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#tiptuesday Did you know you have pieces in your wardrobe that you can mix and match? Take one statement piece in your closet and think of 3 places you would like to wear it to. (For instance: work, brunch, date night) Now pair that piece with 3 different pieces for 3 different looks without shopping for anything! We specialize in helping you save money by shopping your closet! You need us! Comment below with your statement piece you'd like help styling or DM us for a style session today!
We are entering a new season, a new year, a new month, a new you! Is your closet reflecting the newness or still looking the same? If it's not showing a change, you need me to come do a style audit! Link in bio! Let's go!!
Style is the music to my soul! Color is the music to my heart!
Easy like Sunday morning! Nothing feels better than A chic flowy skirt to worship in! Like this custom one from our JCHIC Collection. Where would You rock it to??? Comment below!
Inhale fashion...exhale style...and ALWAYS make them EAT in the process! Custom JCHIC shirt and skirt! Get you some!
Seeing your styling on the big screen on someone so awesome as @iamschara shot by someone as epic as @slicktwothree on a video shoot put together by the wonderful @sheridneely is a moment that let's you know it's all worth it...and your purpose is being revealed and recognized...this weekend was EVERYTHING I could have ever imagined! What was the moment when you knew you were living in your purpose? Comment below!
On location for this awesome video/photo shoot shot in ATL by @slicktwothree for Canadian artist @iamschara.. Wardrobe for the entire cast styled by JCHIC.. I'd love to style your life! Let's work!
Envision the woman you were meant to be and work daily at becoming her.... Rocking my custom JCHIC piece at #elixir I'd love to create something for YOU! Parties are coming up! Only a FEW slots left!
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