Booking - Cannonball! ⬇️

Detroit tonight at @deluxxfluxx 8 o’Clock @lala_band__ Sen & Nnamdi @sovietgirls_detroit
Montreal tonight 9pm @casadelpopolo with @adaleamusic and @lala_band__ Only ✋ shows left 🧤
nyc sold out :) sick moves coming to @nectarsvt tonight!!!!!!!! ❤️@lala_band__ Sensational The Onlys ❤️
Philly sold out :) sick moves coming to @roughtradenyc tonight!!!!!!!! ❤️@lala_band__ Sean Motorola @_fielded_ ❤️
@philamoca tonight at 8pm @lala_band__ Senmo @yowleryowler
I did an interview with @rollingstonejapan and all we talked about was how @larrykingkong looks like frank zappa
@benny_hunna & me on our way to @mahalls20lanes ! Tonight live with @lala_band__ and @portlucian starts at 8 -)
Michael the bear singing happy birthday to @_kaifu ❤️❤️
Late but “09-19” - come see the growth in person - Wednesday 1/23 @mahalls20lanes in Lakewood OH with @lala_band__ and @adaleamusic
I-am-a-rock-I-am-an-island Rock Island 🏔 🌴 TONIGHT at @rozztox_qc look at how cool @lala_band__ looks all the time. I can’t wait to see @karenmeat again today is blessed not cursed. If I were on an island I would only bring my rocks 🤷‍♂️
Hi Milwaukee the special guest tonight is @apollo_vermouth !! everyone who comes is also a special guest Art by @lacey.treadway
They pulled up in a stretch hummer and I said I’m gonna be a performer when I grow up 🥶🔵 I’m on tour with @lala_band__ @young_wrong_worm and @niggas_with_puppies and @biscuit.casual and @benny_hunna Show at Knox Uni is canceled tomorrow I’m sorry! We’re playing at Colectivo in Milwaukee on Sunday plz wear black turtleneck and toilet paper headband
new music on the way
made these shirts! you can get them at these shows so come see @lala_band__ and me at these places 1/18 - 7th St Entry Minneapolis 1/19 - Knox Uni Galesburg 1/20 - Colectivo Milwaukee 1/21 - Rozz Tox Rock Island, IL 1/23 - Mahall’s Cleveland 1/24 - Comet Ping Pong DC 1/25 - PhilaMoca Philly 1/26 - Rough Trade BK 1/28 - Nectar’s Burlington VT 1/29 - Casa Del Popola Montreal 1/30 - Baby G Toronto 1/31 - Deluxx Fluxx Detroit 2/1 - Calvin College MI 2/2 - Grinnell College IA
Hello friends! Me and Nnamdi are gonna be playing songs in some cities this month on tour with my favorite band @lala_band__ Here are the dates - 1/18 - Minneapolis 1/19 - Galesburg 1/20 - Milwaukee 1/21 - Rock Island 1/23 - Cleveland 1/24 - Washington DC 1/25 - Philadelphia 1/26 - NYC 1/28 - Burlington 1/29 - Montreal 1/30 - Toronto 1/31 - Detroit 2/1 - Calvin College 2/2 - Grinnell College
I got to do an @audiotree session w/ my friends ☺️ links to the video and recordings on Spotify n all that where they should be. Tysm @_kaifu @briansanborn @ryantheperson_ @dejon_onbass & Audiotree gang 🖤 Now I go back to hiding in my room. Merry holidays happy new year everyone I love you so much you’re doing amazing
Sooper Sampler 2 out now - it’s alotta Chicago music we love 🖤 artwork by @zeltron2020
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