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Day 362 - I've come to learn that the Art/Illusion of making things look easy is by doing it the hard way. #keepbeingawesome
Happy Hump Day! Can't wait to hit the floor again(ouch!) With new tunes thanks to friends. Thanks @garrison__bree for the Alan Walker rec! #keepbeingawesome
Day 351 - Week straight of training has me burnt out, but we're almost at the finish line! Half-pound away from hitting 145lbs; almost 20 lbs since Aug! #keepbeingawesome
"Cuz lately baby I've been going crazy, trying not to be an embarrassment" That start into airchair 🙈 Many thanks @memeboy.advanced for the song rec. Def a good push tonight!✌️ #keepbeingawesome
Day 349 - I got the day to myself, what do I do but go to the gym 🤣 Time best spent in the Lab, thinking of lighting and combos. #keepbeingawesome
Day 347 - What goes up! Been a busy week, late night linking random moves together, definitely feeling like I leveled up! 😀 #keepbeingawesome
Day 4 - super kick party! ... 👌🏽#youngbucksmerch #BTE
Persistence 2015 - Hit 10 flares 2016/17 - Down to 1 2018 - Back up to 9! 😅 #keepbeingawesome
Burning out my fever 🤒 Many thanks to @j0j0__a for the shoes 🙏 forever thankful, will be fun breaking them in! #keepbeingawesome
Day 345 - Probably an easy tell between camera and Note9 but not too shabby! Debating if next 365 should be done entirely by phone 😅 #keepbeingawesome
Day 344 - "The spirit of the warrior will always be with you". Rough days, creative nights. Working on 2019 poses. #keepbeingawesome
Best Young Bucks shirt at this point. Can’t wait too see the new merch. #beingtheelite #youngbucks #theelite #mattjackson #nickjackson #youngbucksmerch #besttagteamintheworld
Be prepared to try and be prepared to fall, is all I can ask for. #keepbeingawesome
Day 335 /365 - Already getting hyped for December as @prowrestlingtees merch arrives! Many thanks, can't wait to train in these 🙏🔥 #keepbeingawesome
I did it. 10 flares, it's been 3 years since I reached that many. Let's make some more goals!!! 🔥🔥🔥 #keepbeingawesome
This is a start! Going to turn this into Rock Lee's "Ura Renge" 🤣 #keepbeingawesome
Day 327 - Back at the gym for Black Friday! Trying to get a good deal on all the calories I've spent yesterday 😅 #keepbeingawesome
Day 319/365 - Stand Tall & Be Elite~ My first time reading to my niece tonight! Many thanks to The Young Bucks #keepbeingawesome
Flash Friday, here's hoping I can hit 10 flares before 2019. Halfway there! #keepbeingawesome
Day 312 - Unrefined. Scatterbrained today, let's wipe the slate clean and start again, tabula rasa. ✌️😅 #keepbeingawesome
When aaked abour #bulletclub finances, Matt Jackson comments “I just want to say in a business-sense and my family is out here in the crowd right here and every time they slap that skull-logo on a t-shirt I make about 0 dollars.” ---- Full article at http://www.ringsidenews.com/2018/11/07/elite-reveal-much-money-made-off-bullet-club-t-shirt-sales/ The Bullet Club became a household name through their t-shirt sales alone as BC logos were spotted at just about any sporting event and mall to boot. People who didn’t even like pro wrestling suddenly knew about Being The Elite and it evolved into the success of ALL IN. Chris Jericho recorded an episode of Talk Is Jerichowhile on his cruise with The Elite as they made the announcement that they are no longer known as “The Bullet Club.” This not only means that they’re rebranding their in-ring alliance but it also means they will be putting out merchandise outside of NJPW’s reach and their Bullet Club property. “Thank you so much for every time you ever bought a t-shirt from any independent wrestler ever — it’s the coolest thing to see your shirt. To see a sea of Bullet Club shirts, it’s amazing,” Cody said to the Jericho Cruise. But it turns out that they weren’t pocketing too much money at all from all of those impressive t-shirt sale numbers. Matt Jackson commented on how much they really get paid as well when he revealed that they’re doing much better as The Elite apart from Bullet Club. “I just want to say in a business-sense and my family is out here in the crowd right here and every time they slap that skull-logo on a t-shirt I make about 0 dollars.” Therefore, branding themselves as The Elite was not only a good idea because it set them away from the current OG Bullet Club and their actions, but it will also make them way more money, especially in t-shirt sales. It’s pretty remarkable how many t-shirts have been sold through Hot Topic alone, and that’s not likely to change as it appears they’ve gone ALL IN on some major indie wrestling t-shirts. But only time will tell how long The Elite merchandise will be around, especially considering the idea of big money from WWE being another viable option.
