Leo & Lola

🐶Leo & Lola 🐕Show Cocker Spaniel 🎂Leo 2 years🍰Lola 10 months 🏡Northern Ireland ❤️Full-time cuties 📸We love: muddy puddles, long naps, cuddles & posing

Oh my pawz human, look what Leo did 👀 just when you think Lola’s grown out of puppy mischief 😈🐾❤️
Happy Friday eve ❤️🐾 a throwback of pupper Leo to start your weekend out right 😍😩🐶
Is my bum really that big?! 😲 I am not happy with this icing version of me 🤣🐶❤️🐾
地點:Aviva Stadium
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