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Next up in our #BlackHistoryMonth features: @common ! This American rapper and actor was born and raised in #Chicago and has been widely recognized for his activism. Common is a supporter of animal rights and @peta , is a part of the "Knowing Is Beautiful" movement to support HIV/AIDS awareness, and founded the @commongroundfnd , a nonprofit that seeks to empower underprivileged youth to be strong citizens of the world.
Man, just believe in yourself, be able to dream, and know that theres going to be valleys and peaks. Always stay centered and know that God is the key, the beginning and end of everything you do. • • • #Day11 #BHM #BlackHistoryMonth #OneDayItllAllMakeSense #Common #HeyArnold #Gerald #Black #Minority #Representation #Nickelodeon #NickToons #Nick #CommonGroundFoundation #CGF #Kobe #Kobe9 #KobeBryant #BlackMamba #BlackArtist #DrawDaily #SidtheKid #YBDBAMN
Reposted from @newsincerity // Common Ground Foundation Asks Youth to Find Their Spark and Follow it // ⠀⠀ Academy award-winning actor, hip-hop artist, and writer Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr.—better known as Common—founded a non-profit with the belief that education should constantly be evolving to adapt to new ideas. ⠀⠀ Common Ground Foundation (@commongroundfdn ) provides mentorship to high school students and hosts youth-focused summer camps and conferences around the country. They hope to nurture their students to become informed citizens who are active in creating a sustainable future. ⠀⠀ “I always believed that if we started with the youth then we would be planting the seeds for our future to blossom,” it says in their mission statement. “Give the children a sense of hope, self-esteem, and love that will better the world.” ⠀⠀ What makes Common Ground particularly unique in comparison to other after-school programs is the idea of a reciprocal relationship between student and mentor. Ideas, opinions, and personal interests are welcome additions from students. Common Ground wants students to find what sparks their curiosity and to run with it, whatever it is. ⠀⠀ “We have to relate to one another,” Common says. “Teachers have to know how to relate. If we can relate as educators, and teachers and school systems to the youth, they will receive it and retain it. And go out and apply it at a higher level.” ⠀⠀ Their programs focus on character development, finding a healthy lifestyle, literacy in global leadership, tech and finances, and the importance of social impact. ⠀⠀ Common knows that a little self-esteem and support can go a long way. Through this positive impact he hopes to see poverty go down and education go up. @common #commongroundfoundation
Equality and equity for all! Celebrate Black History Month!.
We honored Dr.King’s legacy today at the church where he gave his legendary speech, "Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam," April 4, 1967. @common @unitedblackout @jemelehill @colorofchange #MLKNow #BetheDream #RiversideChurch #Harlem #mlkday #Common #alexandriaocasiocortez #johndavidwashington #jemelehill #commongroundfoundation
How amazing are our students?? 👏👏 Congratulations to #CGF Sophomore, Ramya on publishing her first book, ‘Headspace of a Headcase.’ It’s now available at Barnesandnoble.com! We’re so proud of you Ramya!! ❤️
“Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.” #WCW ❤️
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🎊 🎊 What an incredible #2018 ! From Summer camp, to the @creativemindstalks with @serenawilliams & @common , to a visit from @shothechi , to Global STEM & our monthly student sessions, we’ve enjoyed every single second with our kids. Thank you for being a part of our year. We hope #2019 brings you joy, happiness, success & so much love!! (Catch a few more favorite moments via our IG story.)
The Common Ground Foundation is dedicated to the empowerment and development of urban youth founded by by @common ❤️. #TVHost : @noelgibson
‪Happy holidays from The Common Ground Foundation!! We hope you’re enjoying a day filled with love, laughter & joy. 🎄🎁🎄‬
建大站好去處! 如何活用貨櫃,貨車等等 去建設一個有特色的建築,創意商場和景點 位於建國大學站的Common Ground給了我答案 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷 Common Ground 📍 200, Achasan-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul 서울특별시 광진구 아차산로 200 🚇地鐵2號線建大入口(건대입구)6號出口,再步行約5分鐘 . . . . . . . . . . #commonground #commongroundfair #commongrounds #commongroundphilly #commongroundcountryfair #commongroundtour #commongroundseoul #commongroundscoffee #commongroundkorea #commongroundbar #commongroundallston #commongroundph #commongroundfoundation #commongroundmusicfestival #seoul #seoul 🇰🇷 #seoullovers #seoulcafe #seoulfood #seoultrip #seoulkorea #travelseoul #seoul_korea #seoulfashion #seoultravel #instaseoul #exploreseoul #eyesonyouinseoul #seoulfoodie #seoulcoffee
We’re always blown away by the kindness & generosity our students possess. ❤️ Today CGF students visited the Primo Women Shelter to distribute gifts to families for the holidays. #Giveback #HappyHolidays
Can you believe it’s almost #Christmas ? While you’re finishing up, (or starting) your holiday shopping, we ask that you take the opportunity to shop with AmazonSmile! With each online purchase, you’ll play a big part in giving back to The Common Ground Foundation. To shop, please visit —> smile.amazon.com/ch/36-4432972. ❤️ Thank you for all your support.
