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This is the best selfie I have ever taken. I look beautiful. I have always struggled with my self image. I believed that I was ugly for the longest time. Sometimes I still do. But I have an 8 year old neice. I will not EVER let her see me put myself down. I will not show her that behaviour. Instead I focus on what I like about myself and build from that. I don't want her to look at her flaws and decide they mean she is ugly. Inwant her to look at herself and say - I look beautiful. Now my only problem is my personality which is harder to fix. My epic stubbornness is so frustrating. As is my love of sarcasm.😏 I can't see shit because I wasn't wearing glasses (I was curious what I looked like without them). Maybe I should get contacts. #selflove #facepositivity #tryingtobeagoodrolemodel #loveyourself #greeknose #selfie
✨ INSTAGRAM VS RÉALITÉ ✨ ⚠️ A LIRE ATTENTIVEMENT ⚠️ - Ceci n’est pas un poste de maquillage normal, mais j’ai pensé que cela pourrait être utile à partager. - Première photo : maquillage et retouche Deuxième photo : pas de maquillage et pas de retouche - Lever la main si vous avez l’air de la photo sur la droite la plus part du temps 🙋🏻‍♂️ - Aucune vie n’est aussi cool ou aussi glamour que Instagram le laisse paraître. Le maquillage, les lumières, la pose et les retouches/filtres peuvent totalement changer l’apparence. Instagram n’est pas la vrai vie. - Petit rappel, votre peau ne vous défini pas. Porter ou ne pas porter de maquillage ne te défini pas. Avoir de l’acné ou ne pas avoir de l’acné ne vous défini pas. Tu n’es pas moins beau/belle parce que tu n’as pas la peau parfaite. Ta peau n’es pas ce que tu es. Les gens qui t’aime ne s’en soucie pas. Tu es la personne la plus importante de ta vie, alors arrête de te faire du mal. Arrête de te mette en colère contre toi même. Tu es beau/belle peu importe ta peau, peu importe si tu portes du maquillage ou pas. - N’oubliez jamais la beauté commence au moment où vous décidez d’être vous même . Vous êtes beau/belle peu importe vos défauts. Acceptez vous telle que vous êtes. Et surtout ayez confiance en vous. ❤️ - #instagramvsreality #makeup #nomakeup #makeupnomakeup #retouch #retouchephoto #noretouch #nonretouché #instagram #french #france #beauty #beaute #fakeinstagram #facepositive #facepositivity #maquillage #yeuxbleu #blueeyes #reality #positivite
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People talk much about body positivity. However, I want first to raise my own face positivity and start liking this asymmetric thing. . #facepositivity
#positiveface #facepositivity #fashion #smile Слишком много раз за прошлую неделю я слышала о том, что моё лицо выглядит плохо и срочно нужно с ним что-то делать. 🖤💜💙 Но это не значит, что, когда моё лицо выглядит плохо я не чувствую себя крутой 🤩🤩🤩🤩🛸🌠👾👽
No makeup selfie. No filter. Cos that's how everyone should roll sometimes 😍 #beyourself #natural #skin #bereal #whocares #facepositivity #naturalskin
Shout out to myself for eating my worth in weight in food. 🍨🍦🍧 I'm trying to lay off the cute animal filters I love so much so I can learn to embrace my face as it is. I would pretend the only reason I used them was because I'm a sucker for adorable, cute things. But in reality I just wanted to post a picture and thought my face alone wasn't worth it. That's not to say I won't correct things like saturation and whatnot but I'll try to not edit my features. . . . . . . . . #bignosegirl #bignosebeauty #bignoseappreciationsociety #facepositivity #facepositive #foodpositivity #bodypositive #redhead #fakeredhead #bangs #seethroughbangs #naturalmakeup #meituapp #embraceyourface2019
I’m sharing this video of Alex and I being idiots because after looking for Instagram accounts that promote normal faces and not finding any, I figure I can’t complain about that if I don’t contribute myself! . . . . . #wrinklesarebeautiful #facepositivity #nofilter #lookatthatdog #normalfaces #beijinglife #beijingdog and #beijjngsmog
Happy Friday!!! I guess I didn’t have enough #acnepositivity selfies on here. I love my face, I am good looking with my acne too, peace and love yaselves #acnepositivity #acne #selfie #ftm #transgender #facepositivity #lgbt #peace #peacedudethisisweird #friday #weekend
