Young Rising Sons

A band from New Jersey➕➖

When this shit gets hard and we feel like we are falling you have always been there to catch us & remind us why we keep chasing this crazy ass dreams of ours. Sons family, thank you for a special fall. . . All the love to the wonderful humans of @saintslumber for joining us. 💙 ➕➖
Shut up and be happy. Cleveland, we’ll see you this evening. @thegrogshop // Doors 8pm
地點:Grog Shop
Toronto, you fucking rule. Cleveland, we’ll see you tomorrow. Ad brought to you in part by @timhortons ➕➖
Toronto, let’s get silly tonight. Rivoli, Doors: 8pm. ➕➖ . . . 📷: @wendyhwei
Us running away from all our problems.
DC! We are here. Come scream sing with us tonight at @rocknrollhotel. Doors: 7pm. 📷: @wendyhwei
Philly, thanks for a special night. DC, we’ll see you tomorrow at @rocknrollhotel. Doors: 7pm ➕➖
Our fans are more talented than we are. Brooklyn, you were lovely last night (what’d you think of the new cover?). Philly, you’re up tomorrow. ➕➖
DC/TORONTO/CLEVELAND/PITTSBURGH/BOSTON, we have a special contest for you. Tag a friend & dm us a pic of your tickets to win a chance to challenge us in a game of Mario Kart backstage before the show. If you beat us maybe you’ll win a trophy or something special (warning Steve has been practicing for months). ➕➖
THIS STARTS IN 2 DAYS. Hurry and grab your tickets now:
HOLY SHIT. Tour starts in less than a week. Do you guys know the words to SAD /Scatterbrain yet?? . . . 📷 by @probablyfrankielopes
Your video for ‘SAD’ is here. Viewing link in bio. Much love to @mtv for premiering.➕➖
SAD / Scatterbrain are now yours. Streaming link in bio. Play them, save them, share them & tell us what you think 👇. Welcome to Nowhere. 💙
‪TOMORROW. Come hang with us 圖片,視頻下載. We’ll each be chugging a bottle of champagne in celebration of SAD / Scatterbrain.
‪2 days until SAD / Scatterbrain brb we gotta go throw up.‬ Pre-save now on Spotify- link in bio.➕➖‬
SAD / Scatterbrain. 3 Days. Pre-save now on Spotify (link in bio). ➕➖
‪SAD / Scatterbrain‬. Out THIS Friday (holy shit that feels good to say)💙‬ ‪➕➖‬
SAD / Scatterbrain come out in 8 days. ➕➖
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