👑 Millennial Diva 👑 New Single “Better To Have Loved” Available Now

Hey luuuuuvs 💋
Tonight we spill all kinds of TEA. 😏🔥 I’m on #wwhl with @kandi at 11/10c on @bravotv. Enjoy!
Chitown loooooove with my baby @nhibbbs 😍😍😍😍
Dope time at the @wgci panel!! Hope everybody that came felt like they got something from it 💋
I’m soooooo happy!! I thought I’d share my joy with y’all!!!! Never let a mf tear you down, YOU WAS BORN TO SHINE AND THEY CANT TAKE ITTTT. now get into it! 👅
I am still on the clouds about last night!! I have been waiting for this day a long time and it has fiiinally come! I had such a great time at the premiere for PIMP! I’m so thankful for all my friends and family that came out to support and everyone else that came to support as well! PIMP comes out on the 9th available in theaters!! Definitely a night to remember for me, special thanks to @theoriginalbigdaddy and @chriscrokos ❤️💋
地點:The Grove
#PIMPTheMovie in theaters and on demand Nov. 9th!!! 💪🏾
Weeeee’re everryyy woman ;-) #virgos
When you working and lolligaggin’ but don’t know all the words 😭
Happy Halloween 🎃👻! I just got off work 🙌🏾.. What horror movies should I watch???
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