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A L O H A | L I F E | E S T 2012

In 7+ years of manufacturing gear, and literally trying over 100 pair of shorts we finally found one that met our standards! Super stoked on these! #oss #ossshorts #thebest
Shaping the future generations! Great job @trxtr1 , stoked to be along for the ride! #oss #ossohana #madtiger #oahubjj
Made with Aloha, something that’s far too often forgotten in this day and age. #oss #aloha #love #osskimonos
New year same grind! Repost from @giannicrivello - In the jungle. @ralphgraciesanfrancisco
Life’s better when you train 📷 @ricacardo ! #oss #matlife
There were a lot of designs I hoped to print in 2018 but never got a chance. This was one of them!! Can’t wait to see the final color ways and design!! #oss #newyear #samegrind
In 2001 I made it my New Years resolution to start Jiu Jitsu. I went to mma.tv found a gym, then caught the max across town to take classes. The teacher killed me and at the end of class remarked that it’s easier typing on the internet than actually training. It was very discouraging and my ego and spirit were crushed. The next week as I was getting ready to come to class I got a message that if I want to quit no hard feelings I can, so I did. I quit before I even really knew what bjj was. In 2002 I made it my resolution again to find a new gym. This time I went to SBG which is now impact Jiu Jitsu and after a week of getting humiliated (not only on the mat but the only loaner gi they had was a pink howard with matching pink belt) I decided ‘maybe bjj wasn’t for me. In 2003 I decided to try again, one last time. This time I was in Corvallis and the instructor was @rylanlizares. After going to class for a couple months I stopped because my car had broke down. One day as I was eating at young’s I bumped into Rylan who asked why I wasn’t in class. I told him I didn’t have a ride and I expected him to give me the if you want something bad enough you’ll find a way if not you’ll find an excuse. Instead he said man no problem, he called up one of the other students and arranged for me to get a ride to class. This moment made all the difference in my life and I never looked back. This year a lot of people you know will make resolutions, many will make the same one they have made in previous years but failed. Never stop believing in them, I know I won’t because if Rylan never believed in me I have no idea what I would be doing today. #newyear #newopportunity #believe
Too often in life we put others and other things before ourselves. Over time this takes a toll and before we know it we lose perspective on what’s important. Our work becomes our life, we measure our health in our success and neglect the things that really matter. In 2019 I will commit to myself and my family the way I commit to my work. In the end what’s the point of anything if we aren’t healthy enough to enjoy it. Happy new year everyone and as 2018 ends I look forward to 2019. Big things ahead!! #oss #perspective
When in Brazil!!! Playing the part of @kenprimo is, @trxtr1 ! #oss #omoplataredeemer #brazil
Blessed! Thanks to everyone who has ever supported us, it truly means the world. Repost from @trxtr1 Looks like @ossclothing was under a lot of 🎄🎄🎄 this year
Drill to kill.. Repost from @yurisimoesjj - De la riva guard passes 🌪 For more Guard Pass techniques click on the link on my IG bio. #JiuJitsu #BJJ #Training #Grappling #ArteSuave @blackbeltcbd @bjj.fanatics
From all of us to all of you, wishing you a wonderful holiday season! I don’t count my wealth in money but in friendships.. #oss #richforever
@chrisdealy and jay have known each other for a long time. Sometimes they are training partners, sometimes they are student/teacher but all the times they are friends. This is what jiu jitsu is all about. Not who can tap who, who is the king, or who is the best. Sometimes we lose perspective of this, at oss we value the title of friend more than the title of champion and our company and values reflect that. #oss #morethanasport
We are live! Oss new era black!! Order by tomorrow to get it in time for Christmas!! #oss #happyholidays
In jiu jitsu and in life things don’t always go the way we want. This past weekend @laithnsourbjj competed at the 2018 nogi worlds and came up short. Although it’s disappointing to deal with losses and set backs in the end it also helps give us perspective. Winning and losing a tournament isn’t an indication of our worth as a person, having good or bad jiu jitsu and in the bigger scheme doesn’t even really matter. In life we will have many failures and disappointments but that only makes the successes and happy times that much more special. Focus on what’s important, learn from the mistakes and lessons and take time to really enjoy the good moments! 2019 is just around the corner and we can’t wait!! #oss #everynewday #isanewopportunity
In the semi finals at no gi worlds @flaviomeierbjj had a tough match with a legend in @baret75. Although disappointed I’m sure Flavio will be back better having had this experience!! #oss #ossohana
@kanielakahuanui sacrificed a lot this year and this weekend did not get the results he worked for. As a sponsor I always hope for the best and personally it sucks to see your friends lose. With that said I know that this is just another chapter in his journey, all experiences, good and bad help shape who we are and Kaniela will be better for them! Next up for him ftw! #oss #f2w #nogi
@carlos.capela has a full time job, a family and still manages to train 5 days a week and compete more often than most full time competitors. This weekend he became the 2018 masters no gi world champion!! Congrats Carlos!! #oss #champ #campeao #nogi
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