Paramount Network

Welcome to the new Paramount Network. New season of @InkMaster Tuesdays 10/9c. Catch up on @Yellowstone on demand and on the #ParamountNetwork App.

There were a lot of big surprises this weekend when @bellatormma went back-to-back...and not all of them involved @thecaveman316 's epic walkout. Catch the highlights now.
Show some respect for a Red double-header. The action kicks off tonight at 7/6c on #ParamountNetwork .
Make the wise choice to spend your morning with Indiana Jones. An Indy movie double-header is on now on #ParamountNetwork .
Two nights, two continents. We've got a packed weekend of @bellatormma. Tonight, tune in for #Bellator210 at 9/8c and we'll see you tomorrow at 4/3c for #Bellator211
Let’s leave the songwriting to Phoebe. Your @friends are waiting for you tonight at 7/6c on #ParamountNetwork .
A hometown favorite, @alessiosakaraofficial is ready to fight in his native Italy. See him in action this Saturday at 4/3c when @bellatormma comes to you from Genoa, Italy. #Bellator211
Feast your eyes on a Rocky marathon, happening now on #ParamountNetwork .
Aca scuse me, Pitch Perfect is part of an-all day comedy movie marathon happening this afternoon on #ParamountNetwork . It is a thing, and you should partake in it.
Oh, family. My Cousin Vinny is coming up in late night tonight on #ParamountNetwork .
They heard there was a big sale on TVs. Happy Black Friday to you and yours from #ParamountNetwork . @yellowstone
Embrace the consequences of turkey day while enjoying a @friends marathon coming up in one hour on #ParamountNetwork . We're not here to judge.
Happy #Thanksgiving to you and yours from #paramountnetwork .
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