sending me photos, hez boring
he ranted about america again this is so hot
what the hell is he standing on
so i have this other page and its a funny spam and this guy has been following me on it for a while, but i was like whatever. so when i noticed he started to like a lot of my posts, i was like ok lemme follow him. n we texted every now and then, because he would have a question about one of my captions or something on my story. but i didnt think anything of it other than this boy that followed me. so i made posted this caption at like 1 am last night and then he dmed me about it but i didnt reply until like 7 because i fell asleep and i told him what the caption meant and he was like haoles. i said, what a haole and he was like a mainlander. HE LIVES IN HAWAII. and then he sent me this photo of him that said i am the booty consumer and then i was like consume my booty and he said that he had a gf. i was so pissed because i wanted my ass ate. but shes really pretty i cant lie. and it was like 2 am in Hawaii when we started texting and we were on there for like 5 hours. also, hes a liberal. and believez in communism. tell him about america and he will r a n t. he hates america lmao. one more thing, HES HOT😟 ive already started to plan our wedding im not kidding. though, he smokez weed and vapes😷. anyway, i felt like telling that story to yall.
U went outside to buy sum food these boys appeared wyd?
looks like he peed himself lmao loser
omg they look so spiffy
'until death do us part' material 😔👊
this is literally the greatest thing ever @jojitobandito thank you for this
Sicks Figuhers i was only four
the lover boy mv was SO GOOD. i was really jelly tho cause masiwei was eying that girl like 😏 and i was eying that girl like😒
we gotta draw someone for school and im drawing lana yall
hes like.. a different type of cute
@tokyo.rayne sent me these a couple 天前發佈🤠🤠🤠 i just got my phone taken so i couldnt post
the weekend💀
im so fucking wet this is the hottest thing ive ever fuckin seen brian is so SEXY
YOU GIZE THIS IS HOT. alsoooo i got my phone taken lolol sorry
一张照片 两个结界 最爱Knowknow PsyP ❤️#higherbrothers #88rising #knowknow #psyp #chicago
thanks @rachelle_russell for sending me this youre the goat🤠
hey, i just wanted to let you know that cuco is my husband and i would be willing to have sex w/ him at any given time ☺
Lana replied to my dm agaiiiinnnn😩😩💓
"So you see that's where the trouble began. That smile. That damned smile"- Hannah Baker💪😥🙏
pink guy specifically was so hot. like only that character omg
You know what's up #88rising
I love them so much!! 😭😭 They are so adorable 😫💝💘💖💕
wont you c o m e t h r u
i only smile for you ☺💖
i think "why am i still in l.a." was a cry for help lmao
i would die for you r.i.p
all my friends no fun :(
im crying real tears
me: h- melo: 🤠
omg i cant be on this account, people keep old posting songs from ballads 1😭😭😭 it didnt come out for me yet😤😩😔👊
Ballads1 comes out in 50 fucking minutes
i just found out that one of my friends was born in korea
can yall clap for me, im about to start my homework from yesterday after doing n o t h i n g all day and i just wanna sleep; but i cant afford another 0😔👊
is "lets get this bread" old?
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