rudy mustang

i invented fake news and continue to purvey it original content only

an absolute classic from @david8hughes
i cannot believe this
this is unbelievable
i grew up on a farm; these are some of our eggs from today. chickens of different breeds lay all sorts of egg colors other than brown and white like you’re used to seeing. @cowdogcallie is where i post more of the farm pictures with our australian shepherd who herds the cattle if you’re interested
lmao @openlygayanimals same same
long post but it’s worth it to have your brain exploded by my big facts
mom, relax, i’m fine
i’d follow gordon anywhere @some_bull_ish
yeah what about people like me and @the.purple.sock
you shouldn’t have to apologize for sneezing on someone. it’s natural
it’s tough out here @betasalmon
uh h- hello. what seems to be the problem dogficcer @ruin_my_week
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