“I always believed that if we started with the youth then we would be planting seeds for our future to blossom. Give the children a sense of hope, self esteem, & love that will better the world.” - @common
Giving back is the core of what we do. This past weekend we celebrated our students, our mentors, our alums and everyone who’s played a part in growing this foundation. You also can be a part of the magic this holiday season as well! With your donation of $25 or more, you allow us to continue the mission with our amazing kids. To donate to Common Ground, please click the link in our bio. 👆 You can also watch a recap of our holiday brunch on our latest IGTV Episode!
Had such a PHENOMENAL TIME at the #commongroundfoundation Holiday Soiree’🎄☺️ So #grateful @amanda_yvette shared this #amazing opportunity with #Kyla 🥰 S/O to @common and the President Dr.Hines of the #CommonGroundFoundation ❤️ Also #thankyou @act_like_bart for sharing your “Story”📜#ittakesavillagetoraiseachild #kyla #youth #saturdayspotlight #bluecrossblueshield #chicago #holdmyhand #give #help #manyhandsmakelightwork #mentorwhitney #reachbackandhelp #community #holidaylove #fostasmithres
Had a blast at the or annual holiday brunch today! #cgf #commongroundfoundation #holidaybrunch #a #holiday #masterpiece
I was my son’s +One to his Extracurricular (school) Holiday Event... I’m so excited about what God has planned for his future... And it begins with the proper foundation. 🥗 ✨✨✨ #CommonGroundFoundation #FramingAMasterpiece #DevelopingYoungMinds
It's #wcw and our #womancrushwednesday is none other than the Queen @queenlatifah is an American singer , songwriter, actress producer and a #humanitarian #whoisshe ? #sheisunapoligeticallyherself ! #sheisaqueen The Queen has supported so many charities including but not limited to #BoysandGirlsClubsOfAmerica #CitymealsOnWheels #CommonGroundFoundation #Dana -FarberCancerInstitute #KeepAChildAlive #SaveTheMusicFoundation #StarlightChildrensFoundatio #TheTrevorProject
We’ve got angels on our team. 😇 We’re so thankful for every single one of you who invest your time & energy into our mission. With the holiday season coming up, did you know that AmazonSmile donates to Common Ground Foundation when you shop online? To shop, please visit —> smile.amazon.com/ch/36-4432972. ❤️ Thank you for all your support.
Thank you @luminaire for providing us with a stunning backdrop for our talk with Serena Williams and Common at @lyricopera ! #design #art #architecture #music #film #philanthropy #fashion
#nflweek10 #colinkaepernick #blacklivesmatter #takeaknee #takeastand The mission of #commongroundfoundation is to “empower high school students from under-served communities to become future leaders. [Their] programs focus on character development, social impact, healthy living, technology, financial literacy, creative arts, and global leadership.” @commongroundfnd has programs like Youth Business & Leadership Conference, Dreamers & Believers Summer Camp, as well as Youth Mentoring and Transition to College Programs. GO TO www.commongroundfoundation.org to learn more about this organization, founded by hip hop artist/actor/author @common , and DONATE!
“Who knew from the concrete, a flower would grow?” 🙌❤️
| STUDENT PROFILE | ➡️ Meet Jelani Hill - a Senior at Kenwood Academy High School. 🗯 “The best experience I’ve had in the organization so far is going to the camps these past two summers, because they have really made me better as a person. My goal is to one day have a non profit organization for Chicago kids to express themselves through art.” We can’t wait to see that dream come true Jelani!! #commongroundfoundation
TODAY. ✊ RUN to the polls & make your voices heard!! Be the change that you want to see! #rockthevote #vote
so dope...the chemistry between the two of them is still palpable years later...they interviewed each other after our board meeting last week in chicago (#commongroundfoundation )...grateful for my brother @emm_bee_bee introducing me to both @serenawilliams and @common 年前發佈
We are so proud of all the great things our founder, @common has been doing all around the nation. Tomorrow is a crucial day, & we hope that you will exercise your right to #VOTE & to help change history! #rockthevote
Who’s ready for the weekend?? Raise your hands! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ What great things happened in your week? #TGIF #commongroundfoundation
How great do our students look?? We had the best helpers on hand Monday night at @creativemindstalks. We couldn’t have done it without them!! #commongroundfoundation #artofstorytelling
Thank you @serenawilliams and @common for an impactful night at @lyricopera for #TheArtOfStorytelling !
Thank you @lyricopera for hosting us! It was a pleasure bringing #TheArtOfStorytelling to #Chicago !