Messing around with something different. Work in progress #keepbeingawesome
Day 310 - Winding down after a hectic day(week/month/year? 😅) No matter, keep moving forward! #keepbeingawesome
Day 305 - The rim highlights outshines the vast shadows of loss.. I'm just talking about how the picture was shot 😅✌️#keepbeingawesome
My Halloween costume didn’t come in time, but luckily I have enough gear from @youngbucksmerch to satisfy my need for dressing up 😋 #youngbucks #bulletclub #halloween #beingtheelite #youngbucksmerch
Goodbye @comicconla ~ it was Hela too sweet! #keepbeingawesome
Day 296 - On the path of being "Undesirable to Undeniable" 😅 #keepbeingawesome
Day 295 - Stay gold. Even when life gets tough, we gotta Superkick its butt! 🤟😅✌️ #keepbeingawesome
. . WTG, @youngbucksmerch ! @johnmayer just put you on the map with your awesome shirt. . . Mimimph1 . . #johnmayer #jminstagramstory #youngbucksmerch #October122018
Day 263 - Have fun with it and the progress will sneak up. Coming up on 8 weeks and I'm 10 pounds lighter! #keepbeingawesome
You didn't really think I'd come to southern California and not get Young Bucks merch, did you? #youngbucks #youngbucksmerch #bulletclub #njpw
Day 261 - Icarus is flying too close to the sun. A little Bastille during Golden hour. #keepbeingawesome
Look who came to join the party! @thecleaneromega is now at my desk with @mattjacksonyb and @nickjacksonyb obviously I had to make sure he was posed correctly 😂 (@americannightmarecody you will be next 😉) I really wish there was a @martyscurll #funkopop to add to my collection #youngbucks #youngbucksmerch #kennyomega #onewingedangel #goodbyeandgoodnightbang #funkopops #njpw #prowrestling #superkickparty #theelite #elite
Day 260 - Forever making funny faces at the camera. Gosh 105 days left in the year, let's make them count! #keepbeingawesome
Day 249 - Dancing inside out. Late night gym with @kunoichi_shea #keepbeingawesome
Loving my new (to me) Clockwork Orange inspired Young Bucks shirt. It is simply #toosweet #youngbucks #youngbucksmerch @mattjacksonyb Get Well! @nickjacksonyb #ringofhonor #newjapanprowrestling #iwgp #tagteamchampions #clockworkorange #beingtheelite
It appears that I've become, as they say in wrestling, a mark. #ChrisJericho #youngbucksmerch
Day 235/365 - Sitting in my airchair, daydreaming of what can be! #keepbeingawesome
Day 233 - Giving it more than I can take. Not to sound motivational, just trying to burn more calories than I can eat haha #keepbeingawesome !
Young Bucks Print available in shop (info in profile) #bulletclub #youngbucks #youngbucksmerch #njpw #allin
Driving through the mountains with my new buds #venompool #marvel #youngbucks #youngbucksmerch
Day 211 - Started off as a silhouette, but I had fun playing with color during Golden hour 😅 Hey not a gym pic for once! #keepbeingawesome
Newest addition to the collection! Thanks Josh! #youngbucksmerch #toosweet #bulletclub #superkickparty
Day 195 - BC invades Funko! Set up a stage for the grand entrance. #keepbeingawesome
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