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Have you seen my Fight Night Brooklyn fact-heavy preview??? Here’s a snippet. For the full 4 minutes click the link in my bio and let me know what you think 👊🏼😬✌🏼
In 4️⃣ minutes I crammed a whole bunch of stats and storylines relating to this weekend’s UFC Brooklyn main event 🥇between Dillashaw and Cejudo 🎥 • Click in my bio to check it out. Let me know what you think ❓ • Do you like this format or more Q&A based stuff ❓
💥 #UFCLondon - talk to me!! 💥 What do you think? Those 2 announcements for main (Till vs Masvidal) and co-main (Nelson vs Edwards) are great. Plus the other previously announced fights = very happy!
Shoot me your questions about #UFCBrooklyn and I’ll record a video getting back to y’all 👊🏼🤓. Not like a tailored video for each of you beauties, a single video collecting the questions and answers. ✌🏼
Rehab, prehab and injury recovery advice: I’ve sadly visited many health practitioners over the years as a result of sporting injuries. I’ve learned the hard way about enlisting the right help. Here’s a few things to help guide you: •Does your health practitioner listen? •Do they understand or at least make an effort to understand how you became injured and your future goals to prevent injury recurrence? •Do they give advice on nutrition? •Do they manipulate/ massage, then give you a program of exercises, stretches to continue your rehabilitation? •Do they check in with you to monitor your progress? •Do they offer to coach you through whatever means necessary to help you achieve your goals and prevent re-injury? If yes, well done you have a good one. If no, then find someone else like my man @1dalehardiman @hardimanperformance1 . As part of his general process, Dale covers all of the above. Right now we are rebuilding my body to help with my martial arts practice, general health and other goals.
Eat your greens! 💪🏼 Anyone toying with #veganuary ? The plant based diet gets more and more popular, particularly this time of year. I actually did a few recipes a while back on one of my YouTube channels (☝🏼link in bio). Check em out for inspiration etc: The Bloody Vegan. I’m here to help if you need me. Happy eating ✌🏼 Recipe: •1 small-medium roasted sweet potato •2 tablespoons of preferred oil •1/2 red onion diced •2 cloves garlic minced •1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon cumin, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon chilli powder, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon •1 diced red pepper •1 tin chopped tomatoes •1 can organic mixed beans (plus additional sweet corn and black beans for me) •a mix of greens (green beans, kale, broccoli, spinach) •add a cheeky cashew/ tahini sauce
This time 2 年前發佈 I went on an adventure to Iceland with my ol’ man. What adventures lie in wait for this January?? 🌍 Who’s currently somewhere hot or very cold for fun???
I recently sat down with my coach, UFC vet Dave Lee and spoke about my martial arts journey and how I started commentary. We also spoke about a very popular and missed friend, Dan Edmonds, who tragically lost his life following a kickboxing bout. It dramatically changed the lives of many people around him, including myself. Link to the chat is in the bio ☝🏼
I’ve got a busy first quarter in front of the lens, so I headed to the team at @purplemenswear for some new threads 👌🏼. Always an @etonshirts paired with a few different suits including this @wp_menswear two piece.
2018, what a year! I became a Dad, became a God Father, turned 40, travelled to far away places, stayed gainfully employed and put in blood, sweat and tears extending and renovating our home. I’m not sure I can top that. It’s been a crazy good year. I’m grateful ✌🏼. I hope you had a good year, if not you can soon wave goodbye and march forward to the next. See you in 2019 friends 💙 #2018 #HNY #happynewyear
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2018 brings about the end of an era for the @UFC and @foxsports @ufconfox . FOX did an incredible job with the UFC and really helped develop MMA internationally. I feel very privileged to have appeared on some FS1 broadcasts, both as a reporter and a commentator holding that branded mic with pride. Just as special were the people that I met and worked with who poured their souls into this crazy sport. Thank you to all involved and thank you to the bosses who let this English fellow appear on their network! 👏🏼
✂️✂️I think Luigi did a good job 👌🏼✂️✂️ Ready for Christmas 👊🏼 Check out @menspiresalon and @purplemenswear Harpenden for a great experience. Grab a fresh cut, pick up some new threads and sip on a tasty coffee all under 1 roof!! 😬🎅🏼
#tbt to maybe 2010 commentating on Kayo MMA in good ol’ Watford (where it all began) with my mate @thesohostrangler. Great times learning my craft and covering grass roots MMA. Oh and yes, the bow tie was ever present 😜#followyourdreams
We just recorded the last Inside The Octagon of 2018. So proud that this show keeps rolling and is enjoyed by the UFC fans. Got to give a big shout out to @bchili and @garydonaldarion (and the rest of the crew) who work super hard making this show the best it can be. We bust their balls constantly and they deal with it superbly! I’m sure 2019 will be even better 👊🏼
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Got some good, valuable mat time with @1davidlee @teamcrossface today. Half guard details FTW! PLUS an appearance on the much revered Team Crossface podcast! Oss 🤙🏼
I’m definitely getting softer, I’ve been all choked up a couple of times this weekend spending time with my best men and their families. The blessings of new life and the growth of others is so precious. My buddy Will and I have been tight since we were 7 and now our kids will be in the same school year 😁. And what a handsome young fella he is 😍
It’s official: the home for Ufc in the U.K. and Ireland is @btsport 👏🏼. The guys at BT Sport have been producing some great content and it’s great that will continue. THAT SAID, WHAT DO WE THINK ABOUT A NEW TELLY SHOW TO REALLY SHINE A LIGHT ON THE UFC??? #haveideaswilltalk #goodenandhardyforbtsport 😬
Thank you Australia. I freakin love this place. The people, the nature, the food, the coffee (best coffee in world) it’s great. It goes without saying I’ve got one of the best jobs in the world and I’m grateful every single time. I hope to do it all again next year. 🙏🏼👋🏼🐨🦜🦘
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