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This time last year I was in hospital with a stomach infection. It was really horrible and actually I don't think I've ever been so ill. After all the nasty operations and chemotherapy doses I've been through, I've managed to get up after a few days and leave hospital. A stomach infection however, put me in hospital for a total of 6 weeks!! And the recovery has been tough and is still on going. But at least this February half term, we are in Sussex enjoying the amazing sunshine and looking for dinosaur footprints in the rocks. I am very grateful for that. #grateful #cancerconvalescent #cancermama #cancercrew #ihadcancer #mysurvivalstory #mysurvival #chemotherapy @ihadcancer #breastcancer #thyroidcancer
Beautiful sunrise this morning which distracted me from the fatigue that I'm feeling today. It's grim to have slept well but then wake up tired. And the trouble with having so many medical conditions is that you never really know what is making you feel rubbish. Is it the hypothyroidism, the hypoparathyrodism or that I'm taking tamoxifen and beta blockers that is making me tired? Or maybe I've just got a virus? 🤔🤔I'm going outside to see if a bit of fresh air and exercise helps as I need to do a bit of gardening. Any tips for coping with fatigue? #fatigue #mysurvivalstory #cancercrew #cancermama #cancerconvalescent #tiredness #spoonie #spoonielife
Today on world cancer day, I'm celebrating being free of thyroid cancer for 25 years. And being free of breast cancer for 6 years. And I got the biopsy results from my hysteroscopy last week and they were all benign! Thank goodness. If you are starting treatment for cancer or have just been diagnosed, you are not alone. There are thousands of people going through exactly what you are going through and thousands more who have been through it and survived. #worldcancerday #mysurvivalstory #cancercrew #cancermama #cancerconvalescent #breastcancer #thyroidcancer #thyca #thycawarrior @ihadcancer
Checked in and waiting to see an anaesthetist and gynaecologist! Hysteroscopy and polypectomy happening later this afternoon. This is my 8th general anaesthetic and the starvation and thirst beforehand never gets any easier! I had a hysteroscopy at the end of 2017 and was last to go in and I'm really hoping I'm not last to go in today. The nurse says she doesn't know the running order yet... #hysteroscopy #mysurvivalstory #gynaecology #tamoxifen #cancercrew #cancermama #cancerconvalescent #ihatecancer #hospital @ihadcancer
Went for my pre-op assessment today as I'm having the hysteroscopy next Thursday. And then I went for a walk as I really need to take more exercise. I did really well in 2017 and did lots of exercise and then 2018 was a disaster with having a stomach infection for the first four months of the year. I'm trying my hardest to walk more. I went on a four mile walk yesterday and my body was a bit taken aback! #newyeargoals #mysurvivalstory #cancer crew #cancermama #exercise #cancerconvalescent #winterwalk
I hope everyone has enjoyed New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve can be really hard when you are ill or waiting to have treatment. Everyone is going round wishing you a happy new year and you know that the coming year will have moments of happiness but that it will also be physically and mentally painful and when you are facing cancer treatment, you don't know whether you will still be alive at the end of the year. I had one of these New Years eves in 2012 as I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and would have a mastectomy in late January 2013. I knew the coming year would be hard but I'm glad I didn't know just how tough it turned out to be. Thankfully I've seen 6 more New Years Eves since then and they've all been much more enjoyable! If you are facing a tough new year, remember that you are stronger than you think you are and to never give up on your body and your mind's ability to heal itself. #cancercrew #cancermama #cancerconvalescent #mysurvivalstory #thyroidcancer #breastcancer #ihatecancer #ihadcancer #newyear #2019
After seeing my gynaecologist on Monday, I'm now waiting to see if I'm going to have a hysteroscopy under general anaesthetic next week to check if the lining of my womb has had enough of being on tamoxifen. No phone calls as yet so if i don't hear tomorrow, I guess it will be in 2019. Anyway, distracting myself from the implications of potentially having to stop taking tamoxifen by going to the Xmas market with Rose and her pal and taking blurry selfies #tamoxifen #stopthecancercarouseliwanttogetoff #cancermama #cancercrew #cancerconvalescent #mysurvivalstory #ihatecancer #ihadcancer