#Beauty_news Кендалл Дженнер стала послом движения face positivity 🎀 . Не слышала о таком движении? Эту компанию создали те, у кого проблемная кожа. Они учат других не стесняться своих недостатков и любить себя, даже если твоя внешность несовершенна. Мы полностью согласны с концепцией face positivity. А вы? . #facepositivity #кендаллдженнер #моякосметичка #salembeauty
🌟 använder modellen ”Estelle” här✨ håll utkik på @leslash.store , kommer ut en tävling snart där man får chans och vinna flera fransar😍
bro I’m really tryna get one of those bears made of roses 🌹 anyone tryna send one thru 🤩💀 • • • • • #explorepage #funny #explore #crazy #roses #fuckitall #medicine #edits #dumbshit #acne #facepositivity #loveyourself #followforfollow #likeforlike #followme #dms #comment
A little pop of color goes a long way! 💫 — Blush: Guava
Trying to choose my new #headshot . What do you guys think, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5? I think my favorite is 5 ❤️ #facepositivity #noonecantelltheyareselfies #onabudget
I’ve heard around n about that wearing makeup and/or liking it makes you a “hoe”. Now I don’t know where the fuck they got that from. Makeup is not for attention nor do you just use it for insecurities. In some cases, that’s not true but in most, you just wear it because you look so fucken bomb. You are beautiful already regardless of blemishes, beauty marks, acne, etc. Makeup does not make you hoe, it makes you you ❤️ • • • • • #explorepage #explore #makeup #love #facepositivity #beauty #notahoe #loveyourself #iloveyou
🌸there's hell to pay and i'm drowning in debt🌸 . . 🌸 [#me #selfie #facepositive #facepositivity #bluehair #dyedhair #alternativehair #slytherinpride #lyrics ]
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I don't know if you can call it #bodypositivity #bodypositive #bodypositivemovement or #facepositivity but I decided to post one picture #unretouched #closeup of my #lovely #pimples I mostly have it on my face but this time I had an #outburst of them on my #neck which is very unusual for me. I don't know if it's due to #hot #weather in #srilanka 🌞 #bad #water quality 🚿 or a #photographer who made me to #stressout all the time by being #clumsy 💋❤❣
🌸i don‘t wanna be heard, i want to be listened to🌸 . . 🌸[#me #selfie #facepositive #facepositivity #bluehair #midnightblue #alternativehair #dyedhair #merch #lyrics ]
danku voor de vetste zomer #bodypositivity #facepositivity
Legit nobody🤦🏼‍♀️ I sure as hell don’t🤷🏼‍♀️ so don’t worry baby 😉 I still like you for you😚 #facepositivity #bodypositivity #loveu #you ’reamazing#ifyouhateIwouldn ’tdate#beyou
🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 Paljon puhutaan kehopositiivisuudesta, mutta mä haluan ottaa esille myös nämä meidän rakkaat ihmiskasvot joilla voi saada paljon aikaa - laitetaan hymy kiertoon, nauratetaan muita tyhmillä ilmeillä ja muutenkin ilmaistaan tunteita. Ei aina tarvitse näyttää ”coolilta”, ja on ihan ok näyttää ”tyhmältä” kuvissa tai tosielämässä. Enkä nyt tarkoita sitä, että kenekään tarvitsisi alkaa näyttää työhaastattelussa kieltä toiselle osapuolelle. Enemmän vain haluan muistuttaa, ettei niitä kuvia selatessa tai peiliin katsoessa tarvitse olla niin kriittinen itseään kohtaan ja aina välillä saa vähän hullutella. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 Lots of talk about body positivity but I also want to bring up also the lovely human faces that we use to share smile, make people laugh on weird face expressions and show emotions. You don’t always have to look cool, and it’s more than fine to look ”stupid” once in a while in photos or real life. I don’t mean that you should start sticking out your tongue in a job interview. I only want to remind people not to be that critical when checking out their photos or looking at a mirror - let yourself be crazy sometimes. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 Tällä viikolla on tullut postattua paljon tiettyyn teemaan liittyen - jos sulla on jotain mielen päällä asian tiimoilta niin kuulen mielelläni siitä vaikka privaviestin kautta! I have posted a lot of on a specific theme this week. If you have something on your mind about this theme I’m more than happy to hear about through DM! 