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Visited my dad today, who turns 91 this week. This is the stack of sheet music he bought as a kid in the ‘30s and ‘40s. I’m flying back home with them under my arm, where they’ll go inside the piano bench I first discovered these in when I was a boy. Oh - I forgot to tell you. I stored my father’s piano for 18 years and just moved it into my house this summer. These pieces of sheet music complete the mission. They’re safe with me, dad. ♥️
I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Bruce Springsteen is a master, and I’m an emotional wreck after over two hours of sustained sense memory visits. Still in a trance. Forget it. Just scroll on. I’m messed up. Thank you okay bye thank you Bruce.
“New Light” just passed 100 million Spotify streams and is officially a gold single. I don’t usually post industry stats, but this is one of those moments where I need to share some gratitude. I put my first major album out in 2001. I haven’t had a “hit” in ten years. To have the freedom to make the music that’s in my head and heart anytime I want, play in another band, take some chances, and then get let back into the party at radio and streaming? It’s unreal. Thanks everyone for letting me groove my own way. Music is magic 🔮
Get small and tell the truth. 📷 @daniel
#tbt Continuum sessions, April 2005, Right Track Studios in NYC. I remember the only songs we had by this point were “I Don’t Trust Myself,” “Bold as Love,” “Who Did You Think I Was” and a song called “Over and Over.” What a time.
Louisville, KY... you braved the rain and sang along to even the deep cuts. Inspires me to wanna get back on the road next year. 🚀 📷 @daniel
🚨 @daniel
Want to travel the world and meet interesting people? Consider an exciting career in the music industry! @kingjames #davechappelle 📷 @candytman
Prolly starting a band now because of this pic @simihaze
Might I remind you once again that I have a Dundie Award?
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