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I can't wait for many more adventures with you!! @royceolsen On a related note, I'm trying to appreciate this final semester of school and practice living in the now, but I gotta say I'm pretty dang excited for the next chapter of life. I think we beat ourselves up for not always loving the present moment, but I think it's just human nature to sometimes anticipate what's to come so much so that we'd be okay skipping right to it. Though, to be clear, I still think it's important to do your best at enjoying every day in between. The real problem comes when there's nothing to anticipate, nothing to be excited about. And surely, not every phase of life will call for such feelings, and there are a myriad of factors that play into a person's wellbeing and satisfaction in life. But, I like to think that we are in control of our reality, that if we're not happy with our jobs, our finances, our relationships, etc., we have the choice to take small steps towards bettering ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in. That often sounds like it's easier said than done, but it just requires perseverance, often the same kind that is already in you enduring the less than desirable circumstances you find yourself in. Thoughts? Do you agree/disagree? What do you guys do when you feel bogged down by present circumstances? 🤷‍♀️
Today felt like spring, and it reminded me of this picture I captured with @royceolsen a while back. I thought it looked kinda cheesy at the time but oh well. I shouldn't care so much about what people think, being dwarfed by flowers is neat, and I wanted to share it. 🌿🌻
Looks peaceful enough but... almost got blown away as usual 🙂 @royceolsen
It's about that time in the semester for a "wish I was here instead of being buried under a mountain of homework" photo. While this sums up how I currently feel, I also just want to mention that I'm super grateful for it all. School might be stressful and hard, but worth it just for learning's sake. And if school isn't your thing, I totally respect that. Learning is more than getting a degree or taking a class, and I'm pretty excited to learn in new ways and in new environments once I graduate. ✈🌍🤓 But hey, I might end up going back one day. 🤷‍♂️
Goal: spend more time in these kinds of places than I do 圖片,視頻下載. This app can be great. And I love taking pictures and being inspired by other photographers, but if that's not pushing me to get out there myself and experience all that I can, it's a distraction more than anything else. In other words, whatever it is that inspires you on this app, let that turn into action!
When an opportunity to do something you love FALLS in front of you (thanks @royceolsen 😏 😂) take advantage of it! Woke up at 6:30 am to drive 5 hours to see new places, and managed to get home at a reasonable hour within the same day. When you're living that student life, you gotta make the most of any free time you have!
Special place with a special person. 🙈❤ #fishlake
Bertha peak September 2018.🍂🌧 Glad I was able to take advantage of my day off to hike and take in the beautiful fall scenery before the snow arrives. It's my goal to keep going on adventures this school year no matter how busy I get. Thanks to @royceolsen for helping me to be a doer!
The next time you feel stuck comparing yourself to others, think of this. Flowers are not facing each other to grow, they're facing upwards towards the sun. 🌸🌻☀️ In other words, we won't further our growth by falling into the comparison trap. Admiring, seeking to learn from, and showing gratitude for those who are growing alongside us is the only way looking to others can help us grow into more beautiful and compassionate human beings. Jealousy, pride, envy, you name it, will only do the opposite. So appreciate those around you and look up more often. ☀️😊 📷: @royceolsen
Ready for the rain to make this smoke finally dissipate into nothing. 🤞 📷: @royceolsen
Posting this simply because I think it's pretty and I want to go back to this beautiful country soon!
The Crownest pass always used to be an area I just drove through on the way to other places, but treating it like a destination in its own right has helped me discover some pretty little spots I never knew existed. The places that we don't always think are worth exploring often have hidden gems if we're willing enough to look!
This place is still as beautiful as ever. I find I'm even more appreciative of each scenic view, wildflower, tree, touched or untouched by the wildfire. It's a reminder to me that when we're struck with adversity, there is beauty and growth that takes place, no matter how much we think the aftermath or process is devestating. And that growth is to be recognized and valued.
A shot from last year before the fire in Waterton. A picture and memory I hold dear, and a reminder to experience all that you can and appreciate the blessings right in front of you.
地點:Wall Lake
I'd rather be roaming around in orange groves with @modernmare2 instead of being sick in bed right now, but you gotta experience the lows to experience the highs I suppose.
A man's best friends.
I love going to new places with you 😊 @royceolsen
@elkridgetrailrides 🐴🗻🌄🌻
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