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All I wanna do is kiss all you thicccs to death😫😚
Y’all remember this song thicccs? Joji singing about drugs on the downlow was always my go to song when I’m sad. What are your sad boi songs?? How are you thickity thiccs up to today? Hope you consume lots of Joji Music today
How y’all doing tonight/this morning thicccs? Welcome to the start of our blue theme which I guess is just us nutting over pictures of Joji in blue. Hopefully this juicy picture will urge your tastebuds😛
As the year draws to and end and the Christmas period draws to a close, how have the years of you thiccc jojistanians been? Try to reflect on all the times you’ve nutted over Joji and all other things nice. It’s been a good year as such. Here’s to a great 2019, and some Joji nudes... hopefully 👀
I know i said that was my last Christmas post but, you can't have enough of Joji, right? ; i love you so much, how is your day going so far? 💙❤👯 Dm us a nice Christmas photo with the name of our nation JOJISTANIA if you want to be on the page.
Follow us at @jojistania for some more awesome content and captions! This is our last Christmas post, and we wanted to tell you something: seriously, you deserve a good and happy life and of course a wonderful Christmas; sometimes is hard to be with the family, sometimes parents are too hard but better times will come. We love you guys, you have a friend right here, always, stay hydrated, eat your vegetables and sleep well❤💙🐥 Pls b0ss share our page, helps us making this family bigger, give us that fat thicc like . Hugs and pugsss.
The gift under my three/my face in the morning Remeber this is our Christmas special, show us your Christmas spirit, your ugly sweater and everything you want👀❤ Thiccs what's wrong, you don't love me :'( Hugs and pugs for this quick post, please share our page and give us all your l o v e, remeber i love youuuuuu.
Santa is here babes and he wants milk and pussy 🐻 So tomorrow it's the night before Christmas, that sounds stupid hdhdhdhx we really hope this Christmas is nice and warm for you thiccs, just like some good pussy. Give us a fat like and a share pls b0ss. It's pink0 your girl, hugs and pugs.
Thank you God, you're always giving me what i need 👀💦💦 3 days until Christmas, tell us what do you want for Christmas, we want that fat like and share to make our fam even bigger Hugs and pugs
Tell me how my motherfucking dick taste 👀 I'm sorry i didn't have a good caption and i was listen to she's so nice. So babys, show us your ugliest Christmas sweat or story, whatever it is we want to hear it. How are y'all, I'm pretty depress but Im always in the mood for some Christmas Joji ❤ Show us love with a big fat like and share. Hugs and pugs
I want Joji as my ugly Christmas sweater 👀 what about a Christmas special: ugly sweaters and Christmas shit. Show us yours! It's almost Christmas and we wanted to tell you guys something: kill yourself. Thiccs, that's not true, we want to kiss you all cause that's what family does, isn't?
Joji looks so good in Orange 😍this post is our last orange one! What color should we do next??
Person: “What you about to go do?” Me: “Imma fuck up my life” Both: “Ayeeeee!!”
Simply squatting for frogs. Nothing sexual to say here. . . . . Salutations thiccs. We finna fly our flag flag in about 10 hours so that we actually do it this week!
Joji on his way sliding into your girls dms Howdy thickity thiccs how are you this fine day?
This is not a threat, I promise... I love this logo so fucking much.
@sushitrash has that “MOVE, I’m gay” attitude.
One day @sushitrash will give me this look when he realizes I’m kinda cute and that he’d clap my cheeks.
oooh Chloe Burbank just sent me a DM👀👀💓 Goodnight sweeties, I hope you had fun with me today, give us a big fat like and share please, we are a family!
When the most perfect and most adorable male gives you that sexual look Good afternoon thiccs, how are you, did u eat all of your vegetables? I hope u did. Give us a big fat like to grow strong, tall and t h i c c.💦👅
The picture above displays a male human specimen at his peak performance level. Evolution is obtainable to you today, if only you follow Frank’s LIFE HACKS tips. -Steven Hawking How are y'all sweeties, this admin missed you and send you all her love. What about a big fat share and like for us, help this family grow!
Look at this beautiful Thicc’s knuckle hairs!👀💓 . . Hey we just wanna say all you Jojistanis are amazing. If I could I’d eat every single one of your asses.
Joji is the standard of beauty. Fuck Hollywood, Victoria secret, Play Boy etc. the only person I’m tryina to see naked is him. How are y'all thickity thiccs doing today? Go give us a phat like
Damn... This boi has some girth 😳🤤 . . Anybody got Joji nudes? Pls DM us b0ss🤫
We have written the Roman Catholic Church a formal petition to have Joji indicted as a saint upon his death. Still waiting on a response. Henllo cuties, how are y'all? I hope you're cute and fresh like a snacc. Give us some love with a big fat like and share to make our fam bigger!
