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HUSTLE MOMMIES ANNIVERSARY: Six 年前發佈 I moved to Los Angeles with $25 dollars in my pocket and a goal to finish school and to make it in the entertainment industry while my kids stayed with my Mom per our agreement. It is also the day I cried in my bathroom of the apartment I shared with my roommate and created the phrase ”HUSTLE MOMMY!” LA changed me because I went there and tried to escape from all the things that bothered me by creating a new life. People do that way too often and end up successful and broken. I was one of them because I lived in a luxury apartment, knew everybody, had access and was lit if I do say so myself LOL! Then reality hit and it hit me hard! I went to LA and struggled, encountered fake friends, had roommates battling addiction etc. It was hard and I was forced to grow in ways that I never was forced to do while living in Chicago. LA KICKED MY ASS INTO ADULTHOOD. Fast forward 6 years later and I am in therapy to heal from the traumas of the past 6 years (growth), have removed friends that are not consistent or enablers (vision), is leveling up in my business moves (investment), have my Bachelor’s degree and is prepping for Grad School (focus) and focusing on my kids transitioning into adults so any known cycles are no longer repeated (priorities). November 1st is the start of my new year and as I enter my first holiday season without my Grandma, I am embracing the beauty of STEPPING OUT OF THE DARKNESS AND WALKING IN THE LIGHT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @thehustlemommies AND GROWN ASS WOMAN ARIEL! 📸: @charaningram #TheMommyTheMogulTheHustle #MentalHealth #HustleMommies #UrbaomsMatter