Jojis Boi

other kids in school bully me cause i have 4 legs idk😔😢

Lmaooo an autograph king Creds @joji_dad
There wasnt any airdrop battle:(
Green light boy
With all honesty i always be talkin
Like dude i would but ppl would look at me strangely if i snorted coke in the public transport...
Today is 1 year anniversary of this acc, it was made exactly 1 年前發佈. I would never think that I am able to get so many followers in my country, where are like 100 Joji fans. Thank yall for everything, i love you❤️❤️❤️
sO cute❤️❤️
My wallpaper speaks its own language
Reposted from @jojisgun 💕💕💕
Why are my profile views dying? Like literally why?
Do squats 2 shape dat a$$ @sushitrash
Creds again @madimimoun Thank you for the vids🙌🏻💕
Creds @madimimoun This is honestly so cute❤️
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