Had one of those days today which I was seriously worried was going to end up with a hospital admission. After months of my calcium level dragging along at the bottom of the normal range, it's suddenly jumped up to the top of the normal range. My Gp and I both panicked and thought it had maybe gone too high and that my kidneys would be complaining but she sent me down to the hospital for another blood test and I found out this afternoon that it has stayed stable and my kidneys are ok. Phew! So I have to reduce all my calcium medication and get checked again in a few weeks. And more good news, my thyroxine dose was increased 6 weeks ago because my thyroid stimulating hormone was too high and my TSH has now dropped back down to 2.5 which is a great relief! If it hadn't, my endocrinologist would have started to investigate to see if I had a benign growth on my pituitary gland!! Chronic illness, eh! The fun never ends. #phew #grateful #thankful #hypoparathyroidism #cancercrew #cancermama #cancerconvalescent #hypoparathyroid #calciumlevel #thyroidcancer #thycawarrior
Happy Halloween! Six 年前發佈 today I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer knows that the day you are diagnosed is a day of total horror and shock. You just can't believe it and you think you are going to die. Six years on, I'm hosting a Halloween party for my daughter and five of her crazy pals and really enjoying life. #nevergiveup #mysurvivalstory #mumlife #halloween #breastcancer #cancerconvalescent #cancermama #cancercrew #ihatecancer @ihadcancer #cancerrecovery
Oh yeah! Got myself some Sandocal today thanks to my favourite pharmacy assistant! No sucking chalk for me this evening. It's the simple things in life, eh? #cancermama #cancerconvalescent #cancercrew #hypopara #hypoparathyroid #lowcalcium #sandocal #calcium #calciumsupplement
Got a good dose of vitamin sea today. Here I am striding purposefully towards the water in this photograph by my sister. It was surprisingly warm for October. #summerslaststand #cambersands #beach #cancerconvalescent #cancercrew #cancermama #autumn
This! "The cancer is toast but so are you.." - anyone who has been through cancer treatment can relate to this. #cancer #breastcancer #cancerconvalescent #mysurvivalstory #cancercrew #thyroidcancer #cancersucks
#nationaldaughterday - feel very lucky that I have this cheeky girl in my life and very lucky that I was able to become a mother. Considering I had three doses of radioactive iodine to treat thyroid cancer as a teenager, she's a bit of a miracle. #daughter #mother #mumlife #cancermama #breastcancer #thyroidcancer #thycawarrior #cancerconvalescent #thyca #mysurvivalstory @ihadcancer #ihadcancer
Ain't that the truth! Here's to more days feeling twinkly #roalddahl #twinkly #cancerconvalescent #feelingbetter #healthy
Well the blood pressure results are in and are not very good so I'm going to drop them off at the gp and see what she thinks about more medication. I have to say, having your blood pressure taken every half an hour and then every hour at night is not a recipe for a relaxing 24 hours - I don't think I went into deep sleep at all. At least having my blood pressure back in the high range is what is normal for my body. When I was ill in the spring, I was on no blood pressure medication and it was struggling with readings of 100/60. #bloodpressure #24hourbloodpressuremonitor #cancerconvalescent #cancercrew #cancermama #hypertension
Elizabeth "I couldn't stop thinking that the breast cancer would return." . Having already survived thyroid cancer at the age of 14, Elizabeth couldn't believe she'd be so unlucky to have cancer a second time, but this was the reality she faced. At 35, she discovered a lump on her left breast. She'd been breastfeeding her daughter for two years and it was only once she stopped that she noticed the lump. The doctors suspected the tumour could have been growing for a year, but that her body had sacrificed her own health for that of the baby's. She kept thinking “what if I'd stopped sooner?”. Elizabeth underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After each treatment, she felt an expectation that she'd be "better" but it took her three years to fully recover. Raising a young child while being treated and then while recovering was also challenging, all the while wondering if cancer would strike again. Elizabeth had hoped to have more children but decided not to as she didn't want to risk her own health - or leave her daughter without a mum. Elizabeth has been left feeling guilty for putting her family through so much. While losing her breast was difficult, because of how it affects her health, she actually misses her parathyroid glands more. Elizabeth has recently been in hospital with an infection which may have been made worse by the after-effects of her cancers, but remains confident of her body's ability to recover. . Photography by @mbm_photo. . Nevertheless, She Persisted will be at @espaciogallery from October 17th-28th as part of East London Photomonth. . . . . . #cancersurvivor #breastcancer #thyroidcancer #cancerconvalescent #cancermama #neverthelessshepersisted #womeninphotography #womeninphoto #womeminspiringwomen #womenempoweringwomen #womensrightsarehumanrights #sandslothians #breastcancernow #changingfaces #edinburghwomensaid #feminism #feministart #feminisminfocus #wildfiresphoto #girlgaze #mhairibellmoodie #london #hundredheroines #londonexhibition #eastlondon #shoreditch #espaciogallery #photomonth #photomonth2018