The face of post-nut clarity.
Look into my eyes to see pure beauty We want love for fetus Joji🍑💦👅 Goodnite thiccs, how u doing y'all, are you cozy? We send u fat big hugs and kisses
This is the face I made when I discovered the Thot Theory of the Fourth Dimension
Damn it, I was looking through all my Joji pics to know what to post and I got a fucking hard on...
It is common to walk around a Jonistanian city and hear the citizens chant: “Imma fuck up my life”
Whose womans is this? Like, is she faithful or nah? 👀💗
first I juggle these spheres then I'll make your soul cry tears Good morning thiccs, how are you today? Did u eat your vegetables? Then eat this big fat peach 🍑
Say hi to Joji jr Goodnight thiccs, how about some l o v e for us? Help us share this amazing community full of thiccness and love
“Bonjoji” is french for “Have a good fucking day” goodmorning little sunshines, we stand a skinny idol😏💦
Here’s two of my favorite Joji fan arts to finish off our red theme! If you know the artists please tag them so that we can give them some FAT fucking creds.
When your female doesn’t send nudes because she has a dick.
Thanks @jojis_son for sending us this!!!! Now we send it back to you, the people. . Salute your comrades, spread cancer, eat ass, skate fast. That’s one of our many mottos.
Long haired green boi. How often do you guys think @sushitrash actually gets high? Do you think he also still smokes cigarettes?
I’ve been working on my Slav Squat for years. Shout out to @tresh_lajf for giving me the green light and making me an honorary Slav by injecting Russian Bass into my veiny ears. These photos are from our thanksgiving break. Flew my lil bro out to Phoenix. Had a wild time. Basically had an aesthetic overdose riding on the scooters around ASU and Tempe Town Lake. Also the puppers name is Geico. He is a model dog, and I dropped 100 chromosomes to get this photo with him. #slavsquat #slavicsquat #jojistania #joji #thanksgiving #nnn #ddd #eatassskatefast #imgay
To the mother fuckers who think being in a furry suit makes you sexually appealing: please do us all a fat favor and bend over to eat your own ass. . . No seriously, I want to know if that’s possible. I’ve Been trying it for months to no avail. Anybody?? Pls b0ss. #DDD #destroydickdecember #joji
Jimmy jimmy jimmy neutron eat that booty like some croutons ain’t fucking with just any mom, trying to stick it in some thicc buns. . . . . I’m gay.
Today is a great day #jojistania
Friday Flag Day! We love @sushitrash ! If you guys DM us we can send you the flag image to add to your story or post or whatever! Spread some cancer you beautiful thiccs!
OML that PINK booty👅💦🍑 . The NNN pressure intensifies😩 comment if this crushed your 29 day streak!
DAMN LOOK AT JOJI’S BULGE THOUGH😳🙏🏽 . Jojistanians feel the hurt deep down. Thankfully we have each other, endless thicc Joji pics and archived FF content to medicate with.
Recently we found out sucking dick was gay. . This is exactly how that conversation went... . Still trying to wrap our heads around this concept, like Tf?
This is the look I gave my priest when he told me sucking dick was gay. . . . . . . My life is a lie I thought to myself. . . Like Tf??
BIG PORES! Joji has helped me embrace my dad body and practice self love. . Basically @sushitrash is helping Jojistans across the world have that same BIG DICK ENERGY he has always carried himself with!
