MTV Wild N Out Comedian Recording Artist | Actress | Stand Up Comedian ❤️LIVE IN YOUR PURPOSE❤️ #YoureMyBoooyfriend #BSimoneToneChallenge

When you try to surprise your man on his birthday but you in the wrong city 🤦🏽‍♀️ Happy birthday @champagnepapi send the jet ✈️ #BSimoneComedy
Good morning 🤩 Guess who was on @realsway Show today 😏 | @hairareus 💕
Life is but a dream 💫
How y’all talk like me so well ! OMG😩😂 #BSimoneToneChallenge still going crazy! Who did it best 1 2 3 or 4 🤔 Be honest 👀😂 #SWIPE 👈🏽
Me and Gods conversations before I hit the stage are so intense ! I be frazzled and nervous like “you know what I don’t have to do this I can do hair, I can rap, I can just get a 9-5 at this point “ 😂.... “Just breathe baby girl, I’ll be right on that stage with you “ - God 🙏🏽I’m his favorite 💕😢😍 #LightShow #SoldOut #YOURMYBOOOYFRIENDTOUR #TheFemaleJamieFoxx ❗️TICKETS IN BIO ❗️
BACK ON ROAD 😝👏🏽👏🏽 #YoureMyBoooyfriendTOUR #TheFemaleJamieFoxx ❗️TICKETS IN BIO❗️ 10/18 Jacksonville, FL 10/21 Charlotte, NC 10/25 NYC 11/20 Denver 12/5 Nashville, TN
When I get a man imma let him smack my ass in public then imma giggle and be like “baeeee stoop” ! I been practicing 😂😏 | Swim Suits @prettylittlething 💕
@beautybybsimone 😍💕🔥
I’m a rapper💕 | @prettylittlething
“That ain’t yo friend bish she should been told you you need to stop “ It’s true 🤷🏽‍♀️ | The diva in the car @candice 💕#FreestyleFriday #BSimoneFreestyle #WorkinMe #QuavoHuncho #BSimoneToneChallenge
地點:Rodeo Drive
When you see your man walk in but he don’t know he’s your man yet 😏 @beautybybsimone 😍 #YoureMyBoooyfriend
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