Ronnie Hanson

W.j. everyday. Lurkville u.s.a.

This is what I like to do for fun I guess ha maybe bout a half inch deep #skateboardingisfun #ouch #alwaysbrokeoff
地點:W J Skatepark
“Life behind bars” @forshurangelo haha Fun times drying the skatepark down with towels last night lol forgot about these sessions👮🏻‍♂️🌃🌧🍻
地點:W J Skatepark
Found @tinaw924 #freeartfridayeugene piece hidden by @mikeyrtizzle stoked again!! @freeartfriday_eugene
地點:W J Skatepark
Thanks @obock_barama for helping me out with some gear today on the cheaps 🤝 @realskateboards #independanttrucks #skaterats
Went and found @bpotts987 @freeartfriday_eugene art piece near my house, cool piece and I'm stoked to have something to hang on My empty walls, thanks yo and keep it up! #art #freeartfridayeugene
Like 2 or 3 年前發佈 with the boys for natedoggs bday haha @forshurangelo @zimlow @wwademusic @zachbird @541phillblunt
Thanks for the new board and bearings @obock_barama rides smooth yo. @realskateboards #skate
My latest work of art #brokencollarbone #peaceoutsummer
Need to buy my own suit felt good in it haha #fitted
So my sister @breeeeezer got to get married over the weekend, really excited for you, and happy to call @ajthagmannn part of the family!
Another good practice run from @zimlow #Squiddy daddy #SpongeBob #squidward
I used to have fun ha. 📷@zimlow #wasted #goodtimes #passedoutearly
@billy_baroo1993 day snooze
@billy_baroo1993 always cozy🌃
X ray of my new ankle lol
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