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 Mä en mahdu muottiin - älä mahdu säkään! Pienenä olin aina se ruipelo, jonka olisi pitänyt kuulemma syödä enemmän - Kyllä mä söin, mutta ei se jostain syystä kuulemma kelvannut normaaliin kasvukäyrään. Urheiluaikoina en kuulemma näyttänyt urheilijalta, koska en ollut tarpeeksi lihaksikas - Olen siis pelannut ikävuosina 11-18v joten ihmekkös tuo. Mä halusin jo pienenä olla malli, mutta ujona ja epävarmana omasta ulkonäöstä en varmaan edes ikinä sanonut tätä ääneen kenellekään. Liian lyhyt, vääränlainen kroppa, ei näillä kasvoilla... Vasta viimevuosina olen hyväksynyt itseni just sellasena mitä olen. Ja vihdoin uskaltautunut sinne kamerankin eteen negatiivisista kommenteista huolimatta. Kehoani en ole muuttanut sitä varten, mutta asennetta senkin edestä - ja se kyllä näkyy kuvissa enemmän kuin mikään. Sä olet täydellinen just omana itsenäsi - ja niin myös kaikki muutkin! 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 I don’t fit the mold - you don’t have to either! As a kid I was always the scrawny one who should have eaten more - I did but it just wasn’t enough for the normal growth charts. As an athlete I didn’t look athlete enough because I wasn’t muscular - Well I played at ages 11-18 so no wonder. I always wanted to be a model but as a shy kid and insecure of my own look I probably never even said this aloud to anyone. Too short, wrong shape of body, not with this face... Only in recent years I have learned to accept myself as I am. And finally found the courage to be in front of a camera dispite some negative comments. For that I haven’t change my body but my attitude for sure - and it’s something that can be seen in photos more than anything else. You are perfect the way you are - and so is everybody else too! 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
I've gone ahead and just embraced the massive zit on my face perhaps as a signifying feature of my face. Oh, this ol' thing is like my Cindy Crawford mole. Zero time wasted awkwardly covering it. Lol #facepositivity
🌸i‘ve been searching through the wreckage but it‘s like standing in the eye of the storm🌸 . . [#me #selfie #facepositive #facepositivity #bluehair #darkblue #midnightblue #dyedhair #alternativehair #wellok ]
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So I tried taking some selfies since I haven't really posted any recently. I think my camera is kinda blurry because I have a crack through my lens. Regardless of quality i wanted to start boosting myself more specifically in my appearance bc I've been feeling ugly and self conscious. As women we deserve to feel like there's more to us than how we look so let's pride ourselves in everything that we are. #selfies #selfcare #selflove #confidence #facepositivity (p.s. my fav. features are my eyes, hair, lips, & my butt. What's yours?)🍑🍂😊
I like my products how I like my people... • • NONTOXIC 💁🏼‍♀️
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Recently I have had more than a handful of people tell me how amazing it is that I hangout with my sister so much! - I wouldn’t have it any other way! Can’t put a price tag on blood that’s your best friend too! - Luckkky 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️ @sarahelizabethxo
I've never struggled with body image in the traditional sense, my dislike and discomfort was all directed at my face. So here's a little face positivity for anyone who has had trouble loving what you see in the mirror! . . . #illustration #drawing #watercolor #bodypositivity #facepositivity #vitiligo #strabismus #cute #kidlit #childrensbooks #doodle #sketchbook #drawingaday #phillyartists #instagood #womenwhodraw #design
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$100 product credit simply for placing safer beauty products into the hands of others... - Sign me up❣️ - Who doesn’t love opportunities like this?! #saferbeauty #betterbeautymovement
Some people ask why dark vs light skin people have different views of the word “Black” ???????? Brown Suga + Warm Honey 🍯@aokush . . . Follow @blackksugacane for content #blackgirlmagic #blackksugacaneculture #blackksugacane #facepositivity
Bbw FACE Off 💛 . . . . #ad follow @blackksugacane for more content #bbwsexy #ashleystewart #facepositivity #bodypositive #tagherifyouknowher
