THAT guy

Father to 3 awesome kids. BELLATOR. Happiest fella I know on a daily basis. ½ Irish ½ Italia 100% Midwest hillbilly

Love it. Thanks for the shipment, boys. @ecosciencesco #KeepEmComing
29 months after she fell through a plate glass window, my little girl is a case study for ulnar nerve repair and transplant. She just turned 8, November 13th and piano is part of her rehab. My 🐞. My ❤️.
My 🐞 is so proud of me. Final home game of 18-19 season. We earned it.
Not to be out done by @kjpesceartist , my good frenemy @drewl76 crafted up this gem. Thanks, Drew. Hope you ran out of gas on the way back to Chicago.
Artwork by @kjpesceartist really incredible work. Flattered.
Still bored and rehabbing from this last camp so I decided to tear out my kitchen. Granite & subway tile are ordered. Had to change to undermount sink which means I had to modify the cabinet. Kinda fun and kept my interest. Until granite gets here, washing dishes in bath tub!
Got bored so decided to build this dog crate for Z. She seems to like it. Still have to stain it obviously but pretty happy overall with how it came out. I looked online for something similar as a model, it was around $1300!!! I built this for $57 in materials and it took about 7-8 work hours
Soooo, I just reached 100k "followers" on the Twitter. To celebrate, in going to eat an entire order of deep fried banana peppers while carefully dipping each one in ranch. Yes, I'll wash it down with an old style draft. #SimpleManIsPlayingOnTheMusicMachineAlso
You win and you lose. Love all of y'all including my haters!
Please, allow me to fanboy out right quick. Thanks for the follow, lil buddy. #Starlord
For all you athletes out there that have used ice massages before, I've been using this cryoball from @recoupfitness this camp. Saves the mess of melted ice and provides a rolling massage to wherever you're sore. It's legit. Give it a gander. It won't, however, erase Edward's bad tattoos.
Yessir. @ecosciencesco
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