Nicki Minaj

Queen 8|10|18 👑✨ Watch Barbie Dreams Video Down Below ⬇️

2017 looks>>>>>>>🦋👸🏼💕#nickiminaj
moschino barbie👸🏼🐝💕#nickiminaj
ugh y’all smell that cockiness?cause i sure do 😩😛💵#nickiminaj
happy hump day 🐫✨😂#nickiminaj
nicki has a collab with little mix coming up October 12th✨💘#nickiminaj
bombshell in distress tease 😂💘😩#nickiminaj
goodmorning ✨#nickiminaj
can tae go ahead and slam a pink wig like this on her head for the culture please and thank you 🍬🎀😋#nickiminaj
thank you guys for 10k i started this page a month and a half ago ive come a long way thanks for the support 🎉🎊#nickiminaj
whew i still wonder how kim neck felt after “look bubbles”🤭🙊🤣#nickiminaj
Nicki is the only rapper to have had multiple songs (13) ever to chart in Japan we love a global icon🇯🇵⛩🌏#nickiminaj
goodmorning 🎀#nickiminaj
“nicki looked crazy with all this stuff on her head” “omg what is all these colors on her head” Alexa play the clip 😂🤷🏼‍♂️😬#nickiminaj
versace hottie🇦🇮🥇👑#nickiminaj
ugh literally the woman who single handily saved women’s hip hop we stan in this house🎀💞🦄 #nickiminaj
y’all remember when barbie and roman dragged each other for filth?😭😈#nickiminaj
when could your fave ever create a vevo record and then break it herself in the same year?never.😹😌💞#nickiminaj
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