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❤️We can’t rewrite history so the time you invest then, matters now...... #Motherhood #HappyHalloween
❤️If you were blessed with opening your eyes today, you have the opportunity to positively affect the energy and growth of the people around you..... Thank you my son @anwarhadid for those beautiful words 😇💫
❤️May we Mothers, lead by example....... #Family
❤️East coast beauty....... #Fall #MotherNature #HomeSweetHome
❤️The iconic soldier costume redesigned by @gigihadid for @faoschwarz #ProudMommy #ILoveYou
❤️It’s a good morning.....
❤️We’re strong enough to face it all, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes....... #Life #WarriorSpirit
❤️Looking good feeling bad.......... the invisible disability of chronic neurological Lyme disease.... After a wonderful year in remission I just found out that my Lyme is active again after 6 years of consistent treatment. I trust god doesn’t give me more then I can handle and that the higher purpose of this journey isn’t complete so I will continue to be a voice for those who can’t be heard. Unfortunately the CDC keeps denying that chronic Lyme exists, health insurances covers 2-4 weeks of doxycycline and then patients are left to fight for themselves which ultimately financially devastates them while struggling to stay alive. Although battling severe symptoms I came out last night to support the Global Lyme Alliance because the injustice of this disease keeps me awake at night. I continue this fight not only for 2 of my 3 children but all the children in the world affected by this devastating and debilitating disease. The world came together so beautifully to find a solutions for the AIDS epidemic which started a decade after the first case of Lyme disease was diagnosed in 1972. We all deserve equal treatment and a cure affordable for all so let’s fight together for a Lyme Free World. #LymeDiseaseAwareness #WeMustFindACure #AffordableForAll
❤️Happy 22nd birthday to my forever baby girl, may this coming year be your best one yet, filled with all the love, health and happiness you deserve. Thank you giving me the gift of motherhood and allowing me to guide you through the good and the most difficult times in life. I am so proud of the extraordinary resilient young woman you have become and the compassionate soul that you are. I love your extraordinary ability to see the good in everything and everyone..... Your greatest strength is not the exterior beauty people see and judge in the world but the angelic magnetic force you carry within your heart, the thing we all feel when you touch our lives........ May this day always and forever remind you of how much you are loved, respected and needed.... #HappyBirthday #MyLove #Bella
💚Thank you to all the Dutch Lyme warriors and care givers that came out to Amsterdam for the launch of my dutch book “Hoor Me”, my heart is filled with compassion and respect for each and everyone of your courages battle against this life wrecking disease....... Remember together we stand strong and will continue this fight one day at a time until a cure is found affordable for all.... Thank you to my PR Ruth Bergmans and my beautiful birth country for your warm welcome and your amazing press to help me bring awareness and education to this epidemic growing in the shadows. @IvoNiehe @volkskrantmagazine @dwddtv @rtlboulevard @libelletv @beaumonde.nl @shownieuwssbs6 @tijdvoormax @koffietijd.5uurlive @grazia_nl @telegraaf.nl @nlvogue
❤️My whole heart in one shot..... @tods 😇💫💫 #Ciao
❤️The eyes that are the window to the beautiful soul that you are... by @marianovivanco for @harpersbazaararabia #ProudMommy #ILoveYou
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