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@brokeassbeaner how u tryna b
I don’t care if we die, I wanna die with my cock deep in a soaking wet fucking fanny 😻😻😻 Catch me being flung out the windscreen at 101mph butt naked, my lifeless body will slide across the concrete floor like a rag doll after impact, and you will see a slimey trail of cum and blood. And also a dead naked girl probably wrapped around a lamppost looking like a confused drunk stripper. Yeah that’s going on my sex bucket list 🤤😍😈
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A little dental humor if you are having a rough day!
👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 • When you ain’t even gotta ask for head 😍 • When she sucks your dick cause SHE enjoys it 😍 • When you in the middle of an argument and she knows how to shut you up *drops to her knees and gives you the look* 😍 • When you walk in and she’s been waiting for ya dick all day 😍 • When you asleep and wake up to head 😍 • When you’re out and she’s dying to suck that dick so you gotta find somewhere quiet for a quickie 😍 • When she randomly ties back her hair and looks at you whilst biting her lip 😍 THIS type of girlfriend 😍😍😍
Hell yeah😂
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