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Real talk 👋🏼 I remember when I use to rely on filters every single time I posted pictures. I was insecure of my skin and simply how my face looked. Depending on wether it was the time of the month or a season of my life where I was completely stressed out, and emotionally eating which lead to uncontrollable breakouts. It left me feeling completely uncomfortable with looking people in the eye! Insecure. Depressed. Shameful. Angry. Jealous. And extremely negative. Even times when the stretch marks would show on my chest in pictures I would be sure to filter that too. Truly becoming secure with the skin you’re in starts with accepting yourself exactly how you are, sister! Ain’t no fooling around there! BUT What I also believe will help you feel more confident is a skin care routine that is customized to bring out the glow and natural tone of your skin! Filters are fun but part of me honestly makes me wonder if some of the women who use them on a daily basis is suffering like I once did... If you’re feeling any type of insecurities when it comes to your skin/ makeup routine please PM me! You’re not alone in this and we can customize a routine that best serves you!❤️ #neverputthatglowonlow
Gesichtskirmes mit Fuzzy. Fragt nicht, aber manchmal überkommt es mich. Und von irgendwoher müssen die Falten ja kommen. Wie macht Ihr Eure Falten: Selbst oder fremdbestimmt? . . . #gesichtskirmes #mimik #gesichtdakrobatik #moveyourface #grimasse #staypositive #beautystandards #bodypositivity #facepositivity #wrinkles #nofilter #chinning
Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand, wer ist der Schönste im ganzen Land? #facepositivity #mosthandsomecat #iamsobeautiful #tinderme #swiperight #mirrortuesday #ipreferdeadplants
The message goes as follows: Beauty means happiness, IS happiness. All sorts of products market themselves with emotions, something you can't sell but everyone wants to buy. Bread is baked with LOVE and shoes are made for LUST. A house full of JOY and a membership card for CONFIDENCE. Laughting, white teeth and bodies twisting in desire over the item on display. Right in the centre of it all, the cosmetic industry, trying to sell you happiness via beauty. They have been nursing that idea in you for such a long time, so no need to also be punishing yourself for ”feeling shallow” Hand in hand comes every movie you ever saw, with beautyful boys and girls finding love, going on adventure, living life. Uglyness is usually compleately absent from the screen, and unusual bodies have to play out their stereotypes. But the message is much older than the agressive capitalist times we are in now. Remember all the fairy tales? It's always the beautyful sister that is the kind and good hearted one, the one showered in gold and married to the prince in the end. The other sister in not just evil but always more ugly. It's a whole culture to break free from, so I merely propose to hack it while we live and breathe in it. From the outside in you will be subjected to the story that beauty IS happiness, but you don't need to tell it to yourself. Let's start feeding ourselves other stories. Stories about undeniable worth and happiness no matter the bodies we live in. #facepositivity #bodypositivity #happyugly #beautystandards #cinderella
Posting a selfie because face positivity. It’s 2018, wake up. #facepositivity
Thank you @megggie_realness for your order ❤ Follow her 圖片,視頻下載. Her instagram is all about face and body positivity. For all her beloved chi-chis 😍
🍋VITAMIN C AND WOUND HEALING🍋 . 💊Taking a vitamin c supplement as an adult on a daily basis is not necessary and not very useful because 1️⃣ most of us get enough vit c through our diet and 2️⃣any excess dietary vitamin c just gets urinated out . ☝🏽HOWEVER if you have a wound taking a vitamin c supplement can be beneficial because 1️⃣ it's involved in collagen metabolism, which is one of the many processes required for skin to get repaired (note: collagen supplements don't work) 2️⃣levels of vitamin c can fall during inflammation as micronutrients get metabolised more quickly . 🤕Last week I had an excision done, leaving me with a small wound and stitches in my face. What am I doing about it? . 