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O @miketyson me deu um soco hoje! Obs: Só pq entrei de bike no escritório dele! @miketyson punched me just because I rode my bike in his office! @tysonranchofficial @coppergel @hotboxinpodcast
Dia 22 de fevereiro @combatjiujitsufn vem com tudo! @victordavilaufc @ebiofficial #heeyy
Encontro de guerreiros @miketyson e @tomcavalcante @coppergel
Deu briga no treino hoje! Dois contra dois 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @beneildariush @marvinvettori @kgastelum @kingsmma_hb
O grande objetivo do homem é construir uma Família #2019
2019 vem com tudo! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 #heeey
Eterna campeã @criscyborg #heeyyy
Vcs acham que aprendi alguma coisa hoje?😂 @fabiogurgel @cobrinhacharles
Happy to announce my Combat Jiu-Jitsu debut February 22nd Live on Pay-Per-View!!! I’m ready for this new challenge, Gordon is the very best right now winning every big tournament ADCC, EBI, and IBJJF. but now he’s in my way! This time there will be controversy just like last week against my training partner Yuri Simoes! I love this rule set This show @combatjiujitsufn is going to be the biggest in Jiu-Jitsu history you don’t want to miss it! Who wants to see @gordonlovesjiujitsu get properly beat up? Remember my slaps are actually going to hurt not like Cyborgs! If you want to watch me slap him around get your Pay-Per-View now use the discount code #CJJFNChristmas for a special holiday présale at only $19.99 until 12/31!! At InchbyInch.tv | After New Years it goes to $24.99 until 2/21/19 or get it for $29.99 the day of the Event. I hear @joshlbarnett is in the bracket too, I wouldn’t mind finally getting the chance to slap him around! Who’s the fourth ready to get beat up? Im more than ready to give my fans again a good show, I respect everybody in the bracket, but I’m coming for the belt! @coppergel @victordavilaufc
#tbt Trabalhando como comentarista, entrevistei @officialcainvelasquez #2013 @ufcespanol @ufc_brasil @victordavilaufc
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