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Cleveland over everything.

I swear it’s not just because weeds legal... This is the highest I’ve ever been. Crossed an item of the bucket list this morning and snowboarded the Rocky Mountains. @arapahoe_basin you did not disappoint!
Squad colder than a polar bears toe nails, oh hell. #Ifyouknowyouknow #fam
I’ll keep it simple... O-H
地點:Ohio Stadium
You see me, see the squad, it’s a gang. You see him, that’s a bum, that’s a lame. #ClaseAzul #Fam #goldenhearts . Photo cred: @erinivictoria
Forgot to post this last week from Florida. But it felt great to get a few of my brothers in the same place again. @d_ragozine said it best #tightnit
A day late, but I have to shout out one of my favorite people in the world @ytown14. Happy 40th to a legend! Love ya cuz!
Wow.. what an incredible weekend. What a beautiful city! The world has so much to offer... and I’m just beginning to take advantage of it! Every trip I go on just makes me want to book the next one. So I guess the only thing left to say is.. Where do we go next?
Cartagena, me robaste el corazon 😍
Don’t know why I waited so long to post it but California treated me well last weekend.
Oh man... where do I begin? The amount of love and respect I have for you as a person, as my friend, and as my brother cannot be overstated. You’re an inspiration for so many reasons, and I could go on for days about our friendship. But instead... here’s us in #belize on one of the wildest trips either one of us has ever been a part of. I hope you know how much I look up to you, and how much I appreciate being a part of your journey! Happy birthday @donniedental AKA #DRDONNIE ! Love you bro!
All I can say is WOW. @taochicago what an incredible venue and experience. Thank you @stephmgray for inviting @mixedbymaestro and I out last night!
地點:TAO Chicago
I can’t believe my favorite little girl in the entire world is turning 8 today! I don’t like how fast you are growing up, but I LOVE being a part of it. Such a sweet, loving, smart, beautiful girl. Uncle Mike LOVES YOU!
It’s actually amazing how you could never meet someone, never even have a conversation with them, and through music they can have such an incredible impact on your life. I legit feel like I was friends with @macmiller I followed his music and his career for so long. And what’s not to love, his music, his lyrics, and his vibe was always so contagious. Life is short. And life is BEAUTIFUL. Things might get tough, but I hope anyone reading this knows I truly mean it... even if I don’t know you and you need help. Please for the love of God message me, call me, find me in the streets. I will listen. I will try to help. I will care! Let’s start spreading love, let’s start making life beautiful for everyone. Let’s take care of each other. Rest easy Mac. You will never understand the mark you left on so many lives. I will for ever and always continue to Kick Incredibly Dope Shit in your honor. #RIPMAC #MOSTDOPE
I had this saved to post yesterday... and I’m a bad friend and forgot. @zeyadabk I love you brotha. I miss you. Gotta kick it soon. Happy belated birthday to one of the best dudes I know!
Oh boy... we’ve officially got two Restifo’s roaming the hallways of Saint Albert’s again. No one is safe!
I would say the feast was a success this year.
I was going to post an embarrassing picture of you for your birthday... But most of those pictures have me in them, looking just as bad. So I figured this video accurately depicts the past 10+ years of friendship. Love you bro. Happy born day @mixedbymaestro ! #RoomieLove #Bromance
地點:The Bingham
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