I like to make music on my laptop, don't give a fuck about genre. 🇦🇫🇦🇲🇩🇪 ~Twitter: jonashblows ~Listen to “Why You Mad?”(Feat. @prettypapes Pape$)⬇️

Sooooo the beat I produced for @prettypapes & @onlyeaux called “Professional Rappers” has a fuckin sick music video to it now. Hit the link in my bio and go scope that shit cause it’s awesome as fuck. Leave a comment if you feelin it, I wanna know what y’all think.
The music video for “Dazed” is finally out! This is the first song I ever produced for @tustinarcher so it’s a trip to see such a dope visual representation of something I made so long ago. Crazy fuckin stoked on how this turned out. Huge thanks to @anthonyjosephlucido for directing this and turning it into something special, and shout out everyone else in the video who helped. Check that shit out and comment what you think of it. Link in my bio.
New track I produced for @prettypapes & @onlyeaux just dropped today. Go play that shit and get to bounce. Check the link in my bio.
My best friend @tustinarcher just released his first song and I couldn’t be happier! This is literally the second beat I ever made so seeing it see the light of day has got me crazy fuckin stoked! It’d me the world to us if you gave it a listen. Comment what you think about this shit! Links up in mah bio.
The new track I produced for my boy @prettypapes just dropped today and it’s got me craaaaazy fuckin stoked!!! It’s called “Juice” and is for every mofucka from OC. If you from juice county you better bump this shit all day and rep yo hood right. 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊
地點:Orange County
New track with @prettypapes available everywhere!!! Really fuckin stoked on how this shit turned out. Go take a listen or ya summer gonna suck balls. Link in tha bio. Cover art by @jadeteran
Decided to remaster an older track of mine and release it on all platforms. Really wanna thank @coolcuffee for laying down some fuckin amazing vocals that added so much emotion to the track. Also gotta thank the crazy talented @jadeteran for the cover art.
New track up on Spotify, Apple Music and all dat shit! Really wanted to thank @tustinarcher & @tajahkel for doing their thing on the track. Cover art by @jadeteran
Soooooo a 月前發佈 I had a heart attack in the middle of the night and it was hands down the scariest most painful experience I've ever had. All in all it's made me appreciate life a shit ton more and gain a lot more discipline. Anyway this track I made in response to the whole thing. I hope everyone out there is going after their passions day in and day out otherwise you might just die feeing unfulfilled. 📸 @jadeteran
Just posted a new track on my soundcloud. It's kinda my own take on house. Shout out to @djyvvx for workin on the beat wit me. Now go scope dat shit and play it loud as fuck! Cover art by ze talented @jadeteran
Finally got some new shit out. Really stoked on this track. So thankful to get @kidcuffee & @mo_nary_mo_problems on it. You guys killed it. Cover art done by my fucking rad girlfriend @jadeteran
Shoutout to @jadeteran for actually managing to make Smalls look pretty cool. His freestyle over my set was sorta kinda lit, I guess.
Weed makes me happy.📸@jadeteran
Twistin knobs, pushin buttons. 📸@jadeteran
YOOOO!!!! I'm crazy fucking stoked right now. @tustinarcher Finally released his EP. It's called "Closet" and is composed of some of my first productions ever. Anyway it'd mean the fucking world to me if you listened and lemme know what you think. Cover art by @jadeteran
Our first show was fuckin awesome! Can't wait to do that shit again. 📸 @jadeteran
Dash lookin dapper
Just finished up the first track in our new apartment and it's definitely the heaviest shit I've ever made. Go listen, or don't.
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