Another year older! I had got so obsessed by turning 40 last year and the fact that I'd been convinced that I wouldn't see my 40th birthday, that I'm actually quite surprised to now be 41!! Every year feels like a triumph tho I hope the coming year involves less time in hospital and a better behaved stomach! #birthday #cancermama #cancercrew #mysurvivalstory #cancerconvalescent #breastcancer
Me and my blood pressure machine chilling out on the sofa! There are rather a lot of tubes! I'm going to have to wear something very baggy to go to 'meet the teacher' at my daughter's school this evening and maybe tape them down as well. It's just taken a fairly normal reading so that's good! #bloodpressure #24hourbloodpressuremonitor #cancermama #cancermama #cancer #cancerconvalescent
Gartnavel pond looking lovely in the sunshine today. I'm killing time before I go and have a blood test and am fitted with a 24 hour blood pressure monitor. Going to be like having a newborn baby for one night because it wakes you up every hour when it takes your blood pressure! I'm on new blood pressure medication which seems to be quite effective so hopefully the results will be ok... #bloodpressure #cancercrew #cancermama #mysurvivalstory #cancer #cancerconvalescent
Waiting rather anxiously to see my breast surgeon for my much delayed yearly check up... #breastcancer #cancer #cancermama #cancercrew #cancerconvalescent
Just drinking my first glass of homemade kefir! It's pretty sour. I had fermented it for two days which is maybe a bit much. Does anyone else make kefir? Any tips? #kefir #cancermama #cancercrew #cancerconvalescent #homemadekefir
Rose and I are spending the next month away staying with family in England - here are all the drugs I've got to keep me going! #pills #medication #hypopara #hypoparathyroidism #chronicillness #chroniccondition #calcium #nhs #cancermama #cancercrew #cancerconvalescent
Peonies from the garden with my vitamin pills hiding behind them. #keepingitreal #peonies #flowers #cancerconvalescent #cancermama #cancercrew
Survived the colonscopy this morning! Phew. The doctor has written on the report that I tolerated a straightforward procedure badly so I think I made quite a fuss during it! I don't really remember tho because of the sedation. Anyway, they didn't see anything unusual and they did some biopsies at the far end of my bowel so hopefully they will be normal. And now I'm enjoying eating food again. Quite a novelty after 36 hours of fasting. #colonscopy #cancer #cancerconvalescent #cancermama #cancercrew
Writing a shopping list that mainly consists of meat and bread. I'll be on the 'preparing for a colonoscopy diet' on Saturday and Sunday before having the procedure done on Tuesday. Does anyone know what strained soup is? Is it consommé? Or bone broth? #colonoscopy #colonscopyprep #cancerconvalescent
Hurrah! We went to the seaside today. I'm quite tired now but it was a great day out - #seaside #paddling #cancerconvalescent #cancercrew #cancermama #dayout #sunshine
This is so my life right now! Fingers crossed I'm a bit stronger by the school summer holidays. #convalescent #cancerconvalescent #recovery #cancermama #cancercrew
Totally over-did it today. Been pretty tired this afternoon but I did get to put my feet up for a bit while Rose was at swimming. #tired #fatigue #cancerconvalescent #cancermama #needtotakeiteasy
We are all really happy here because the sun had come out, it's a bank holiday weekend and I'm not in hospital. Happy days #grateful #family #cancercrew #cancerconvalescent #cancermama #gratefuleveryday #ihadcancer #mysurvivalstory #cancersurvivor
It's finally quite warm and sunny in scotland! What a long, hard winter. It's only going to last a day so I've been in the garden making the most of it. In other news my hair seems to be falling out at quite a rate. It's clearly not like chemo hair loss but I need to try and get a haircut this week and hope that my hair doesn't get too thin! Just another side effect of being unwell for so long! #sideeffects #hairloss #luckyihavethickhair #cancerconvalescent #gastricinfection
