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Sex, money, feelings, die 💋 - I gave god my soul but she still didn't want to fix the loop - Dt: Rum bc why tf not Ac: fresh.hyung
地點:Min Yoongi
Wait no... - Idk what that weird glitch in the spin is lmao - Dt: oof Ib: uh Ac: jksaudios
{NSFW WARNING} Au: y/n and Suga have a fun night after he comes back from touring. The next day Suga has a photoshoot but can't stop thinking about the night before. Enjoy - - I Know... I know... Cat.. wtf is this?? Since i've been in this clusterfuck of a fandom I noticed there weren't a lot of good nsfw edits for Yoongi. So, I decided to try it and I came up with this. Hope it did Yoongi stans justice