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the common denominator in all of creation = blessings ✨ “Sometimes you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right.” - Grateful Dead
Boundary work is some of the hardest work but also the most rewarding work on every level and I absolutely cant wait to dive into this especially from an energrtic viewpoint in my membership space this year, because this year is all things empowerment and boundaries are how we show up for our self, how we reflect how worthy we feel we are, and stand up for our power (not over others, but for ourselves on behalf of love). So I wanted to start this year with giving you some new ways to shift this work especially mentally because a lot is normally triggered the second we have to face the uncomfortable or confront another to demand how we deserve to be treated. Boundary work is also reflected most physically as our gut health and our abundance or lack of abundance. Its our balance or imbalance and alignment and misalignment towards giving and receiving. > > > If youd like more guidance, assistance and support with boundary work, my 1-on-1 sessions are fully booked for January but will resume in February and my membership space will be heavily dedicated to all things empowerment - aka those loving and healthy boundaries. or
All you need to do to let your soul know youre ready to realign with your blessings is to let go of what is less than youre truly worthy of. Thats all. The Universe will take care of the what, the who, the when, and the how- especially the how- its infinite after all. And the why... the why is you were born deserving. Born worthy. It(your blessings) has never not been yours, youve just stopped allowing it all to reach you by holding other vibrations in place which caused the misalignment. So Let go so you can rise and meet the light. ✨🌞
As I began thinking about the new year my normal habit/practice is to reflect on the past. Look over everything that happened, pick it apart, clear it once more, forgive it, etc. but this year was different, the second I even started to think about this process my soul stopped me dead in my tracks and asked me why I would choose to go backwards, I have this moment here in the Now, so why would I consciously choose to tap back in to older creations and timelines instead of being in this present moment and allowing something new to be born. Because all I/we have to do to clear the past is actually just choose love in this Now moment and to keep choosing love. It’s that insanely simple. It doesn’t matter what choices our ancestors made, our past selves made, they can come up, we can be aware of them, but we just choose love instead of the vibration that created that experience or pattern within us. All we need to do is just to keep choosing what feel goods and then more feeling good things MUST manifest. And you might say, like I said to my soul, but "I’m hurting, it was insanely traumatic, I feel depleted, it’s hard" and my soul still said - it’s your choice to keep choosing that vibration and making that your future just as it’s also your choice to Choose joy, to allow hope in, to nurture yourself through kindness and to create something new. And so I wanted to share this with you, that it’s actually so much easier and less work and more joyful to choose happiness or love or it’s branches than to choose something else. Because all of our choices are creating more things. Theyre creating our future experiences and theyre keeping us stuck. Suffering only happens when we do not flow or accept something, which shows a lack of trust in creation + WE ARE CREATION/CREATOR so we just caused conflict in ourselves thus the world we see outside will then be immersed with conflict + resistance. To be in harmony with life is to be in flow with life. So let’s just work in harmony with existence. Le’s allow it to be more effortless, to stop having to work so hard to just let our future be even brighter because we kept choosing more for our self instead of choosing our wounds. x
Every single moment, experience, connection, lesson of 2018 was scripted by your higher self so perfectly for your Divine evolution. Some hurt. Some were very uncomfortable. Traumatic. Defeating, but often the light cant reach us until were forced open, until we remove the debris that’s occupying space where it desires to be. And 2018 did just that + incredibly well. It made us face our deepest buried wounds + brought us face to face with our truest fears so that we could see what really was still not of love inside of us to nurture us back to that vibration. Everything invited us into a more luminous, softer, tender space with in us so that the Divine Feminine has a vessel to rise in, reconnecting us back with that inner fire that made us into the invincible, glorious beings we are. so that as we were reignited we could remember who we are, so that we could use that fire that has always been ours, just forgotten about, to fuel us forward. To assist us in honoring our worth fully, our heart fully, to stand strong in our power fully this year. After all, this is the year of Self-mastery + self-empowerment like you’ve never seen it before. This is the year balance becomes restored within + without. That your boundaries will be tested to be strengthened. That you will be called into the highest part of your self- the highest self-expression. thats right, no more repression. The shackles come off this year. Where fear is not an option anymore, you must rise regardless. 2019 will invoke our most courageous + brave embodiment so that we dont allow settling to be an oppportunity ever again because you deserve more + every single ounce of creation wants you to thrive. We werent created to shrink or dim ourselves or hide. We are here to expand ever more, in every way so that the Light has more space to occupy on this planet. You are part of that Divine plan. Your vessel is here on behalf of the light. So remember your power this year over less than. You werent created for anything other than that fire, that love, than infiniteness that you are. Freedom is yours ⚡️ Happy New Cycle Earth family. I cant wait for this time + space to unfold. 🌞 all my love, Kristen x
