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Fun fact. I had to wear this jacket over my shirt because I’d put on too much muscle since wearing that and my other jacket that they wouldn’t fit. If one of those buttons blew off they would have killed someone! @ironskyfilm
There have been a few moments in my life that have changed my direction in which I am travelling, and this was one of them! Four 年前發佈 I had a career-changing injury that left me unable to compete or train in Jiu-jitsu for at least 18 months. I knew I would never have the same mobility again. This forced me to look for something equally, if not more, challenging to peruse as a passion. And I found that in acting when a very generous director and producer decided to take a chance on a very green actor. They gave me a big role in a 30mil dollar feature film shot in Belgium. I had four weeks to prepare for this role and I gave it all I had. And with the help of Timo, German Actor Udo Kier and the rest of the crew I was able to do as well as I possibly could at that time. Years went by since filming. I was able to return to Jiu-jitsu after using the money I made from filming to fix me knee. I was also lucky enough to build a website that helped me take my coaching to a worldwide level. Helping over 10,000 people learning Jiu-jitsu much faster. And finally last night we had the Fan Premier in Finland. And I have to say I’ve never experienced something like that in my life. The people involved and fans that came to watch had an energy and kindness to them that will stick with me till I die. This really lit a fire under my ass to get me to get this American Visa finished and start making more movies and continuing to evolve as and actor and human. I know a lot of you get frustrated with some of my posts, some are here for BJJ, some are here for my acting and others here for aesthetically pleasing booty 😉 and I can’t cater to all just yet. But there will be a time all three can be together! (If you just pictured my naked ass doing bjj in a movie, then you’re sick! But that’s exactly what I’m talking about 😜). Regardless, Thank you for being here with me on this journey! And things are only getting started! Ossss 😘 @ironskyfilm #ironsky #thecomingrace #kitdale #bjj #acting #film #passion #australia #america #sag
I love these little punks 😍😍😍 fun fact. Masons wrote this himself. With the help of his mum putting dots for him to follow👏👏 @katie_dale_ @adam_dale8
With the legend Udo Kier... @ironskyfilm #ironsky
There will come a time in your life, when running isn’t an option anymore... when you’ve completely exhausted every excuse you have... when the hour of destiny is at hand... When that time comes, tilt your head forward, look it right in the eyes.. and say “let’s get it on bitch!” You’re made up of stardust you bad ass mother fuckers! Now show the universe who you really are, and what you were destined to do! P.s I may have just watched the new Spider-Man trailer. So I’m a little amped right now! But fuck it! Go kill it!!!!
Tag who the fuck wrote this!!!! #ibjjf #bjj #lowkeyscared #lowkeyturnedon
This is the coolest thing on the gram right now! #retro #nintendo
I moustache you a question... Should I grow one out again? #moustache #creepy
I am.. the Laawwww
This is my 10 year post. Well technically it’s like 12 but I don’t have many pictures to go off. So here it is. Same human. Just a much bigger Dong! On a serious note I can’t even compare myself to myself then. I had some serious issues that I covered up with alcohol, caffein and escapism. Now I just cover them with Kombucha and Crossword Puzzles
No I’m NOT preparing for an MMA fight or Boxing... Just preparing for a Street Fight!! First person who bags my technique gets @johnwayneparr kicked in the bum chin! Thanks @eddiearrazola for the help. If you’re in LA and want some work go see him. Special thanks to @hollsbarksfitness for the amazing cinematography 😂
FINLAND! 🇫🇮 I’m flying in tomorrow night from LA for the @ironskyfilm Fan Premier! Come say hi! Tag someone in Finland I should probably avoid!!! #finland #helsinki #ironsky #kitdale
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