Gegard Mousasi

Mousasi is a professional Armenian Dutch mixed martial artist and kickboxer.

Happy new year
I was very happy with my last win. I’m still in training and using the Body Analyzer Scale to track my body fat, muscle mass, bone density and water weight. It’s so valuable. Pick one up for 60% off today with my code “Gerard” at
Thank you fighting netwerk magazine and Rings
With my good friends Armen and Georgio Petrosyan in Milan
I had an great experience checking my weight thanks to the @vitagoods Body Analyzer! It measures my weight, body fat, bone mass, muscle mass & water weight! Pick one up here to track your body comp for 60% off at use the code “gegard
Op donderdag 4 oktober schuif ik om 14.30 uur aan in #talkshowFRITS ! Ik mag 10 plekken in het publiek weggeven, mail snel naar
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