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Whatever season of life you’re in, I hope you find the strength to get out there and crush it! 👊🏼⚡️ // pc: @chandlerkent_ #graeandcrew
This “succy” flag has been impossible to keep in stock but it’s officially back! 🙌🏼 we know you love it so much that we are now offering it in a new 12x18 size — right in between our two best selling dimensions. Enjoy! 🌿 #graeandcrew
The Canadian cold became official this week and we are definitely feeling it! We are staying sane with play dates and crafts. What about you?? ⛷🎉 OR 🥶🏖 #graeandcrew
The sweet scene of siblings being best buds never gets old! — I’m especially loving Asher chowing down on whatever came in that bowl, @jrbennet ! 🍽😂 // #graeandcrew #taptoshop
These 3 launched Saturday and it has been a fun response! I think we are tied for voted favourites and I might actually bring a spinner to our upcoming markets because deciding which color to get is always the hard part! 🤔😍 happy shopping! #graeandcrew
Sneak peek of the exclusive winter line colors launching this weekend! 👀 when they’re gone, they’re gone so get your game face prepped for Saturday morning! // #olive #greyblack #burgundy #graeandcrew
Hello, 2019! The shop opened back up yesterday and we are in full swing pumping out your orders. New duffel colors coming this month so stay tuned! #graeandcrew
We are hopping on to announce a sudden holiday closeup. We have had so much love and nonstop-support this season but with a pressing family matter needing our attention, we have decided to close up from Dec 17th - Jan 7th. If you have been on the fence with purchases, this weekend is your last chance to get any orders in! Sorry for the inconvenience but we hope you will understand! 🎄💛 #graeandcrew
Last day to snag some of these cute mocs + a mini duffel. See previous giveaway post! @minimoc #graeandcrew
We have added a “new arrivals + restocks” tab to the 🔝 menu of our website. Check it out to see our newest pins! #graeandcrew
GIVEAWAY CLOSED || the winner is @mrs.natalie.brennan ! Please DM us with your email address so we can get in touch with you. 🎉 Grae+Crew X MiniMoc GIVEAWAY! 🖤 Everything is cuter mini so we have teamed up with @minimoc to give one lucky winner a mini duffel from @graeandcrew and a $50 credit to the @minimoc shop! Open to 🇨🇦 + 🇺🇸 residents only. To enter: • like this photo • follow @graeandcrew + @minimoc • tag some friends who also love mini things! (1 tag = 1 entry) EXTRA ENTRIES: share this post in your story, share this post to Facebook, or comment here why you love Christmas. 🎄 GIVEAWAY ENDS 12/9! #GIVEAWAY #MiniCollection #graeandcrew
We have parents and grandparents buying handfuls of duffels for their crews this time of year so we are going to make it easier on you! For the month of December we’re offering a bundle deal. Buy any 2 duffels and get 1 free with code: “BUNDLEUP”. Unlimited uses too! Happy shopping! 💛🎁 #graeandcrew
Between holiday travel, workouts + the everyday haul, we would love to see how you use your duffel this season! Both mini and weekender sizing makes for one convenient accessory. Tag #graeandcrew or message us a pic! Also, our Cyber Monday sale is still happening! LAST DAY! Shop our biggest sale of the year with code: BFCM30 for 30% off your entire order. // #graeandcrew
Pins have been a nonstop addition to your orders these past couple days. We love the story they tell and for those who are worried about the ones selling out, we will be restocking before Christmas! 🙌🏼 Don’t you worry. // #graeandcrew
We interrupt this cozy scene for some Black Friday store runs and then an afternoon of order fulfillment. You guys have been amazing so thank you! 🖤 Our 30% off sale ends Monday. // #graeandcrew
Our Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sale is live @ 8am! Enjoy 30% off the entire shop from now until Monday with code: BFCM30. We have a lot of of bundled orders happening for the holidays so act fast while supplies last! // #graeandcrew
All pins will all be part of our #blackFriday sale along with the rest of our products starting tomorrow morning at 8AM! They’re a perfect stocking stuffer you can customize your backpacks, jackets, work lanyards, and duffels with! Remi picked these ones out herself and it would have been both straps covered if I let her. 🙈📌😍 // #graeandcrew
Wise words. 🥬✨ // #graeandcrew #makelifehappy
We’re having a chill Monday over here after such a packed weekend. Thank you to Simone from @mapleandleigh for such a great market! 👸🏻 The support was unreal and Magrath sure knows how to party! We felt right at home. 🤗💛 We sold out of quite a few products and are rushing to restock. Details to come for our Black Friday sale this weekend! Also, swipe to the end to hear Remi’s ditty. 😂 just channeling her inner @tayleebaril @uke_a_taylee here! #graeandcrew
Project: DONATE YELLOW ➕💛 we are offering a positive way to give back this holiday season. Starting tomorrow at the @prettyprairiemarket , $2 from every purchase + every individual duffel bought will go to individuals struggling with infertility. Look for the jar at our booth and help a crew out this holiday season. 🎄💰 to nominate someone you care about, please message us privately. #graeandcrew #donateyellow
