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@hdacademies putting these future champs through the workout of theirs lives #trainhard congratulations to all 3 of these guys i tried to break them and they just kept coming. #thebesthandsdown and new newest #blackbelts Blackbelt is not just a belt its a mindset, carry this with you in everything you do. #blackbeltattitude #MVPTV @lukeknight93 @michaelpage.tv @mvpappareal @myproteinuk
Today travelled up to #hemmersgym with @alfierdavis and we trained alongside some great fights in the historical, and world renowned kickboxing gym with head coach @nickhemmers sparring with the likes of @harut_grigorian @Maratgregorian @bellatormma @paradigmsm @shootfightersofficial @myproteinuk @michaelpage.tv @mvpappareal #MVPTV #mma #kickboxing
Fun day today working with the beautiful @jessimbengue for @hiphopldn hitting up all the @hiphopbrunchldn venues. If you dont know then get to know The best brunch events in the world #MVPTV #hiphop #londonvibes
Another sneek peek of a great interview with @richardblackwood and @jmovieman check the full interview out in the bio @fortheculture_tv
I didn't realise how much this one man has affected my life until i just heard the horrible news of his passing today. One thing thats amazing about being a child is you have no limitations, you believe you can do and be anyone, over time life, schools, social acceptance, pier groups, jobs etc almost force you to put limitations on what you can be or achieve. Stan Lee's stories of superheros in costumes saving the world from all different backgrounds, was not only just enertaining but was inspirational. In a world thats constantly telling you what you can and can't do, Stan Lee's comic's and movie's Do the exact opposite and brings out the child in you that is capable of doing absolutely anything. So than you Stan Lee for your input in my life from a very young age until today for your amazing and inspirational stories Rest in peace Sending my love and repect to your nearest and dearest for the pain they are going through. @marvel @marvelstudios @therealstanlee #MVPTV
Was a pleasure being on @fortheculture_tv being interviewed by @jmovieman and @richardblackwood id say is easily one of my best interviews. We clicked immediately and it just felt like i was talking to my home boys. Click the link in the bio and check out the full interview. @shootfightersofficial @paradigmsm @bellatormma @portobelloshack #Afiwiting @michaelpage.tv @mvpappareal @kenningwellutdfc #MVPTV #Teamvenom
Shout out to @w_l_m_c for coming to my Restaurant @portobelloshack #Afiwiting @michaelpage.tv @mvpappareal Came and enjoyed the magic of @ziggydachef33 #fullflavorbehavior
Real vibes at @portobelloshack a Carribean Resturant like no other @ziggydachef33 @vintagefranco #redstripe #MVPTV Come down to our opening event Tuesday, October 30th 272 Portobello road W10 5TY
Happy birthday to my brother from another mother @cnelly7 He has been a massive support for me in my career and personal life so far and I love and respect this man more than he knows. Great character, Personality and family ethics. Wishing you and amazing birthday and another successful year 🍻 #Teamvenom #Ateam #MVPTV
I have much respect for anyone that stands up to big organisation when they feel wronged "If you dont stand for something, you'll fall for anything" @khabib_nurmogomebov is completely right to feel let down by the @ufc There is a massive double standard and it should be rectified. #factsarefacts I by no means agree with what happened after this fight but in the same way I don't agree with what happened with the bus incident. If you allow one person to get away with it you can't be shocked when more incidents like this start happening. #MVPTV
#realrecognizereal @richardblackwood someone that paved the way for UK comedy, A person that i watched growing up from his set on The Real McCoy to his hits on the Music channels Was a massive pleasure to spend time with him and @jmovieman today #MVPTV
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