when you shift inwardly, when you overcome, when you strengthen, when you release, when you soften, when you break open, when you indulge in self-care, when you keep choosing love, you change. and as you change, the circumstances, the connections, the places, the purpose, the reality outside of you then follows, it changes too - because everything outside of you is only ever a reflection of what is inside of you. this means that if you changed this year, which I know you have, it's time to start allowing something new into your experience - to not hold on to what used to be and to welcome what now has the potential to be. And this new can only be ALLOWED in when you give it the green light... the green light being you staying present in the Now, in who you are in this moment, not 2 月前發佈 or 200 or 2000 年前發佈, not allowing the last ounce of fear from the past to overpower how much you've healed it, to reclaim your power to be worthy of more, to know how good abundance feels because anything innately yours feeels really damn good and you're allowed to receive it and live in joy in it because the world needs that joy too, and to silence any voice that isn't love, to keep letting go of what isn't joyful, to listen to your emotions and to keep letting the light win. heres to letting the new you, receive new! heres to the new you, allowing the new life that is innately yours.
NO ONE, NO THING, NO ENERGY, NO FORCE has the power to interfere, to take away, or to block what is innately yours. It's written in the very foundation of your being. Your cells offer the invitation to you. It's why you manifested in to physical form to remember you're worthy of receiving it. It's emanating from each breath, its flowing through each vein. In the coming energetic cycle, 2019 and beyond, we will be gifted with infinite opportunities to return back to our Highest Divine Self-Expression, to rise inwardly to receive higher from the world, from all of creation outside of us. To meet what has always been ours. Blessings for a most wondrous new cycle of abundance, freedom and empowerment luminous ones! May you open yourselves up enough to receive all of the gifts that have been waiting for you x
Release vs. Repress: Release is movement and honoring creation while repression is a block, its going against the flow of creation, the flow of life. and since you are creator/creation/you are life itself, you actually cause opposition against yourself, conflict within yourself and world and blocks in your flow of life force when you dont let your self feel and experience what your self is being called to feel and experience. So honor the flow. Let the light back in. Lets whats rising in you rise. Come back in to the light.
Whenever I do my 1-on-1 sessions with people I always find it so incredibly amazing. What happens is a couple hours before the session I'll feel different rays of light come in or certain energies + embodiments. And theyre the brightest most beautiful essence of beingness. and this energy will stay with me strong, constantly surrounding me + pouring in to my consciousness up to when we begin to speak. And then my client will always share what's going on and every single time it's the exact opposite of the energy I'm experiencing beforehand - which is really their higher self which Im holding space for them to return to. Which Im called to be the mirror for them to remember and see. And I wanted to share this with you all because when a quality energetically is present, most often the physical/mental/emotional realm bears the complete opposite b/c you're being called to clear, rebalance, heal or overcome this polarity in order to reach/return back to the Divine quality within your self - like this Solstice + time collectively - we're seeing so much darkness, heaviness, lower masculine, repression, and density because the Divine feminine is returning so immensely, light is coming back stronger and more potent than ever, balance is being restored + new paradigms are being created aligned with equality/unity/oneness for all. B/c I exist more energetically than physically Im able to detach from the physical illusion + access/see this higher potential you're/we're stepping in to + hold that space for you/us to return back there. After all, Everything at it's core is light, its love, its balance, its wholeness, its peace. The physical realm 3D merely gifts us the illusion of separation and when we're stuck in our lower bodies and not our heart its all we can see, we judge, we restrict, we limit, we doubt, we fear, but when we rise higher, detach, + return to our soul - we understand, we accept, we honor, all that is. So I just wanted to remind you that your highest qualities + aspects might/always come disguised b/c everything in creation IS innately love. You might be feeling not so wonderful while energetically the most wonderful things are occurring for you. TRUST!