. Whole Devil . . Black Oni mask, Plastered over his nose and mouth Golden teeth, Shimmering with the glow of an underwater star Seaweed, Constricting his shriveling throat . . Will he, . . Submerged in liquid anxiety, Drown in lustful endorphins, remembering Nostalgic highs transporting his visions to forest origins Where Green and innocently well endowed fruit hung Like Kosher hooks penetrating the roof of his mouth, The iron taste of blood between his teeth, still . . A whole devil . . . This poem was written by @raul_dmns aka DMNS. He said that this poem was inspired by the Will he cover art aesthetic. #willhe #joji #jojimiller #jojiedits #jojiedit #filthyfrank #filthyfrankmemes #franku #b0ss #pinkguy #jojieatmyass #eatmyassjoji #jojistania
@sushitrash is a man of many names in Jojistania (thicc lord, papa bless, god, Overlord etc...) but more than any other name, he is daddy. And yes, we do say “daddy” in a sexual and graphically l gay way. . . . JOJISTANIA HAS A TOTAL OF 4 GROUP CHATS LIVE AND THRIVING RIGHT NOW. Want to join the next one? Send us a DM👅💦. . . . #Jojistania #jojiedits #jojieatmyass #eatmyassjoji #ieatass #joji #jojimusic #88rising #georgemiller #pinkguy #headintheclouds #pinkomega #filthyfrank #filthyfrankmemes #papafranku #cancercrew #anime #feminism #idubbbz #maxmoefoe #memes #dankmemes #ballads1 #follow4follow #followforfollowback #slowdancinginthedark
This picture inspired a famous Jojistani three tiered dish meal called: “Filthy Cumming Sushi” Considered a delicacy in Jojistani cuisine, it can cost up to 3.570000 billion chromosomes at a restaurant. . . . *it explodes in your mouth! . . #jojistania #joji #jojimiller #jojiedits #jojimusic #filthyfrank #filthyfrankmemes #papafranku #pinkguy #heyb0ss #eatmyassjoji #jojieatmyass #b0ss
Joji’s time as a faun didn’t go over too well; 1. Cupid shot him in the back. 2. His girl could not understand that he didn’t want to slow dance in the dark. 3. he bled out on the dance floor. . . . . #Jojistania #jojiedits #jojieatmyass #eatmyassjoji #ieatass #joji #jojimusic #88rising #georgemiller #pinkguy #headintheclouds #pinkomega #filthyfrank #filthyfrankmemes #papafranku #cancercrew #anime #feminism #idubbbz #maxmoefoe #memes #dankmemes #ballads1 #follow4follow #followforfollowback #slowdancinginthedark
Sorry i was really boofed out yesterday but see i rlly wanh to join #jojistania #joji #lil peep #llj #rip #SO SAD CAN WE GET 20 LIKES FOR ME TO JOIN JOJISTANIA
Jojistania is proud of its great Overlord and Possible god, @sushitrash aka “Thicc Lord” in our Jojistani group chats. Anyway, he was born on FRIDAY September 18th, 1992! So we will fly our great flag every Friday! It’d be TUBULAR if all our followers did the same! Tag us so we can see!! . . . . #jojistania #jojipleaseeatmyass #eatmyassjoji #jojieatmyass #papafranku #joji #jojimiller #jojiedits #jojifanart #jojiedit #filthyfrank #filthyfrankmemes #francisofthefilth #pinkguy #toodamnfilthy #fridayflagday #biggay
Jojistani Legend has it: A bitch named Chloe Burbank broke Joji’s heart and then blocked him on social media. Joji now yells out “Unblock me bitch!” while he performs his heart wrenching songs live. . . . . #joji #jojimusic #jojimiller #jojistania #immafuckupmylife #jojiedits #filthyfrank #pinkguy #chloeburbank #ballads1 #francisofthefilth #jojimusic #jojimemes #88rising #ballads1tour #toodamnfilthy #filthyfrank #papafranku
this might be a bold statement but @jojistania is 🔥 • • in the first time i uploaded i left another face by jojis hand it looked nasty 😔 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #joji #jojimiller #georgemiller #asia #australia #japan #88 #doublehappiness #richbrian #sditd #willhe #ballads1 #wantedu #rip #sheckwes #basketball #dunking #rap #hiphop #jojistania #nation #rising #rise @sushitrash @88rising @sheckwes
If you were to look into @sushitrash eyes for too long, your body would involuntarily respond by: a. Crying, b. Shidding, or c. Nutting. . . . What would happen to you? . . . #immafuckupmylife #joji #jojistania #jojimiller #jojination #jojimiller #jojiedits #jojivlogs #jojiedits #eatmyassjoji #ballads1 #88rising #slowdancinginthedark #tesdrive #wantedu #filthyfrank #toodamnfilthy #pinkguy #francisofthefilth
Whatever hides behind those shades, I want that. @sushitrash . . . There are a lot of beautiful things coming for you Jojistanians. We will make sure you can cultivate your love and affection for Joji TOGETHER and as a NATION! #immafuckupmylife #joji #jojistania #jojimiller #jojination #jojimiller #jojiedits #jojivlogs #jojiedits #eatmyassjoji #ballads1 #88rising #slowdancinginthedark #tesdrive #wantedu
Jojistania, officially the Republic of Jojistania, is a nation in the cyberweb internet. It has no sovereign physical borders, and its potential reach of influence is chromosomic and infinite. . . . A NATION IS BORN . . #jojistania #joji #jojimiller #jojiedits #jojimusic #88rising #jojimemes #jojieatmyass #chromosomes
Japanese Frienship Garden in Downtown Phoenix. Shout out to @jijo889 for treating me like a model. I feel so pretty. #jijolikesjoji #joji #jojimusic #japanesefriendshipgardenphoenix #phoenixarizona #valleyofthesun #lasportiva #gunk #gay #jojistania