zoe ♡

yes this is my backup. follow me: @zoelaverne & @vspetrova “you can piss and I’ll listen to it” -haley 2k18

my jaw line and my wing can cut you -
this picture is a mood.
lmao I love her
I uwu🥺🥰
I didn’t even know the song LMAO
MY BEST FRIEND😭😭❤️ @lulbaby.ella I MISS YOU SM
keep my mama in your prayers.. she has another tumor on her adrenal gland which is near your kidneys.. she goes in for surgery in a couple months.. I’m really worried, this is a serious surgery. 💔
I love him omg
I love you all so much!!
appreciation post for my baby boy. I love you so damn much cody, I can’t wait to move in with you this year. I also can’t wait to be in LA with you in a couple weeks.. you are truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you sooo much. @codyorluvv
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