Always good when one of your doctors describes your blood test results as 'deranged'! My thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) has been quite high since all my stomach problems but my thyroid oncologist who I saw today said they didn't make sense coupled with my t4 levels. So he's rechecking today along with my thyroglobulin and hopefully things will have returned a bit more to normal... if my stomach hadn't been so badly behaved over the last few months and I had gone into see him today with stable blood results he would have discharged me. Hopefully my body will behave itself now and he will discharge me next year. 🤞🏻🤞🏻#thyca #thycawarrior #thyroidcancer #rai #tsh #cancer #cancerconvalescent
I've just been reading Liz O'Riordan's blog and came across this quote. I've been looked after by many doctors in the last few weeks as there is not much continuity of care in nhs hospitals. I've had several instances where on moving wards, I've had new doctors looking after me and they've not been at all interested in me telling them how my body has been behaving and my care has suffered because of it. It's so frustrating when doctors ignore the patient's own experience of their body and think they know best. Towards the end of my stay in hospital, I was looked after by a consultant who actually came into my room to discuss my dose and asked me what I thought!! Such a novelty to have my 26 years experience of hypoparathyroidism taken into account. #cancerconvalescent #listentoyourpatients
Haven't updated here recently about my health. I saw a gastroenterologist last Wednesday who said I was a bit of a medical mystery. He's done a few more tests and he said his best guess was that I'd had a gastric infection that had reoccurred. I obviously asked whether there was any treatment for a gastric infection but he said no but that they normally went away by themselves. On Thursday I had my calcium checked and it had stayed pretty stable so I was given the ok to fly down to Sussex in the afternoon. Here are my daughter and my mum playing badminton on Friday. We are now back in Glasgow. I coped ok with the travelling but was very tired yesterday. Tomorrow I am seeing my thyroid oncologist for my yearly check up that has been postponed twice. I haven't been absorbing my thyroxine properly and my TSH was really high a few weeks ago so I don't think he'll be too happy about that. I imagine I'm going to have to increase my thyroxine dose in the short term to get the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone ) suppressed again! #thyroidcancer #thyca #thycawarrior #cancerconvalescent #gastricinfection #sussex
I finally got discharged from hospital today and cut off my hospital bracelet. After wearing it for 3 weeks the writing is pretty faded. They still don't know what has gone wrong with my stomach so there aren't any guarantees that I won't end up back in there again! It's really hard not having a diagnosis. I'm seeing a gastroenterologist on Wednesday and they are also planning a capsule endoscopy and colonoscopy so those might shed some light on what has gone on. For the time being I'm going to enjoy sleeping in my own bed and not being woken up at 6am to have my blood pressure taken. #stomachproblems #stillneedadiagnosis #cancerconvalescent
I'm still officially an inpatient in hospital but I'm being allowed out this weekend during the day to spend time with my family. My stomach has begun to absorb calcium again and my calcium level was too high when I went back last night. I was put on a saline drip to lower it and encourage my grumbling kidneys to work properly! I still don't have answer as to why I keep having such problems with my stomach. Biopsies have shown that my small intestine has severe inflammation but now they are trying to work out what is causing that. I'm hoping I'll get some answers this week! #stomachproblems #cancerconvalescent #easterday
Last year (pictured) we went to Tighnabruaich for Mother's Day and had lunch in the sunshine and then went to the beach and paddled in freezing sea with a view of snow topped mountains in the distance. This year, I've been in bed with a raised temperature and wondering what on earth my body is up to now! Very fed up with being ill and having such an unhappy stomach. Here's to better Mother's days in the future. #soretummy #illagain #fedup #cancerconvalescent
Another snow day off school for my cheeky daughter!! We've been out in the street where the snow is a foot deep and very powdery and been to see our elderly neighbours who all seem ok and well stocked up. I'm feeling better now that I'm not taking loads of calcium. The nausea is a lot better thank goodness! #snowday #cancerconvalescent #thyca #thycawarrior #hypoparathyroidism #hypopara #snowmageddon
It is really snowy here in Glasgow. Amazingly my gp surgery is open so I walked over there very slowly to have a blood test. Hopefully I should get the results by Friday. The dedication of nhs workers getting into work when schools, nurseries and universities are shut is amazing. The snow is supposed to get worse this afternoon and we move up to a red alert! #snowday #nhs #lowcalcium #bloodtest #redalertweatherwarning #cancerconvalescent
