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For those that are broken and in pain, or even if you know people that are, Cathartic Music on the way! @jellyroll615 @krizzkaliko & @therealtechn9ne
🚨 IT GOES UP TOUR 2019 🚨 Ha Ha Ha! Happy Friday!  US TOUR DATES are here! VIP packages available now at! Check back, more shows being added daily! #ItGoesUpTour • • And yes! We're bringing back #BOULOU BIGGER THAN EVER! Check back! @boulevard_beer
Damn I do so much work I sometimes forget dope shit I did some years back! #DRAMA Thank you @techn9cian4ever
PARIS! See you FEB 25th! @lamachineparis
KC area! Don't forget we're keeping the doors open to fans this week during our Warehouse Pop Up Clearance Event! New merch items being added DAILY at 60% off, in person only! We knew we wanted to do something special for y'all, since we always get asked about picking up merch direct! Important Info: Dates: Feb. 20-23 Hours: 9AM-5PM (🚨EXTENDED TO 7PM TOMORROW 2/21 AND FRIDAY 2/22 ONLY) Location: 201 NW Victoria Dr, Lee’s Summit, MO 64086
I play too much! 😄
Don't mind me I'm super hyphy when fresh off stage!
The fuckin people under the stairs sliding up and down the walls in and out of rooms and shit! HELL NAW! 😂
HA HA HA HA Wroclaw Poland tonight!
BRO! since the people were at chest level in Warsaw last night I had to do THIS RING standing up for what I think was the 1st time! Body positioning and hand gestures along with other movements insure the lyrics will come out right cause you're programmed! Any slight difference can throw you off so imagine how I felt to have to adjust during such an intricate song! I did it! #NOFEAR well, maybe a little fear! 😁
TOMORROW! We open Strangeland to the PUBLIC for our Warehouse Pop Up Clearance event on merch! 60% Off! Dates: Feb. 20-23 Hours: 9AM-5PM Location: 201 NW Victoria Dr, Lee's Summit, MO 64086
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