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Today is DREWS BDAY! So wish him a happy one below! But also, it’s the last day of 2018! What a wild year it’s been. We probably learned more about ourselves this year than any other in the past. 2018 was like riding a giant bull. But more importantly, this year was about the people around us! We think a lot about how lucky we are to have such great friends, such a great team and the most supportive fans in the world guiding us and encouraging us through it all. 2019 will be special for all of us and we got some major news coming! Love A and D
Merry Christmas Everyone! We hope you’re as happy as we are right now with this puppy and sweater that makes us attached.
What was your Favorite Song off our Sick Boy Album??
Sick Boy, our sophomore album is now complete. Available everywhere 🖤
Boy you know how to make a girl cry #hope @mattmcguiredrums
I only wanted you 'cause I couldn't have you Now that I know That wasn't love, that wasn't love, that was just hope
HOPE is out now everywhere!! Video by @thatoneblondkid This is a really special song and the last song on the Sick Boy Album. We hope this song helps heal you the way it has for us! What an amazing year! We Love you all for the support! Leave a comment and let us know what you think!
Tomorrow HOPE with @winonaoak | @jzwadlo 🖼
if you wanna hear our new song all you gotta do is turn the volume up 🤓 featuring @winonaoak and @mooshuthegoldendumpling out friday
This is the most well organized selfie we’ve ever been a part of @official_monsta_x haha THANK YOU Minneapolis! swipe for more friends @kelseaballerini @5sos 📷 @danilolewis
It was truly a dream performing on the @victoriassecret fashion show last night. I’d also like to say thank you to everyone who has sent me kind messages about the progress i’ve made as a singer, it means the world to me. For those who don’t know, i never intended to become a singer when we started this band. It sort of happened accidentally when we wrote “Closer” and @shaunfrank convinced me i could sing it and helped me cut my first vocal. Im grateful for that decision but i quickly learned singing live is a whole different challenge, one that i would struggle with for some time. I’ve spent the last two years working my ass off in singing lessons almost every day with my incredible vocal coach Val @morehousevocalstudio who has truly helped me transform my live singing voice. i still have a ton of work to do but thank you to those who have noticed the progress i’ve made and reached out, because i love this 🖤
Catch ur boys and these beauties TONIGHT on the Victoria Secret fashion show!
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