Kevin Lee

#25toLife For business:

@dcblackkobra imma bring you Iaquinta head as a gift December 15th. Y’all help me wish this man a happy 44, He helps every person he come across without ever asking for anything back.
Official. I’m just praying he show up
I can’t wait for this one. Another main event in Milwaukee on the last ever big @foxtv card before @ufc makes the switch to @espn. Imma fucking embarrass Iaquinta in front of millions of people. If you don’t know bout me by now, let me work, bet you will after December 15th. Ask somebody, it’s time to eat #25toLife #MTP #ufcmilwaukee #ufconfox31
If someone is sensitive and can’t handle criticism then they shouldn’t be in the spotlight. You have a choice whether you want to be in the public eye or not. You can’t get all the glory and positives from the game and then complain when negatives come your way. I think going after anybody’s family is 100% crossing the line UNLESS they cross that line themselves. If you want something personal keep it personal, and what’s public is public, you don’t get to have a cake and eat it too. Fuck that
stay ready for anything #UFC229 #TheVest @caa_combatsports
This after a fight in 2016. @khabib_nurmagomedov I been on your head
“I’m only 25 but I’m Motown 25, bet you I get a statue in my hometown when I die” - @chancetherapper
Life is crazy. Sometimes it really feels like a whirlwind. Each day I just try to be better and better. I do shit that I know I don’t know how to do, I fuck up, and then I do it again. I truly appreciate every single person that’s on this ride with me. This dude behind me is how I’m feeling today. Fuck it (this a old pic) #25toLife
地點:Lake Tahoe
Every day I wake up and I work towards perfecting my fucking craft and what I do. Mfers been hating me since I started doing this but I bet you can’t find the man who can stop me. My life is nothing but dedication, ask somebody who really know me. I’ve been letting the rest of these guys in the division have they little shine for a second because next time you see me imma show again I’m on a different level. You don’t see any of these cowards but my name in they mouth for a reason #25toLife
You boys need jewels to look this good #NothingOnMe #UFC226 #DapperScrappers @joejitsu @chrisjohnmillington
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