Well it's great to be home but I've got pretty bad nausea still which is probably not being helped by the 6 calcichew I'm taking daily. I'm back to nibbling crystallised ginger and Jacobs cream crackers like I did while having chemo. Anyone got any nausea tips? I've also bought some digestive enzymes which hopefully might help my digestion to work a bit better. The nhs is amazing at helping you when you are really ill but helping you recover back to 'normality' is not really its strong point! I'm having a blood test tomorrow so it's going to be interesting to see what is going on in my blood and whether my calcium level is stable.... #calcium #ginger #nausea #cancerconvalescent
Feeling a lot better today and enjoying sitting on the sofa and eating home cooked food! #finallyhome #cancer #cancerconvalescent #gastroenteritis
After 23 nights in hospital I am finally home in my own bed! Thanks all the support and good wishes and prayers that have got me through such a horrible time. It has really meant a lot to me. I had an MRI scan of my small intestine this morning which showed no abnormalities which is great news. I had to drink this horrible preparation for an hour beforehand which has not made me feel terribly well but hopefully after a good night's sleep and some home cooking, I'll feel better tomorrow. And my calcium level had risen again into the normal range today so that gave me the confidence to come home! #finallyhome #relief #recoverystartsnow #cancerconvalescent #cancer #hypoparathyroidism #lowcalcium
Yup still in bed, still ill with this horrible virus. I got some antisickness medication from the dr today which has helped a bit but my temperature has gone up a lot which is no fun. Fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow. Thank goodness for my sister holding the fort while my husband is away for work. I was supposed to go for my yearly check up with the breast surgeon today but had to postpone it and am really glad I did! Hopefully my nurse will sort me out an appointment in the next few weeks as I need to have my yearly mammogram and discuss whether I stay on tamoxifen. #feelingill #stomachvirus #cancersurvivor #cancer #cancerconvalescent #breastcancer
Five 年前發佈 today I had my mastectomy and lymph gland clearance, today I went out for dinner with my mum and daughter and ate a lot of delicious food! Feeling very full now. And ready for bed. #cancer #mastectomy #breastcancer #ihadcancer #mysurvivalstory #fiveyears #cancersurvivor #cancerconvalescent #cancercrew #cancermama
We've basically been in bed for the last three days as Rose came home from school on Monday with a horrible cold. She's now much better and is going back to school tomorrow. I've been feeling a bit unwell today but don't have a cold so not sure what's wrong!! Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow... I haven't posted an update on my hysteroscopy because I haven't been told anything yet and then today I got an appointment through to see the gynaecologist in December! So I'm assuming all is ok as that's hardly urgent.. I'm seeing my breast surgeon in a couple of weeks for my yearly check up and so can get her to double check the report and talk to my oncologist if need be. #cancer #cancerconvalescent #breastcancer #tamoxifen #ihadcancer #cancersucks #sickday #offschool
Finally done my #bestnine2017 - thanks for all the likes! 2017 was a really good year for me. I turned 40, did lots of celebrating, hit 5 years since my breast cancer diagnosis and we did lots of travelling round Scotland and went abroad 3 times! All these things felt like massive milestones and achievements for me. I'm also so grateful for the instagram health community which is such a great source of support and information. Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year! #happynewyear #cancerconvalescent #ihadcancer #mysurvivalstory #breastcancer #thyroidcancer #cancer #cancersurvivor
No snow here in Glasgow but it's been so cold that we've got an amazing hoar frost. I'm feeling much more normal today so it's taken almost a week to recover from the anaesthetic. I've spent the day trying to sort out my elderly neighbour's boiler (luckily it just needed refilling to bring the pressure up) and having lunch with one of my breast cancer pals who I met via a Facebook group for women with breast cancer in Glasgow. She was diagnosed a few years before me and is always a source of wisdom and kindness. There are few positives to having breast cancer but the women you meet and the friendships you forge with them through your shared experiences are very special. #friendship #peersupport #friends #cancer #cancersupport #cancerconvalescent #winter #cancercrew #cancermama #mysurvivalstory #ihadcancer