I was wandering around trying to figure out how to get some product pics (like a big looooser 😂), snapped a couple, admitted awkward defeat, and hopped back in the car to go grab lunch. Remi then says, “Mom! I got some decent pics of you!” #yeahright Result: 👆🏼🖤🤷🏼‍♀️ Backseat creeper ftw. I like how simple life is in the eyes of kids and I’m clearly pumped to have photographer Rem on board this crazy train because sometimes my creativity is a bust! 🙃😅 #graeandcrew #wingingit
HAPPY DAYS - the saying my sweet Grandma lives by and the name of one of the catchiest theme songs out there! @happy_lady33 This “happy” isn’t consistent and it rarely lasts one hour (let alone 24!) but it exists. In the little things. For example, all the Halloween candy on the horizon! 🙌🏼🍬🍫 what treat did you look forward to in your Halloween stash growing up?? #graeandcrew #makelifehappy
And the #giveaway winner for our shop credit at the @prettyprairiemarket is... 🥁🥁🥁 @katelynwilde_ !! Wooo! We will DM you with the details. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! #graeandcrew
Goooood morning! It’s official adventure time. Comment with emojis to describe your weekend plans! >> 🎉🎃🎶 #graeandcrew
When your flag doubles as a superhero cape. 🤩⚡️ #graeandcrew
Our pin collection is LIVE! 📌🎒 we constantly had requests for a way to customize the duffels. Siblings, friends, and even co-workers wanted the same color of duffels but couldn’t distinguish whose bag was whose. We’ve now got your back! 🤩 add some fun to your duffels, jackets, work lanyards, sweaters, bulletin boards and backpacks with our enamel pin line! || Tap to shop. #graeandcrew #GClifestylegoods
CLOSED! // We are back at it with [What’s In Remi’s Bag?] take 2! There is only one item in there this time so guess away. Winner will get a $50 gift card to the shop! 💳 Guessing closes tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 20, @2pm when we post the winner (if there is one 🤞🏼). Good luck! #whatsinremisbag #graeandcrew
This post may seem a bit heavy but I want you guys to see it as uplifting and hopeful! Tomorrow is National Pregnancy + Infant Loss Remembrance Day and I didn’t know it was a thing until I came across it this last spring as I googled the words, “how to cope with a miscarriage”. This is a side of our story that I don’t open up about often because I don’t want it to define us but it’s a big part of who we are as a crew as secondary infertility has humbled + strengthened us these past 3 years. We wanted to raise a little awareness to this special day tomorrow as so many amazing people around the world will be lighting a candle or light to show support for those sweet families + friends who struggle due to miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, still births, or loss of an infant. Your little babies may not be in this world today but they are in your heart and your story matters. There are so many sweet sweet parents out there who have faced this and we feel for you! Know you’re not alone, that kindness goes a long way as everyone faces their own struggles, and that the fight for our crews is never an easy one. For some of us it’s the hope that our dream crew can exist in the first place. Give some love to your people this week! 💛 #graeandcrew #beyouwithyourcrew #waveoflight2018
NOMINATE A CREW!⚡️ starting in January we will be launching a [Crew Q’s] section to our journal. Tag the crews you love + are inspired by for a chance to be featured — local, influencer, your own? We want to know! Start tagging all the bomb crews around you! #graeandcrew #GClifestylegoods
Fri-yay! We obsess over the weekend like state-side news does over Kavanaugh. ✌🏼 #graeandcrew
“Be grateful for what you have and content with what you don’t”... 💡 We highlighted gratitude on our journal a week ago and one of our customers applied it to this flag. 🖤 Sometimes it’s a shift in our attitude and learning to appreciate things the way they are that makes a thankful heart. #graeandcrew #makelifehappy
Go check out @graeandcrew for some duffels and things (it's also in Canadian dollars, for all of you Americans 😉). 👜 👜 👜 #graeandcrew #beyouwithyourcrew #duffels #bags #shirts #flags #banners #pins #basicallyhalfpriceforamericans
It’s Thanksgiving weekend!! 🇨🇦🦃Our tradition always includes dressing up in anything random and playing football. We want to hear it alllll so lay it on us — what are your Thanksgiving traditions?? 🏈 shipping is on us from now until Monday using code: THANKYOU! #graeandcrew #grateful
Keeping things simple in the “IT’S OK” tee today. ✨ #graeandcrew #makelifehappy
Cracked us up yesterday as 14 of you asked for a closeup of this pic haha! We are delivering. 🔥🔥 #graeandcrew @jonobennett
When the duffels are looking like a right swipe on Tinder. 🔥 // mix up your look - tap to shop! #graeandcrew @jonobennett
making the everyday an adventure. 🖤 #graeandcrew #GClifestylegoods
Stand strong. Stand tall. Be a symbol of sunshine. 🌴🌞 #graeandcrew