SWIPE LEFT! Flew to Chicago yesterday to attend the "Creative Mind Talks" event with Common and Serena Williams! Truly enjoyed myself!💜 #commongroundfoundation #Common #SerenaWilliams
Our latest IGTV episode is now live! Catch a recap of all the goodness that was last night at @creativemindstalks. Were you there?? Comment below & let us know what you thought about it & what the best part of your night was!! ❤️ #commongroundfoundation #theartofstorytelling
Several T-Shirts, Social Media Campaigns, Strategy Sessions, Events, Fliers, and Step & Repeats later, the legacy building continues! It's an incredible blessing when your clients choose you and are equally committed to helping small business owners achieve measurable results. Creating Content, Managing Accounts, Impacting Sales with Dope Digital Marketing ...Nearly 2 年前發佈 I came with a Vision and some significant people helped me bring it to life. We been rockin & growin' every since. #TeamWDB #POWBIZMedia #CommonGroundFoundation
Common at the Creative Minds Talks Reception in Chicago!!! #Common #commongroundfoundation #creativemindstalks
Saw some familiar and new faces tonight!! Woot! Woot! 🤗👏🏽🙌🏽♥️ . . #GreatEvents #Networking #Entrepreneurs #Artists #Actors #Promoters #Agents #CreativeMindsTalks #Common #SerenaWilliams #CommonGroundFoundation
Fan-girled over our favorite tennis player @serenawilliams and @common Thank you to @creativemindstalks for bringing this event to Chicago 💖💕👏 #CreativeMindsTalks #SerenaWilliams #Common #CommonGroundFoundation
“Girls from Compton don’t play tennis. They own it.” 🐐🎾 . When a girl from Chicago meets up with a girl from Compton.... . What a dope evening, which began with a pitcher of Sangria with my Sis (ie partner in crime) @mstaboo4 ....and somehow ended up with a private, behind the scenes tour of the Lyric Opera House....and in between all the shenanigans, we were enlightened by an intimate and engaging conversation with @serenawilliams and @common . . A special shout out to Ewa and team with @creativemindstalks for bringing this event to the Chi! . #TheArtOfStorytelling #CreativeMindsTalks #CommonGroundFoundation #ItsOnlyACrazyDreamUntilYouDoIt #Swoosh #SerenaWilliams #PinkIsTheNewBlack
Nothing COMMON about this interview😊!!! Tune in to @windycitylive FRIDAY at 1 to hear @common weigh in on everything from Chicago to ACTING to how he feels about co-hosting 🤩with me one day! #common #commongroundfoundation #creativemindstalks #tvlife #tvmom #valwarner #valwarnertv #never9to5
Always good catching up with Chicago’s own @common.... • • I’m not sure what I asked him to get this reaction. Any guesses @windycitylive ? #valwarner #valwarnertv #tvlife #interview #common #tvmom #never9to5 #commongroundfoundation #free
When your girl is in town 🙌🏾 👑#serenawilliams @common #commongroundfoundation #creativemindstalks
That was powerful! Thank you, @serenawilliams and @common for showing us how we can all make a difference with self-belief, giving a voice to those unheard, and making each other smile! #creativemindstalks #lyricoperaofchicago #commongroundfoundation #yetundepriceresourcecenter #purplepurse #womenstennis #TheArtofStoryTelling #serenawilliams #OlympiasMama
@serenawilliams & @common entrance at @lyricopera for The Art of Storytelling!
I just heard about this today. Event takes place tonight 10/29 Chicago, IL. tickets available through Ticketmaster. #chicagoing #chicagoevents #commongroundfoundation #creativemindstalks
Join us tonight at @lyricopera for The Art of Storytelling with @serenawilliams & @common ! #repost @commongroundfnd Common talks Serena, politics and desire to win a Tony. via @chicagotribune
ATTN: STUDENTS You’re invited to join Serena Williams and Common on Oct 29, at Lyric Opera of Chicago for FREE! 1. Please RSVP at thetalk@creativemindstalks.com with your name and school. 2. Tickets can be collected at the entrance with proof of valid student ID. This free ticket is sponsored by Creative Minds Talks.