Starting the Xmas baking! #baking #christmas #cancerconvalescent #holidays
Survived 2.5 hours entertaining 12 crazy 7 year olds for my daughter's birthday party! My assumption that they would all sit down and quietly watch a film for at least an hour was spectacularly naive! #thankgoodnessforgranny #birthdayparty #cancerconvalescent #turning7 #cancermama #cancercrew
I'm home now and generally feeling ok. Decided it was sensible to go back to bed tho! Having a general anaesthetic and then having to get up and go home after a couple of hours is quite hard. All the other anaesthetics I've had I've got to lie about in a hospital bed. Anyway it's very nice to be home. They found a couple of polyps in my womb during the hysteroscopy which they removed and will biopsy. Apparently tamoxifen can cause polyps but my family has a tendency to develop them too. I had a cervical polyp about 8 年前發佈. Anyway, let's hope they turn out to be benign! #cancer #hysteroscopy #polyps #generalanaesthetic #recovery #cancerconvalescent #cancermama #cancercrew
After all the birthday celebrations yesterday, I'm now at the New Victoria hospital waiting to be taken into the day surgery ward. And feeling pretty hungry! I hope I don't have to wait too long for the procedure! #hysteroscopy #cancer #cancerconvalescent #breastcancer #tamoxifen #birthday #cancermama #cancercrew #ihadcancer #cancersurvivor #hungry
We started the celebrations for my daughter's 7th birthday this evening. Her birthday is tomorrow but it seemed a good idea to do a bit of celebrating this evening. Here she is with our neighbour Jean laughing at a joke she'd just read from her joke book. We started with tea and cake and then Jean stayed to have roast chicken and champagne with us. #laughing #neighbours #jokes #birthday #celebrations #turning7 #cancerconvalescent #cancermama #birthdayparty
Having a much better day today thank goodness! The tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid have proved to be pretty effective at calming things down and I had a much needed good nights sleep. I've been trying to persuade my daughter to watch a film on Netflix but all she wants to watch are episodes of my little pony and lego elves!! #cancerconvalescent #lazysundays #selfie #breastcancer #thyroidcancer #tamoxifen #cancercrew #cancermama
Well I posted yesterday about taking tranexamic acid to help heavy periods. Looks like I spoke too soon! It's not been helping at all for the last 24 hours! Been having a horrible time and got very little sleep last night. I'm currently at the local GP out of hours waiting to see someone. I'm not sure whether they are going to be able to do much about it. I've been here an hour already so it'll be a long wait. #hospitals #hospitalcorridor #waitingroom #periods #periodtalk #cancerconvalescent #cancer #cancercrew #tamoxifen
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It's just a normal work day here in Glasgow but I'm always thankful for every happy and healthy day. It was parent's evening at my daughter's school this evening and while we were talking to her teacher, she was taking selfies on my phone which I've just found!! She's doing well at school and making good progress so we are very proud parents! #thanksgiving #givethanks #grateful #gratefulforeverything #parentsevening #selfie #cancerconvalescent #cancercrew #daughter #parents #mother #motherhood
Early morning sunrise over the west end of glasgow. This was taken at Gartnavel hospital as I was there early this morning to have my monthly blood test and now I'm at Stobhill hospital to volunteer at a @breast_cancer_care #movingforward course. From one hospital to another!! #cancer #cancerconvalescent #breastcancer #thyroidcancer #cancercrew #glasgow
I haven't posted much on instagram about turning 40 in September and reaching 5 years since my breast cancer diagnosis at the end of October but they've obviously been big milestones to reach especially as I really didn't think I'd see either of them when I was diagnosed and had to have scans to check whether it had started to spread. Being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35 has been hideous but it certainly makes you very happy about getting older and keen to celebrate birthdays! I had a party at our local bowling club two weeks ago - here are my husband and I attempting a bit of ceildh dancing! Instead of presents, my friends donated to the @beatsoncharity as I had all my breast cancer treatment at the #beatsonhospital and still see a thyroid oncologist there once a year. I've just found out today that we raised £261.73 which I'm really pleased about! #milestones #turning40 #cancer #breastcancer #breastcancerfighter #cancercrew #cancermama #grateful #ceildh #cancerconvalescent #cancerrecovery #mysurvivalstory #ihadcancer #cancersurvivor @ihadcancer
