fish ‘n’ nuts

.。.:*・☆ ˚✧₊・* :.。.。:*☆

m-mozart? 🥺 — @sushitrash [second bit rendered a little laggy]
give 🤲me😺☝️reasons 💬 we should be 🗣complete👥😻 you👉😼should be with 🤝 him🐶 i can’t ❌ compete 🥇😿😾
bentleys n beerbongs any1??🏃🏻 [ @postmalone ]
beauty called, she said she wanted her son back — @nopalitoss 🌬
[ back on his bullshit ] — @sushitrash ..i am so fucking excited for ballads 1
"let yuh nuts hang" [ @sushitrash ] ac noah.aep (edited)
sadder than a half eaten can of ravioli
felt the raindrops on his face — ac: @ardour__
the man that reportedly did THAT - a remake of an old vs edit that i made on the 12th of july 2017 — my audio
did someone say model? [ @rossbutler ] ac: @r.osify
hottie thottie [videostar] made this on the train going to my showjumping comp :P
uhh time stands still when i'm mesmerised by your beauty
a pretty girl 🌸
some swedish guy shows us what's in his closet ib: @slvtae
my woman [ @nikizefanya ] — collab part
the stars be jealous of how bright he shines
..and then i said, "i thought crying was for losers" dt: elli @pewdsaddicted ac: citric.zauwii
you. are. so. beautiful.
i hope he knows his smile is beautiful +ty for 3k
i mean he's pretty cute i guess
fear & misery +there are so many mistakes in this
it was all too much
my only compass
my mf man with a mouth full of bread [@sushitrash ]
can you not be so beautiful? dt; @vangadot
we can't hear you
that's that
close ups dt; @utekkii + @pewdsaddicted