1️⃣Trying to get lots of vitamin c in through my diet - like with this broccoli, spinach and potato soup (all rich in vit c) 2️⃣Taking a vitamin c supplement every day (swipe left) 3️⃣Being patient and letting my skin do its thing. Our bodies are pretty fascinating. It's impressive how quickly they recover. . ✌🏽Hope y'all had a good start to your week . . . . . . @sophiethurnernutrition #sophiethurnernutrition #nutritionist #nutritioncoach #healthcoach #nutrition #wellness #health #betterhealth #nutrients #nutritionforhealth #ernährungsberatung #gesundernähren #skinhealth #woundhealing #wundheilung #ernährungalsmedizin #supplements #diet #diät #vitaminc #dermatology #healthychanges #schönehaut #healthylifestyle #gesundleben #livewell #gesundehaut #mondaymotivation #selfcare #facepositivity
Two years later and I’ve finally given up that snap chat filter... #loveyourself #positivevibes #postivitemindset #bodypositive #facepositivity #changes #pride #loved #nomorefilters
Today I took this and thought "wow I'm beautiful" but an hour after that, my mind was quickly changed when my "family" still downgrades me due to my weight, getting mad that I'm over weight. On the daily I get called mean names and it hurts most when it comes from your own fucking family! But once putting their mean comments aside, I realized that I AM BEAUTIFUL despite what my own family and countless others think. I'll continue to radiate my own self worth and won't let others bring me down cause I struggled for yearssss to get to where I am, to feel confident in my body and the way I look. lol I'll continue to strut around cause I do love the way I look. 💋✨ - #bodypositivity #selfworth #iambeautiful #plussize #facepositivity #natural
🌸he was pointing at the moon, but i was looking at his hand🌸 . [#me #selfie #violethair #dyedhair #alternativehair #facepositivity #facepositive #filterfotze #merchhure ]
Mun kasvot voi olla pyöreät, punaiset, karheat, läikikkäät, täynnä epäpuhtauksia ja arpia, mutta ne on mun. Ja nyt vasta alan hyväksymään ne ilman meikinripaustakaan julkisilla paikoilla ja tuttujenkin ihmisten seurassa. Eikä mua häiritse se yhtään, ja voi kuulkaa kuinka vapauttavaa voi tälläinenkin pieni asia olla. Jotkut voi sanoa sitä laiskuudeksi, mutta mähän olen, ja valitsen mieluummin pitkät aamu-unet ja mukavuuden hieroa naamaa ja silmiä, kun siltä tuntuu. Turha facepositivity räntti, mut aattelin jakaa. 😌 #memyselfandi #facepositivity #bodypositive #nomakeup #bareface
Everyone 圖片,視頻下載 is aware of "Body Positivity". But don't we all agree that the most exposed part of your body is actually your face? So why do we not bring some awareness about Face Positivity too? Being a woman in this time is hard, having a face seems to be even harder. We are either too pretty or we aren't at all. We need bigger lips, thicker eyebrows or a sharper jaw. And it doesn't stop here. Imagine having wrinkles or even worse; acne. Face shaming someone because of certain features or skin conditions is just as bad as body shaming someone for looking to skinny or fat in your eyes. We cannot help the body we are born with, we cannot help the skin conditions we are born with, we cannot help that one eye is smaller than the other or that we don't have that 'perfect' jawline. So let's start the movement of Face Positivity and learn to accept yourself and others, fully. 🙌🏻❤️🌈 #turninsecuritiesintoart • • • • Did you say good by to 2018? All the good memories and the bad ones. To all the adventures and the gained experience. Be ready to take on the new year and shine! ✨Good-bye 2018 💋 • • • • #nature #fashion #travelblogger #ootd #curvy #lifestyle #travel #traveling #fashionista #style #model #photography #vintage #whatiwore #worldcaptures #artofvisuals #thattravelblog #bodypositivity #livetravelchannel #adventure #aesthetic #selflove #pimples #skincare #facepositivity
cada marca no seu rosto conta uma história. . no meu caso, as minhas marcam contam duas: a primeira é sobre acne e a segunda é sobre a vez que eu quebrei meu nariz da forma mais imbecil do mundo - batendo com a cara na porta do quarto em um episódio de sonambulismo. . . #selfie #curlyhair #acne #roacutan #nose #greeneyes #facepositivity
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