It is so grey and gloomy in Scotland today. If it's cloudy at this time of year, it feels like it never properly gets light! Dreaming of our lovely sunny walk in Stirlingshire a few weeks back. I'm feeling more energetic today so that's good! Now to do lots of sewing... #sunshine #autumn #feelingbetter #countrywalks #countryhikes #cancerconvalescent #cancer #cancercrew #cancermama
Morning all! Hope everyone is feeling well. I'm feeling really tired today! I've taken my daughter to school in the pouring rain and now having to fight the urge to go back to bed! I'm going to sit and drink some tea and read my book for a little bit and then force myself to clean downstairs! Hopefully a bit of activity will wake me up a bit. #tired #chronicillness #fatigue #cancer #cancerconvalescent #cancermama #cancercrew #breastcancer #thyroidcancer #selfcare
After a morning with no meltdowns (!) and only limited iPad watching, we are now at the glasgow botanic gardens for a bit of fresh air before lunch at Pizza Express #saturdaytreats #grateful #cancerconvalescent #cancermama #cancercrew
I just saw this on @yogactiveyoga feed and thought I would repost. Having cancer makes you very grateful for the body you have and what it allows you to do. #grateful #cancerconvalescent #cancer #gratefulfornow #gratefulness #cancercrew #cancermama #breastcancer #thyroidcancer #cancerrecovery
Remembered to ring up about my blood test results just before the doctors shut. Both blood glucose and cholesterol were 'satisfactory' which is good news. I wasn't too worried about them but always good to get normal results. I had to have liver function test about a 月前發佈 and really tied myself up in knots about it worrying that it would be abnormal and that I would end up finding out I had liver metastases. Anyway, it was fine but the fear that breast cancer has reoccurred never leaves you. Don't get me wrong, it's loads better than it was! For the first two years after treatment, I probably worried that I had a reoccurrence every single day. Now I worry about it about once a month which is quite manageable. And here are some nice Scottish trees to distract all of you who are currently feeling the fear that cancer brings. #fear #fearofcancer #cancerrecovery #cancerconvalescent #bloodtest #goodnews #phew #liver #mysurvivalstory #ihadcancer #wearesurvivors #cancer #breastcancer #cancercrew #cancermama
Having a duvet day with this one as she's got a horrible cough and a fever. Am hoping I don't get it as I'm supposed to be volunteering on a @breast_cancer_care moving forward course on Thursday. Fingers crossed. #duvetday #sickkid #volunteering #breastcancer #cancerconvalescent #mumlife #mummylife #kidsofinstagram #cancercrew #givingback
I read recently that @barackobama tells his daughters to be useful and be kind and thought what a great life mantra this is. As it's #worldkindnessday I thought I would share it. When you have cancer treatment, you really find out who the kind people in your life are. I had some amazing friends who cooked me dinners, came round to visit, sent me postcards every week, sent me cake and flowers - at times it was a bit overwhelming. After I'd finished treatment, I really appreciated the kindness of friends who realised that it would take me ages to recover from all the treatment I'd had and continued to support me and still do. A lot of people assume that once the treatment is over that you are now 'fine' but it takes a long time both physically and mentally to recover #cancer #cancerconvalescent #ihadcancer #breastcancer #thyroidcancer #mysurvivalstory
Enjoying breakfast in bed with her dad's funny voices. #mumlife #breakfastinbed #cancerconvalescent #mondaymorning #breakfast
Bit worried that I'm going to forget this blood test so I've been writing myself large notes everywhere. It's to check my glucose and cholesterol so I'm not allowed to eat for 12 hours before hand. #misery #chemobrain #forgetful #bloodtest #cancerconvalescent #thyroidcancer #breastcancer
Delighted to hear from my endocrinologist that my calcium level is the highest it's been for over a year!!! Now it's still not exactly amazing (the normal range is 2.1-2.6) but given that it's been below 2.1 for months and at one point in the summer dipped below 2, I'm really chuffed that it's almost 2.2!! I've been taking the vsl#3 for over a month now so need to keep going with it. My long term hope is that I can stop taking Sandocal and magnesium supplements one day but it might be a bit of a pipe dream' #happiness #cancerconvalescent #hypoparathyroidism #thyroidcancer #thyca #thycawarrior #longtermsideeffects #lowcalcium #bloodtest #endocrine
Leaving Dublin after two nights here with my husband who has been working here. I have only been to Dublin once before for 24 hours about 10 年前發佈 so it was good to come back. #dublin #dublingpo #dublinspire #cancerconvalescent
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