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Dad 😩😂
✈️ to?
2018 has been one crazy year for me. It was filled with highs and lows, plus I had a lot of new emotions overcome me that I never felt before. Personally my only hope every year is that I mature and learn from experiences. I know I’m kinda blabbering but I’d like to end with this- Thank you guys for all your love and support, honestly I feel so lucky and grateful. I hope I can keep growing (not even as a player, as a person) and I hope you guys stick around with me. Love you ❤️ . 2018年はクレイジーな年でした。何かと波があり新たな感情を抑え切れなかったり。 自分としては毎年経験を積んで勉強しながら成長したいと思っています。 何言い出すの、と思われるかもしれないけどただ言いたいのは、正直私は恵まれてる、皆に熱い声援を頂いて本当に有難いなと思ってます。出来ればこうして成長していきたいです。選手としてだけじゃなくて、一個人として。そしてずっと皆と一緒にこうして過ごして行きたいな、と思ってます。 皆の事大好き❤️
Okay but looks were served that day.
#tbt to the dunes :)
Today wasn’t the best of days...I tried to fight through the best I could. Sorry to all the fans that came to watch, I hope next time goes better. Huge congrats to KiKi, such a great player. Thank you Singapore, didn’t want it to end like this but I’m still really happy of how I did here ❤️ see ya.
Love you guys. Thank you.❤️
Hope it went in lol
Finals. Last tourney of the year with everyone 👍
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