With the Solstice here today, were gifted with a huge Portal, which opens up a gateway with in us and with in all of creation to access more of our expansion, Divine self-expression and Potential. With all of the light pouring in though, everything that isnt of this light is rising to the surface b/c it is no longer of resonance with the vibration were now being called, asked, and grateful to carry + return back to. But instead of seeing this incredible quotient of light streaming in on our highest behalf which lies in the energetic realms, we often can only see how "tough" these times are b/c of the physical manifestation of this lights purification. And with all of the wounds, trauma, and deep karmic stuff rising to the surface right now, one thing Ive been really working on releasing is the need to not feel shame, to feel like a burden, to feel too much, etc. for the choices of my past selves or my ancestors. For the choices I/we needed to make out of survival or fear b/c the times we lived in in the past didnt have access to this quotient of light which is why were now gifted with the opportunity for their release. What my soul has been reminding me is that without this clearing + facing these aspects of my shadows I would never be able to serve in the way that I can/Am now. I would never be able to have the wisdom, remembrance, insight, clarity, compassion, empathy + understanding that I do. that all of these wounds brought me here + have given me this heightened energetic awareness: that our shadows, pain, + trauma are really just our portals into this light within ourselves and our wholeness and that we should NEVER feel shame for what we need to endure to grow + to share more of our authentic selves with this world. So heres my call to us all, to stop feeling guilty for how much you're strengthening. To not feel shame for how brave you are to look at what hurts you and face it, to honor it + befriend it. To not feel less than b/c you're overcoming and becoming so much more of yourself. To be kinder your self during this upheaval of your Divinity. So Blessings luminous ones, for all that you are, light AND shadow. Embrace this resurrection + expansion. x
My favorite aspect of creation is its shape, it’s spiral in nature. The beauty of this spiral is it’s continually moving, continually shifting forms, continually changing shape and just when you think you’ve reached this highest point, the purest feeling, this unchartered territory within yourself you then get propelled in a completely new direction. It’s always flowing onward. Always. For it to stay still would cause a block in its flow and resistance, conflict. My point is whatever you’re experiencing, it’s so very temporary and to create something and feel something new, well it’s only just around the corner and you get to determine how fast and easy it comes. The butterfly always comes out of the cocoon in a different form, the sun always shines even in the darkness, babies grow into humans, seeds in to plants and flowers, words in to chapters and stories. It’s a constant evolution and ascension. So don’t resist all of your expansive states, all of your potential, all of the different ways in which you get to experience your self and creation. They each are their own season and cycle of opportunity and becoming. They each must precede the next form. ✨🌞
P a t i e n c e + T r u s t + S u r r e n d e r > > > in these places of immense transition it’s so important to remember that just because we're being directed down a new path or we're having to start over or we're not where we desire to be or we're returning back to our heart and a higher path doesn't mean that all of the things we’ve been praying for and wishing for and desiring aren't days or months away or that they aren't coming. things are being realigned so much more magnificently right now to resonate with the highest Divine will and your absolute highest potential. yes. that means whats coming has no choice but to be better than ever before because the shifts you're embarking on right now are all centered around your heart, harmony, and sacred flow. yes, that good. so keep reminding your self that the best is yet to come and just because it hasn't manifested yet doesn't mean it isn't coming. changes occur in the subtle realm first and then make their way physically. allow the universe to pick the perfectly orchestrated time and place for you. you can't rush magic. 💫 Ps. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to place orders for guaranteed Christmas Eve arrival! All jewelry is 60% off FLASHSALE for today only and I only have a couple of Affirmation decks left to immediately send out ✨ +
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