Fill your life with the things that make you feel the most energized and fulfilled. ⚡️🌿 our road trip down the west coast was one for the books and we would go back in a heart beat! Give me all the coastlines + and layered pines. #graeandcrew #beyouwithyourcrew
Stoked to see @janaydawn rocking the yellow duffel at #beakerhead this weekend! #dreamsneverdie #graeandcrew
A child’s imagination captured in a single flat lay. 🍄✨🍂 #graeandcrew #letthembelittle
Crew duffels. Where the packing comes easy and the cozy comes cheap. 🍂 Are you a fan of seasons or do you prefer one baseline climate? Comment an emoji below that represents your favorite season. #graeandcrew
A little design journal excerpt: “if they can’t be played in, kids shouldn’t be wearing them.” 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏽‍♂️ We want everything about these tees to be boring-proof! || [Tap to shop!] #letthembelittle #graeandcrew
When the rover is this rad, you can’t help but take a peek. 👀💙 also, this is a great reference as to how big the mini duffel is on kids. Remi is 4 and loves to rock this size. || Blue Mini Duffel #GClifestylegoods
Happy Wednesday! Brighten up any space with our flags. Tap to shop the rest! 🎶🎵 #graeandcrew
Giving you a little insider glance of the duffel. Pockets, an optional snap-closed divider, an insulated compartment, good vibes patch, and a separate sleeve for shoes or dirty stuff — all the features we know + love! ❤️ #graeandcrew
The start to September felt a lot like New Years for us. A lot of goals made and a lot of planning to be had! 🤓🙃 list topper: ALL THE SELF LOVE. We enjoy the reminder of this flag and I’m sure some of you will too! #graeandcrew
Swinging into the weekend hyped up because guys? Life is goooood! Of course there are a million and ten reasons why things can become unfair, rough, stressful, or annoying 🤯🙈 but that doesn’t discredit how insanely amazing you are in this world either. You’re crushing life in other ways! Hold onto that and keep smiling because some things are simply out of your control. Tag someone you want to give a high five to today! - - - - 🤚🏼➕✋🏼 #graeandcrew
find your crew and love them well — imperfections, weird dance moves, socks + sandals, chewing mouth wide open, and all! 🧦🖤 #graeandcrew
Our new red duffel is LIVE and a huge favorite already! 😍 Are you guys now “red-y” for our Labor Day Sale? I had to drive 20 minutes to find service in these mountains so let’s hope this works. 🤞🏼📍⛰ we are offering a combo deal! Combine any 2 duffels from now until Monday and get $20 off with code “LABORDAY”. Happy shopping! #graeandcrew #labordaysale
Who is ready for our new duffel launching sometime 🔜 this week?! If you haven’t yet, sign up for our email to get first access to the news! ⚡️💙 #graeandcrew
Mini garden finds with her hair done to [obvious] perfection. || Lovely Tee — tap to shop. 🌶🍅 #graeandcrew #beyouwithyourcrew
Cruising the city this rainy, moody Monday with our [cozy acoustics] playlist on repeat. 🖤🎶 also, can someone please tell @Instagram that Canada would love access to insta music? 🙏🏼 #crewplaylists #graeandcrew
Ready for some adventure this weekend! This is our calm before the storm because we have a new color of duffel launching next week (!!!) 🙌🏼 What color(s) are you wishing for? Make sure to sign up for our email so you can have first dibs on this launch and our back-to-school/Labor Day sale coming soon. 🍎🤩🤟🏼 #graeandcrew
Packed up and ready for a week at grandma’s! The weekenders are great for kiddos too! #graeandcrew // 📷: @lobennett11
These flags are hitting the shop this afternoon — a B+W version of the green one. Sending all the positive mid-week vibes! || STAY ➕ FLAG || #wegotthis #graeandcrew
Guys I got my Grae & Crew gear today and I am PUMPED! These aren't your average duffle bags. Shoe pocket on one side, an insulated pocket on the other and an optional compartment divider in the middle! Also her flag designs are so cute I had to get 3 in my first order. @graeandcrew #graeandcrew #lifestylegoods #beyouwithyourcrew #youaremygreatestadventure #notanadjustexcited
One should always wear this tee when eating a popsicle. 👅💦 || Happy Human Tee || #graeandcrew #makelifehappy
There is still time to get in on @chriskylepetey ‘s awesome giveaway! Head on over to her account to enter and one of these fun duffels could be yours! (Ends Aug. 11 @11 :59PM) #graeandcrew
Max, keeping it chill in the ‘Lit Life’ tee. 🔥 so fun seeing your kiddos run around this summer in these soft, buttery triblends! #graeandcrew #makelifehappy
We love seeing your products styled + in use! Don’t succ and feel free to tag us. 😉🌵🌱 #crewflags #tagyourcrew #graeandcrew
We can appreciate a good blurry pic but only when it’s mid-pull in a grass fight!
We have no chill when it comes to summer. Two weeks later with family still arriving and the playing is still going strong. Loving this little cousin crew in their tees! #graeandcrew #childhood
We are so excited for the launch of @graeandcrew this weekend! If you haven’t checked them out yet you definitely should. We can’t wait to get our hands on their new bags, especially the mini duffels 👌🏻.
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