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Happy New Year 2019! 🥳 Wishing y’all health & happiness but most importantly a year of full W’ for the upcoming crazy 2019 releases @nike , @adidas @reebok @puma @off____white. 📆 To be fair my exciting period will be #AirMaxDay in March 😏 with the @sean_wotherspoon release 🤞and new CW for Nike react87undercover... 👟 I´ll be running my campaign #TheFutureOfSneakerisFemale So I hope to see my female Gang & the #offspringhqcommunity this year representing the Sneaker Culture... 🙌 @danielagrx @collkil @itsnothollywood @giuliaz12 @melody.natasha @kellypaola1 @chelseadawna @becwrightt @jojovandalkidd @air_max_collector @lilyfanjo... ✌️ Let’s go 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ ✌️
"2018👟" HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎉 Here's to many Ws in 2019🤞🏼🍀
2019 please be good to me 🙏🏾🎊 • • • Coat @cultcollectionltd | $$off “petite15”
@drmartensofficial best winter shoes ever 😍 now the snow can come
crazyyyy to think that’s its 2020 next year what the actual fuck😂😂🤷🏼‍♀️. - also.. ffs i have this tendency of putting a load of stupid stories up when i’m drunk so err.. apologies for that, i literally have no recollection of putting them up ://😂. hope everyone had a good nye & that your hangover isn’t as bad as mine🙃. @offspringhq #offspringhqcommunity . 📸: @chelseadawna. ————————————————— jumper: adidas bag: eastpak jeans: levi’s shoes: yeezy 500’s
New year, New kicks🤙🏾
Welcome 2019 🎉
One of my Christmas present’s. Love these shoes🤩 @drmartensofficial
WISHING YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR🎉2019 is gonna be craaaazy as we begin to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!!! 🤯🎊🙌🏼 #CREPECITY #CCWMNS 📸🔃: @inbentiveminds
🌟Happy New Year! Thank you for everything! Looking forward to next year! We have a few tricks up our sleeve 😜 . . 📷: @sarahjessicacleone . . . #CCWMNS
reflecting on twenty eighteen • • • [ #streetheart #paigeinfull ]
Empreinte digit’air
@jessylaw SILVER SHADOW 🔥
last post in 2018🤜🤛 let's finish it with my obsession for orange that I've found this year🍊 ------------------------------------- At this point I want to say thank you for the great year and your support!❤ I wish you all a happy new year!😘🎉🍻💕
Love the colour way @puma 'winter toys'❄💙
Posted . 📷: @elodieptr
🗣: 2019 Mantra: Start now. Start where you are. Start with fear. Start with pain. Start with doubt. Start with hands shaking. Start with voice trembling, but start. Start and don’t stop. Start where you are with what you have… just start. 👟: Sneakers via @cityjeanspremium #stayloose 📸: @hypebae / @wdywt / @minimalmovement / @highsnobiety / @fitsonpoint / @cnkdaily . • • #Jordan1Club #Jordan1sOnly #fitsonpoint #fitspiration #wdywt #ccwmns #girlsonmyfeet #hypebae #complex #minimalmovement #highsnobietystyle #laceddifferently #allmykickzdope #photooftheday #sneakherstyle #fashion #fashionblogger #jordan1vibes #theunloved1s #jordan1squad #followme #nikeaddicted #getswooshed #likeforfollow #wearemore #complexkicks #nicekicks
Right, I need a caption. 📸: @collinslesulie
⚡️Just one of our favourite drops this year! There’s been so many 🙈 can’t wait to see the heat in 2019! X . . 📷: @rebeccahyldahl . . . #CCWMNS
" FOAM "
okay so here’s my #top5challenge , got a little bit of everything. 2018 has been a MADNESS for me, been equally the best and worst year of my life but collecting shoes & the whole community behind it has definitely given me some memories i’ll never forget. - OG ow converse - for me.. nothing will ever beat this 👟. Mad comfy, AFFORDABLE, unique plus everyone stares at them when i walk past so always a bonus no? - Absolute vintage x yung 1 - so errrr these are 1/100 pairs ffs! that’s enough in itself to make it number 2 on the list but i’ll carry on... £28 RETAIL! cool design, COMFY. ok i’ll stop. enough said. - 1460 docs - bit of an unexpected one but these look so so good on foot, stupidly comfortable, versatile & generally a sick shoe. I’ve wanted a pair for years & finally pulled the trigger a few weeks ago. - volt ow af1’s - These. Are. A. Madness. No but seriously, the materials are A1, they’re so comfy, the colour POPS, plus you can’t go wrong with an af1 right? What a way to end 2018 by picking these up. - utility black 500’s - these things are like SLIPPERS, reasonably priced, not too over the top, unique silhouette, mad materials. Plus i LOVE how they look on foot. - thanks if you’ve read this far, just wanna say a MASSIVE THANKYOU TO @offspringhq for not only letting my get hold of some of the best shoes but also for allowing me to meet the #offspringhqcommunity , you lot are incredible. Much love n you all know who you are ❤️. - okay, you’re up: @lordpiers , @rockyj88 , @chelseadawna @xmattie90 @airmaxmattt , @georgioooooo , @laurynmolloy_ , @the_colemaker , @notleonavery , @french_crep , @gregbaker018 & @william_nikelondon.
💎 #gomf #ccwmns
❄️ SILVER SHADOW FLEX @hitec_sportswear ❄️ (ft pickle rick)
Top 5 of 2018
Air Maxin' 🔴🔵
New post is now up on my website showing photos from a collaborative shoot the other week. 📸: @collinslesulie
Remember that phase like last year when everyone thought photos like this were cool as fuck Oh and can everyone not suddenly love 4’s in 2019 pls thnx - Excuse the quality this is a screenshot from my old account lol
@asiamazz 🔥 with the SILVER SHADOW
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