saw joji 9/30/18 & 2/6/19

bruh look who singing
life update, i cracked my phone screen yesterday and my only concern is that i won’t be able to see pictures of joji without an ugly crack in it so enjoy these, i can’t
god i love him
here’s 2 more videos from my concert that happened just over a week ago- and im still crying about it :,)
this video made me realize how similar joji and i are
he’s so silly also hey i turn 16 today :D
awh look how happy he is
here are two of my favorite videos (that i took) from last night and yes, joji said he loves me back and yes im still crying about it
the weather is really bad so let’s pray i get there safely 🤧
ya girl is seeing joji tomorrow and im super nervous... or excited??? i can’t tell
is this allowed
happy Chinese New Year 🥰
i love this sm
in the daaaaaaaa
i’m really seeing him in a week huh
good morning
every day i forget that i have 2 posters that have been signed by joji :,)
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