god is just a dog that can walk backwards. this is a fan account btw. help my mild account grow. ty for 5000 followers.

we stan a fruit drink expert. i bet someone's gonna create an account called @jojisjuicyjuice edit: HA i fucking knew it.
what's the last song you listened to by joji/pink guy?
i can keep a secret, if you can.
opinions on joji's new tattoo?
joji or brian?
good morning. hope you have a great day.
caption this. me as my parents are reading my bad grades aloud.
how's your life at the moment? i apologize for the mini-hiatus.
shout-out to whoever posted this.😂🙂♥️
what's your favorite joji music video?
frank or joji?
what's your least favorite track from ballads1?
what's your favorite thing about this picture?
who would win this one? if you wanna see the one i made of brian, then check out my rich brian account @rich.boi.brian .
if you happened to earn $10,000, what's the first item you'd buy?
hi, everyone. what's one poor attribute you wish you could change about yourself?
which joji song means the most to you? which means the least?
what's the last song you've listened to by joji/pink guy? a shout-out goes to the first user to guess the last song i listened to by joji.
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