“It’s incredible to talk to somebody that is the greatest and is out there using their platform in a real strong way.” - @common. Monday night is going to be SO GOOD! We can’t wait!! 🙌🏼 To read more, visit this link 👉🏼 (also in our IG Story) https://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/ct-ent-serena-williams-common-lyric-opera-20181025-story.html | @chicagotribune
ATTN: STUDENTS! You’re invited to join @serenawilliams & @common in conversation at @lyricopera on Oct 29, for FREE! This free ticket is sponsored by @creativemindstalks ! To receive complimentary ticket: 1) RSVP to thetalk@creativemindstalks.com with your name and school. Tickets can be collected at entrance with proof of student ID. @uchicago @columbiachi @loyolachicago @illinois1867 @saicpics . . . . Video: @commongroundfnd
WELL. There it is. Need we say more⁉️ It’s finally #Friday , & we hope you’re closing this week out strong!! #TGIF
#Repost @commongroundfnd ・・・ #CHICAGO ! Here’s your chance to WIN 2 FREE TICKETS to the @creativemindstalks next week, 10/29 with @common & @serenawilliams ! Here’s how to ENTER 👉🏼 1. Follow @commongroundfnd | 2. Like this photo | 3. Comment below the name of Common’s character in the movie “Small Foot.” | 4. Comment below what magazine Serena graced the cover of in August 2018. 🙌🏼 GOOD LUCK!! 🍀 1 Winner will be chosen Friday. #Creativemindstalks #CGF
We are so proud of our students here at the Common Ground Foundation, & all the achievements they’ve made during their time with us. We want to share some of their stories with you all, & leave a little inspiration on your feed. ❤️ Meet Amber Anderson, a Senior at Kenwood Academy High School whose already been accepted to 8 Colleges!! | “I’m ambitious, hardworking & passionate. My goal in life is to be successful & give back to my community.” #CGF #Inspiration
In anticipation of next week’s @creativemindstalks with @common & @serenawilliams , we asked our students to tell us about a creative mind that inspires them, & this is what they had to say! 🏆🔑 You can still purchase tickets via the link in our bio, & ask us how you can get VIP tickets! #Creativemindstalks #CGF
So excited for this event!!! This great event raises big money from ticket sales to local Chicago children charities. Fun night great cause win win!!!!! I hope to see you all there!!! Please click on #creativemindstalks #lyricoperaofchicago #common #commongroundfoundation #serenawilliams #chicago #talks #cmt #tennis #icon #charity please go to the following to buy your tickets Creative Minds Talk- The Art of Storytelling: Serena Williams & Common http://ticketmaster.com/event/0700552EBC5C8D17
POWERFUL. INSPIRING. A MUST SEE!! 🙌🏼❗️ In case you haven’t heard, #TheHateUGive is out everywhere today in theaters!! We couldn’t be more happy for @common & the entire cast. Comment below if you’re going to see it!! 👇🏼 @thehateugivemovie #TGIF
“The best thing you will ever wear, is your smile.” 🤗 We hope you smile a little more today, laugh a little harder & continue to sprinkle kindness everywhere you go. #happythursday #tbt #GlobalSTEAM
Ticket link in bio! #Repost @common ・・・ I can’t wait to join one of the greatest athletes of ALL TIME, @serenawilliams on stage in Chicago for a @CreativeMindsTalks on October 29 at the Lyric Opera House! For GA tix goto @ticketmaster . Link in bio. For VIP tix, go to events@commongroundfoundation.org #creativemindstalks
@theacademy , @goldenglobes , @televisionacad and @recordingacademy artist, actor and activist, @common continues to break down barriers with a multitude of critically acclaimed, diverse roles, and continued success at the box office. Join us for The Art of Storytelling feat. @serenawilliams in conversation with @common at @lyricopera on Oct. 29th! Ticket link in bio!
At Common Ground Foundation, we teach our kids to be dreamers and believers. 🌟 Sharing a little bit of magic from our students at this year’s Summer Camp in Lake Geneva. #CGF
Happy #Monday ! It’s a new week, & another opportunity to be great. Write down your goals & knock them out!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Good Morning #Chicago ! Are you ready for @creativemindstalks on Oct 29? Join us for The Art of Storytelling with @serenawilliams & @common at @lyricopera ! Ticket link in the bio!
It’s #Friday ? Sounds good to us! 👍🏼 What fun things are you guys doing this weekend?? #TGIF #GlobalSTEAM
We couldn’t be more happy for our founder, @common !! His newest movie, #thehateugive opens TODAY in select cities! Make sure you visit TheHateUGive.com to find showtimes and tickets. 🎥💥 #happyfriday #rp
ATTN❗️VIP tickets are available for the @creativemindstalks with @common & @serenawilliams ! (Includes premiere seating + access to our post-event reception) Please contact us at events@commongroundfoundation.org.
23 Grand Slam Champion- @serenawilliams , in conversation with Award Winning Artist- @common , will discuss activism and philanthropy, entrepreneurship and her new role as a mom. Join us on Oct 29th, at @lyricopera ! Ticket link in the bio!
You are ROYAL! 👑 We love supporting amazing women like @serenawilliams , who are leaving their mark in this world. If you’re in Philly tomorrow, make sure you check out the @serena pop up at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women. 👊🏼 You can also see Serena on the 29th here in Chicago at the Creative Mind Talks!! (Tickets available via link in bio.) #happythursday
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